Dana & Jayson - BFF True Love Test

Thursday, October 19th

​Apparently true love is knowing someone's fast food order at various restaurants. A story went viral about a woman who discovered that her boyfriend was keeping detailed notes about all of her fast food orders. That HAS to be true love. Dana & Jayson were inspired, so this morning, we did the BFF Fast Food Test to find out how much Dana REALLY loves Jayson. It's a deliciously divisive look into the weirdest friendship in San Diego.


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All night. Love that game day mandates and add them 949 San Diego's alternative apparently shrew love is knowing your significant others. Fast food orders. This story that's everywhere right now this boyfriend of this girl in LA he had a favorite orders from each fast food place that they go to jail this morning I came up with a brand new game. Plus clay yeah. And it's really just a test of true love the question is palaces Dana really loved me. This is so demand dead all you need to deal. Is predict whether or not Dana will though my order. Tim might favor fast food chains. And then you can go to the tickets 6195701949. I think this is sure. Hey bill. Hi from south day do you think this is really true love live your significant other knows you'll order from about your favor Matthew chain. Korea model it would be towed so divided that. I hope will. They are you ready to play. We're not doing the insurer again dobbs I don't know Jack. All right okay now at this time Jack plead that ran them choose a basket change all right we're gonna go with. McDonald's a McDonald's I'm glad now in the EU blood. It would you want to give your gas and so bill can decide whether or not that way and I ordered hurry so make. Donald and Donald I think McDonald's. I feel like a quarter pounder with cheese might have been mentioned occasionally. I and I know a large Fries and a Coke is definite. Not. But I. I think that there's something more than a messing it it might be at ten piece chicken nugget or or are always a twelve piece nugget. Maybe with that should go to. T devil. Could you have the you don't think that she got my back you'd order rag. In if you if you do all over the place. She's still on the great. Okay so quarter pounder with cheese large fry and Coke with a twelve piece chicken nuggets. Jack at this time will you please open diablo how else. Wait and failure you don't think that she got it right rags I don't think. Can you put your order on paper and it's an envelopes I wanted to build like at the game. All right Jason mcdonalds order is a double cheeseburger meal large with a Coke plus an extra double cheeseburger. Yeah that's a ten piece chicken night. I tell how well I'm Nolan no I didn't I get it right they got flat bill that means that you're going to get that tonight. Heightens so disappointed did you gain well. It's like you don't even know Maine isn't where did you all eat all that. Think you bill. Again I went to. OK Julius. I oh this time producer Jack will you please she's a pass to change. All right this time it's go with Taco Bell I'll talk about my favorite Internet my guests. For Taco Bell. I feel lake is. Of the piece of brain gory deed out which I don't even know what that is. I'd two top goes on the sci aided no let this SCSI quote gets in the way. And a large Coke com. And I think that set. Met Juliet do you think Dane guest appropriately. You know you don't lie but I'm gonna say no yeah. Yet either Jack it might order. This game is. The weirdest thing we've ever done. Okay Jason's Taco Bell order is three supreme crunchy tacos no errors because against him away. Allard Pepsi and to beat supreme or beavis and light. Okay jeopardy is you are Slava blade doesn't mean I should get that wrong I gave you a sensible meal. And you should be thankful by brought that home. Stop pointing for the I didn't you know put the. Give it to Julius to look. Brought the three top goats for talk about I would be hungry so fighting got that right now but Julius gonna go the other death that because of that's the Sox. Naturally if I don't my orders I'm gonna be expecting that that's the order. Today I beg you for playing Julius out of your.