Dana & Jayson - Cheesy

Wednesday, October 18th

After Jayson found happiness in the season-ending injury to Green Bay Packers' quarterback Aaron Rogers over the weekend, Dana & Jayson gave him an entire morning to feel a little remorse, but that was expecting too much. To really try to drive the point home, Dana invited one of the biggest Packers fans we know, the co-host of our sister station's morning show, to come in studio and face Jayson one-on-one. Would facing a fan who is suffering make Jayson change his tune? You'll have to listen to find out.


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You even feel bad though because I am actually happy that Aaron Rodgers got injured where Damon Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative you made that statement and even after I tried to speak reason deal and Mike explained to that he's a human being that you normally would never say that about a human being you still stand by that statement I stand by his broken collar while a guy ready for very sobering moments I hope it will be a sobering moment trio. You're about to see that your words hurt people oh great. Africa I'm about to bring in a coworker not Tammy. Yes Timmy is the co host on the country station down the hallway. She's from Wisconsin she is a die hard to I mean the amount of shirts the woman has for the Green Bay Packers is the next level. You worked speak to her. When the news of the injury came out I saw you go up or give her a fake hug it out because she's an amazing warm loving human being them and now I'm going to force you to say the truth of what you really feel on your heart to her face great perfect thank you okay she's standing outside the studio hold on doubts about. Tammy I'll. Someone has been saying some thing and sort of just in a very I would ghosts of Mars say cavalier attitude about it OK but I feel lake when he actually has to say it to one of his favorite people's face knowing you might hurt your feelings. I wanna see if he has the same cavalier attitude and Jason at this time legitimately say what you have been saying all morning right now does Tammy. I am happy. That York quarterback. Got injured and it's out of the season. He was saying he's a happy that Aaron Rodgers broke his bone you are an awful human because yesterday I. Yesterday. When I saw you and you ask me how I was and I said I was very upset that he's out for the season. It's in the and you said with that officially confirmed. Now I know why you were asking me that night I thought you were like trying to be nice to meet. Because you know that's my team in and I am such a fan that he had did I say anything horrible to you when the Packers played Dallas but I text you anything horrible it was I like. We're still France. This separate channel hanging out together when our teams are twenty other. You weren't happy. I mean he's been you're happy you have any human being load has a career. Possibly a career ending injury LP career ending he'll make it. Second time he broke his collarbone well maybe that's to be with the well well. It's gonna take me awhile though and I'll let you hugged me O'Hare or from me for you'd ask me to sniff your next productively to see how you smell up. But I'd take that back by the way. You don't smell good. Sammy there's the real Jason yeah oh yeah it's good luck hacker guy oh well. How do you feel. Billick you'll. Don't tell you turned the tables if you like you can create drama no use. You have to stand by your words used to stand by your words that when they're behind them back I know you -- were happy that she's on the morning John couldn't hear us. I'm gonna Avago apologized.