Dana & Jayson - Binge Race

Thursday, October 19th

A lot of us binge our favorite shows on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, but there is a new trend that is taking it to a whole new level. Binge racing is when people binge entire seasons of their favorites in just 24 hours, and apparently it's actually a thing. When Dana & Jayson got their hands on the list of the Top 5 shows that people are binge racing, we knew we had to turn it into a game. This morning, we gave you a chance to guess what made the list, for a shot at a pair of Odesza tickets.


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Big vision racing on Netflix that's a thing. It takes binge watching to the next level is seen in Jason FM 94 and I'd say the results are and of okay so big you racing is a new term and basically it means is this shows that your most likely to watch in a 24 hour period you'll turn into a zombie. And go completely hard on these shows. There's actually a list of the top twenty shows that people most often binge race are these Netflix original score these are all Netflix originals so it's not shows that you know you can get anywhere else has only Netflix shows. Allah that I love that man. And so allow your twitching I just Welch I love that Netflix has given me a new term for my addiction I give it his binge watching is kind of like 2000 late yeah exactly like it's very like I don't like it at six AD. It I'm sorry I. 2006 I think I am not that I'm mad well up a player I mean what our OK so anyway so you don't always bust out the injury thing because your life can't absorb. Binge racing all the time but you bust out occasionally when a shows worth whenever that access limits during a holiday. Like if it's Thanksgiving from them that place that that's it you do when you Susan B be thankful for things I am thankful for that flex a I know our gates felt a my whole thing is I thought we can make this game I analysts of the top twenties shows that people binge race and if you can guess one that made the top five we have pairs of tickets is CEO death suck. They shows tonight the value casino center and all you need to do is guess one that made the top five it's 6195701949. Can I make you guessed it I'm really get that Netflix everything's okay but you're not getting the Odessa take up a bit athletics and went it's a new animated series. That follows. Them monsters who were trying to hope. With their and super powers before they get to kindergarten and it's called super monsters. Are you being theory yes no that didn't make the list you weird hue man. Pennsylvania. It's that as an atom saying that it follows that vampire on terror I'm gonna cut you off and so. How you're embarrassing yourself and find that LA. What is what do you set and be a way it's about a girl who disappears then comes back into this special powers and a well at least now ever let go those three are Obama. Six on nine fives and a 01949. If you would like to make aghast. What do you think is one of the top five shows that people binge race it's like I don't know who's subscribing to Netflix that they're not the injury thing those shows that play Cuauhtemoc. It's been a long morning I think it's time for Jason's now let's get him to choose fox give away another Amazon had come and do it thirteen times every day no big deal. A dozen more appropriate than ever thank you alike staffer finally nigam my team. CI and Kenny from Miramar shy and Kenny premiere marks we've got your Amazon act out you did take elects a homely DOU nine minutes and organizing its claws back at 6195701949. Klinger Amazon echo shy and Kenny from earmark and you haven't signed up yet please do it it's the any kind invasion on FM 949. In your name could be next at 8:10 PM. Hey Katie good morning from San Carlos. I am is that stranger things about it so it. Oh my gosh it if it did it and it's lasted biathlon Netflix is lying to us. Do you give up sleep often for many shows or is stranger things like the one. Printed there that was kind of like looking at what might back it. Home as a bonding experience like sentiments on all strangers things didn't make the top fives what I know it it it's not only number ten on the list of the thing that I won't be in charge. You know why Katie. It's because it's those scary that sometimes we need to take a break a little break a mental break. They had a upside down world is terrifying delegates and is well luckily neo I think. You. Your back on TV may hear from me and I hey Jeff good morning from Solana Beach. Okay gee you often binge Trace right. You're OK with giving up a little sleep because you need to go hard and get all the episodes and you know that once bro. So low showed you feel like his worst it org would make the top 500. They're Netflix originals absolutely. Oh god yes well my god yeah. They're a virtual state because that. To the yeah. But like L youth are up at the Vatican says the commercials bag which doesn't even fully makes sense I apologize you don't happier wrath like you do shudder as he said that in the house of cards. But Jeff do you think it's a little like too close to home during this political in buyer meant that we are in right now. I think it. A biblical reality TV. That violence been so you need to take mental breaks is what you're saying Jason or how many episodes of house of cards can you go without taking a break 10 yeah. You want a man and that the violence that we can water and then a beverage empire and. Jobs the house of cards actually is only number sixteen on Melissa Philly people need a break after an episode or sale. Are at. School I. One Laura and I. Look at it I ordered. Oh my guy low Latvia and says let's beyond. But do you think or it OK to I am I used to be addicted to that cell and I have a what's the latest season. Yeah you know I like Burt didn't I've been bought yet last month. I can get to do at all. Yeah and I agree with a recall we'd like Brothers from a different mother all right we. Literally they think per hour right now. Yeah it's shales you didn't just just a sign up for Latin we can have the Jeep line. Or Scotch whatever you can for right now oranges the new black only number nine nonetheless. I don't know all things that final season that factored ended up that people aren't as into. They just out of buying out its just business and get emotion and I also apologize for the virtual space combat I didn't really like my mountains being Q it was just like more hey I just talked a lot to the air it thank yeah. Jeff aren't. The injury saying if some and that happens to Netflix users when you actually sacrificed sleep. And commit 24 hours to binging an entire season of I shall Wear Damon Jason FM 94 and I'm Cindy goes alternative. Can you guess one of the top five Netflix original shows that people binge race the most. Came at a good morning from PB. And I'll watch it blunt lie don't shave. You and your only percent. That's decent used admittedly monsters hi. Monster now whenever that was sold over giro version in eight. But you said bloodline. Well didn't make the top one main but but I don't I don't think you deserve. It Jason Serbs have started Matty I keep it hot he's super passionate protective of his shows that's the problem. There's an enjoyable and I might get looked like it chances because the recommended that. Is what the premise just in case anyone wants and now I'm assuming it's something with families and the title at name blah blah I was assuming that tires out now. I think she's did speak at them true blood or whatever anyway okay never mind that sorry okay thank you about it. Geary till the morning from Carlsbad. Do you binge race personally. What I following its so funny the REIT election asking that question Rachel it's despite itself or an because her age and her time of life right now cash racing or bingeing any thing is none exists now it's like a dream it's like I remember when I use of the injuries the real world San Francisco in college when I putted it down dieters and I mean allocate that I have to own that -- IDs to do marathons. I'm very envious of our life I only got I'm so jealous of your life. I let art twenty girl. Does that no one's and a pat answer but a he's a what do you big injuries now well I mean if we're talking about the pat in and get in that trap yeah. I don't I I watch the well being even though I want it like that it is and not get our act Gilmore Girls here in the early. Oh my god that's that it's OK now let's talk they execute adding up what. ET sixteen yeah I didn't hear from you I was like Jason went silent during the Thanksgiving holiday. Lot of Wyatt Rory and meany mean manner. Think deal. But what I let down that lives. I now I would like 11 bit and lack of all things. Oh my god yeah but we sat there for four episode ninety minutes each and we were just hoping there at the turn around. Me. Eric Ouellet on the wild track like army and is out there. Get. Hurt that Rachel and growth that ability to winning Thanksgiving. I was thankful and the number one night show that people named range is Gilmore Girls here in the light which is another click original. Oh there it. Congratulations rates on. Do you regret by the way because it was such a let down for the time they spent. That. There was ground and Allen by. Yeah yeah. I. Looked. Do it again every Angel man. Yeah I think she'd at Angel did the debt now about that what Dana hash tag LA references sign up and Iowa are nine them back. Do you think you you live like need to hang out she's like this they're from a department there I got. Married so I got a guy. So now the top five shows that we binge race it's Damon Jason up and honey for nine San Diego's alternative. Netflix released a list of the shows that people watch in a period of 24 hours like entire seasons which showed easing made it into the top five. Amy good morning the only reason my guess is there's quantity and quality. But defenders. IE tried I tried so hard and failed so miserably about binging I ain't gonna recommend only thirty minutes. Yet at that minute and it that this is boring it was boring but maybe people are waiting around effort to get good to see if it would get good because of the hype that they. But let me tell you need that's number three. On the less. Can offenders and paying extra. Yes. I. That makes my heart happy that you just wanted to play that's how life. Why are very. I'll. Those extra millions you up the price of wine Jason to make new friends are well. Alone. That's indeed odd couple because you can drink whatever you want to drink Scotch art. You need I'll meet you mind your own. One I'd love. I like that guy hates almighty did you friend requests when you have neat I don't exactly I'm canceling the front her class coming up acts like now who already have needs like telephone number I'm just gonna call old that's actually really great day out there. You may thank you so much for calling. And coming up next you are gonna do on. Jason's friend requests calling somebody on Craigslist and this one is gonna be really intense because this Craig's list post wasn't really angry cannot wait.