Dana & Jayson - Bingeworthy

Wednesday, September 20th

It’s an embarrassment of riches these days with all the entertainment options provided by streaming services. Blockbuster movies, classic shows, and a ton of original content is waiting at your fingertips, but it often ends up waiting in your queue for weeks or months will you sift through the endless possibilities. To help make sure you’re making smart choices when it comes to what’s on deck for your viewing pleasure, Dana & Jayson invited our intern Entitled Mike back on the show to break down some of the biggest new releases, and make sure what you’re watching next is really binge worthy.


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Binge worthing is under is it not. That's basically the ultimate question though we all NASCAR sells them are sitting there looking at our Netflix queue of its FM 949 San Diego's alternative where Dana and Jason. So many shows but our time is limited so what are the shows that are surely worst binging on we find out I was just gonna say from our expert who watches a lot of TV and Gaza sad statement but he's got a lot of time on his hands in titled my. And an expert a lot of TV. I. I've watched all of Netflix. Basically a dominant Ahmad Gulu okay my number one highly recommended new show on Netflix that you should get only been to watch. She did Ozarks. I love bishop I'm watching it from one sunrise to incomplete very excited that didn't go out I'd want except opened the door odometer. I must. Say that they. This year so good that I am debating whether or not to move to Missouri and limit those are all little people little sketchy. And Matt eat but I did I get properly they're right and I'm a big delegate remain and he direct and act. Accurate and if you've been mixing breaking bad like I have a large it's like breaking bad ultralight. Entitled Mike let us telling us what shows on Netflix or binge worthy okay on to show number show. Okay I'm on its feet and Leonardo. Is that salute in clay yeah I'm OK if they can't. Add the analyst Steven Chu and populate the Bart is now dead. Old spoilage and most retailers the it's 278. And if you go to your part but noted that brought you know what you're. Iowa lover. He's been doing in the nice twist indicted in June Cali cartel in another part of Columbia that basically policy that bars number one rival pelican and a picture Cali cartel. It yeah. They are very article are a lot of violence there are a lot more Spanish so now I am currently blew it but yes I am that I speak. This could telecommute. Tremendous step and I can definitely be sub acute occurred at a mule or something's. That's not entitled might care to tell us what shows on Netflix or binge word B and on to show number three your final shout. If I am the black sheep of the model but analysts. At standard and literally. The defendants live. Completely went down after all the hype circling around that this could be like when your mom introduces you to like her friend if the other side and actually the other side and there is an embarrassment of the marvel family visited app. After the Clinton guardian cued up this summer is that Chris. Defenders are like well we got Sigourney Weaver state crime like he's been everything these days you like Daniel yeah this white women. Under one issue that it's. Late getting ignored and get them really into money forever yes no job. No can acting you saw. Wonder if you return your day and fight according one liners. Pathway to what I do is when to cut the lawn. In back here and I'm like god and missed an episode but I understand the boring and let. No I. I don't like that's three shows you've tackled this morning Ozarks binge worthy narco season three didn't Jordy so catch up if you're not there yet and defenders. Avoid like the plague this star this has been BitTorrent when I.