Dana & Jayson - Behind Your Back

Friday, August 11th

​You're probably really honest and up front with your significant other about most things, but that doesn't mean you don't have the occasional purchase you make behind their back. This morning, Dana & Jayson got their hands on the list of the top 5 things that people spend money on that they hide from their significant other. We gave you the chance to come clean, and get in the running to win tickets to see The Killers before they go on sale this morning at 10am.


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Spending money buying your significant other's back is just part of relationship. Six. I spent a. It isn't my nanny last hidden data jays and about ninety part I'd San Diego's alternate Alyssa just came out of the the top five things that people buy behind their significant others back so that the other person doesn't know they're buying yet it's. So it made me feel that depends the number one thing is actually that they that I'm most guilty of doing miss OS close in beauty product oh lord I had to find a new way to make these secret purchases because my husband got some sort of half on his arm of the I that what I am mad HA now Matt and I make a purchase all the sudden he gets a push notification. A it is like what are you buying it they too now. And so now what I'm doing is score rolling cash. It's for also money to know so that I voted by the beauty products that I need actually have. Already picked out the products I want in my head to bow and now I'm going to buy them with cash because I can't handle these push notification it's like I'm being tracked I am being sharp and Amtrak. You can't be trusted for summary that I went awry and so when I do execute this plan I even have an idea of I'm gonna leave the bag in the car costs. Tomorrow night I'm not. And what are you being judgmental though is you don't do this I only high paid fourteen dollars and 56 cents from my significant other two dollars and 99 cents to buck chuck from trader Joseph I'll vote now bad demy order from Taco Bell eleven dollars and 57 cents at. Why is it so much. 600 dollar many children and I. Eleven I don't think ultimately dying. Don't don't actually answered yeah. Really brought about a but you know what's funny is that the numbers three and number four answer basically encompasses your fourteen dollars and weird chased him out. Because number four is alcohol. And number three is foods you feel guilty about eight idea oh yeah. And until. But it's something that you spend money on behind your significant other is back I was thinking that nothing bad can come from talking about this because it will make everyone feel about it enough that everyone does that's exactly why you can actually be anonymous I can voice disguised yelled. And somebody that calls this morning is gonna win tickets to the killers before you can even buy them that it actually go on sale today at 10 o'clock but you can win our last fare tickets before you can buy them right now it's 619570194. Not just to tell us. What you secretly purchased behind your significant other's back making confessions this morning. Seeker purchase says sometimes just need to be made in the purchases that you don't tell your significant other about this is something that we all do raid its state and Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternate boy no such as me doing closing beauty products and and no campaigns is Jason doing our local Holland fast food so what is that they may you hide from your significant other at six when I'm by 701949. Jessica yeah. Where you giggling when you called them but what the. A little bit against the free train another plea came this week Fred. Commercial about in the background and giggling Cuba I didn't think. Not just arms are not just from commercial and resent out that those were not even sure for doing those right but anyway. I'm. You'll do is secret purchase behind someone's back. Yeah that. Come back country tickets and then I would easily and I like. Chills and she was again a minute because now like the field agreement are. By yeah. Is there a reason you don't tell him you already bought some. Yet because authorities bought then can he. You have to decide whether he's gonna get out he can't just be like let's not do that. I get a little act appropriate and current commission would he be upset because you spend the money. Do you it's just like your weird tactic don't like not being shorter yet okay that's at or they will make good seats are you like sitting on the law and. It ranges so we've got good tickets report overhead in Oceanside. Indy down. Pollard but I love that we are you're definitely in the running for these on killers tickets and will want to hassling me you had indeed Jim regardless. Let me militant. Our folks are not happy on hang on showcasing Gator and south and get. Secret purchases from your significant other no big deal just keeping a couple things on the DL and this is something that apparently a lot of people do girls there wouldn't be a less is more data and Jason ass I'm 949 San Diego's alternative Alyssa came out of the top five things that it's people do behind their significant others back when it comes to spending money beauty products and clothing was number one. And Jason is guilty pleasure of foods that make you feel ashamed for. And alcohol was also in the top story what is it they make you spend money on behind your significant other's back Randy is a CO. Oh how Ariel. Well it's been awhile. The last time we spoke you were angry firsts but then you decided you're gonna give us a chance as the new morning shall be. And like there are actually Yeltsin double your gut tell you straight to make and so never uncomfortable. Scoble when he does his friend call time out I still listening I Lang yeah dollar watch him practical jokers yeah you know I. I can't watch case so would it make until comfortable I'm figure out but I don't want to hear more when we take and give them like stand around. It meant and still so we're in is not yet in. An apartment. OK and lets you keep tuning in org you have to turn it off. They're idle this this pocket trying Ricky yeah and what the other people. You've got to see the rest of it. Yeah already. I like that the relationship is at the next level at this point so is there something that you hide from your significant other's arms purchases. Yeah yeah there has been. If she found that she I think she got bit are sure under. An app on the ball in its good game Eric call class Korea not to give them any props but it. It is so addictive and it's very competitive could clean would eat people throughout the world and that you could like they're little three minute battle well I have probably. And now it's referring to anything but it's an app purchase and I purchased probably anywhere is that. And open to that end I would redeem it within the last eight months five to 700 dollar. It's it's and it's and it's a little bit here a little bit there but kept up and went on the DC what I'd bet. And I'm like you know I want the budget cannot control but do not want it ran into a bit and it oracle would get I'd be get what four. By and tweaked for the kid. Its core. Large does it just hit the sun Laura. Okay luckily I did I can't believe you just elevated it when you told the amount. Oh yeah it's or book about that are out there won't screw another dime into it but. I'm all probably break down south. Yeah and America. Did she said I noticed your not judging Randy gives you spend money and Pokemon now. Yeah it's so easy to spend many of these game maps that we get addicted TO. Oh wait wait wait wait you spend money on Pokemon go go. Talk. That's where I'd bet wears well I don't know what I was saying darn. Yeah. Why has been sent to Randy we're so glad to hear from you I we have really appreciate your feedback like we said thank you for continuing to give us a chance you betcha it don't take care.