Dana & Jayson - Banned

Wednesday, October 18th

San Diego is thinking about banning something that Dana can't live without...Straws. Seriously. They are a daily part of her life, and she even drinks her morning coffee through one. Since Dana is facing the loss of something she depends on every day, Dana & Jayson wanted to create a support group to help her get through it. We hit the phones to find out what weird thing YOU can't live without, and how you would feel if it went away. It's not crazy if other people can relate... right?


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San Diego's getting rid of straws. And some of having a crisis. Putt I. And data and jays and about 949 San Diego's alternative I was going to try and execute like talking about this. But I've my mind is spending and I can't think clearly. Going to buckle he does your enemy this article and it's like all blurry too me at all IC is that you're not allowed to use straws and I didn't then it's like all these big numbers about how many straws we used every year and how many buses. That's sure stem cell. Until compound apparently like. Eighty restaurant in San Diego have sad that they're not gonna be using plastic straws anymore and data as a loved leg wedge is a plastic. Strong plus extras all day every day. And I'd love the environments you're good everything's. And I'm all on board with some of the things like they want it also do away with plastic bags plastic to go containers plastic somewhere I really don't care I don't have any passion for any of those things but strong strides change in the drinking experience. In every imaginable way I use a straw from mourning tonight. Literally you can see her dogs are in the outdoor art master champion and seats and talked season with a wide. Good in the car now she is sipping her copy with a straw it's weird but keeping that elevates her drinking experience. I brings straws places let me I would recycle my straws for an hour an option also starring in an recycling perfect. All I know is that that feels really extreme tomato. And backfield has strayed in the that they're doing away with that. They're really pushing for all restaurants to stop using straws and right now they're saying only give them to people if they requests to bad mouth. But I feel like if I am going to be that person that request this dry out so much judgment the like if I forget my bag at Trader Joe's the reusable. I feel so bad I apologize again I say I'm sorry. And I don't add to his Hawaiian shirt they're like please double blind eye that I forgot about it I'm sorry. So I have to pay ten cents for that bag I and I deserve that. And I would say ten cents first drop but I don't like that judgment though it's like this weird thing that I I would. Love it I'd love and I don't wanna live without it. I don't mean to be controversial. Pull up outside. Is there we are saying that you cannot lead without kind of like how Dina to not live without straws I stand on straws to. I don't I. Six and I'm 57019. Point nine we put all our callers and running we've apparent VIP tickets to go to the extreme sailing series this weekend Saturday September 21 harbor island our callers and running the windows VIP tickets six and I'm by 701949. What is the weird thing that you cannot live without. Your name is dean at the did not I would cannot live without straws here literally guy having an anxiety attack does that. Super felt length idea in San Diego is taking a stand against plastic straws and the one he suffering the most is Dana. I can't believe this is have a negative about it okay plus size CLU would feel for the city tragedy boys something you'll love blind. What the city was putting a ban on cheap wine everywhere my liver would thank them fits haven jays and about knighted porn. I'm San Diego's alternative this is the weird thing that the end cannot live without plastic straws and it elevates her drinking experience all day and all night I drink everything out of Strauss coffee tea water but never got eighty restaurants are saying that they will no longer serve straws. And so we're wonder age of hold yourself up. I thought. That is such a threatening to stay you met OK so what's the why new weird thing that you cannot live without six or 9570194. And an all our callers and running this morning to at a very VIPs Digg is at the extreme selling series this week and a harbor island. Rihanna from Escondido. Did he do little weird they they you can't live without. What would be the other option. Cool in general. What is the war owl and they used plastic you carry your own with TO we. No I don't carry my out don't go to that aid even you know the only light it up front like ginger right there is something. Temporarily. Drop. The drinking experience is so particular thank minister not calling to attack man can take that she's passive aggressively attacking a show not. Not because he says that she refused listed tree data plastic cup that has to be glad. Paper straw now I found out that I like it. They sound like the dissolves in your mouse friendly it's also said that they is that I don't want. Yeah I'm like you based in the taste of cardboard in my mouth and I'm recalling like this. Guillen I did not quit. So you ordered just a it drinks somewhere and then you've got home you would transferred to a glass pipe sent a pint glass. I love that. Like us to hire us. Hi my favorite thing in the etiquette she gets the deed and go laying in front of like council members. Went up a her argument of life straws it's day I would want everyone to try it so straight out of it and tell me what to the better experience and what drinking experience gives you life pals and Adobe leg thought what did it's crazy woman out of here halo. Palin got her out. I would eager Harry. You bag of her. That. Yes I guess Ellen Barry thing I have going on then you are literally an old woman had he carries sear them. They're in my bag and a half. I have to see them we're gonna be sitting down and make app for lunch or something that all of us that it you're gonna pull out a weird a bag full of straws I'll take it that your Bab bra I. I got that sometimes I do teach. McDonald's straws may be too extra that I really need because they're such good quality they're really good quality better than the average step at a restaurant black. Oh and Starbucks I take some of yours 20. And are happening here under the thick green that I remember really deep rooted problem well. San Diego's try to put an ensuing. I. I'll see justifying it they Q Rihanna. You might not be able to get straws at a restaurant anymore oh don't say it like that. You're saying it on purpose. Stated having a life crisis because plastic straws are one of those weird things that she can't live without everybody has something its state and Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative already eighty locations. In San Diego won't give you straw the less you ask for the nowadays kissing him again more crazy days. Pace gutter from south Carlsbad. All right so you know I've got a lot. One. Surely you could struck down. It would go straw. I would get with without. We air it. Out there should be an. Are you just experience with. Your right pig name. And. You're there and they're so good. Well. Keep it dated the biter I know I feel like I yeah Wear high heels on rocker saying it still wheels she breaks through and have a problem well apparently. They're pretty they are. I. Really big dirty war on. A long break. You know relay to get it. I'm into trying what you're saying pearl a lot. Who went up when I was watching Oprah she would use these reusable straws that were made out of metal I couldn't get into those I did try them I mean they look she too but metal in your mouth like that it just didn't. So what is there are some sort of like a glass blower that you have to know in order to doubt what Blake who is the cents a mile brands. Yeah yeah. Google. Page you'll be there shall alone or call 100 yards combined. All NH a crime that ash are an element to it they use so much for calling into our show this morning it sure. They scatter. Scatters Davie the plan that would strive it's time at a elects that do you smell a glass straws on Amazon. Jason are you kidding me I had all the information in the universe and all you want me to do is order straws. It's got. Come on Dana who are you kidding everyone's just waiting for another chance to win me UT humans are just window dressing down you have another a crime invasion named she's so bossy and it always makes me nervous. Michael club fright now from best Michael clumps from that he had nine minutes and 49 seconds to get back to us Michael club from Vista. Klinger Amazon echoed 619570194. And I'd and we get another opportunity. For another name to be calls coming up at 910 with Alyssa by the way did find the last growth on Amazon can prime them. I quit.