Dana & Jayson - Clean Your Drawers

Tuesday, November 14th

​Dana got her hands on some research that says you should replace your underwear at least once a year, but Jayson doesn't have time for that. He rocks drawers that have been around for seven years. What?!?! Seriously? In addition to being disgusted, Dana was also certain that nobody else shares this trait. We hit the phones to find out if the men of San Diego were with or against him. We're coming clean this AM with Dana & Jayson on FM 949.


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Jason is the oldest underwear and all of San Diego. I would tune down because you told me. Yeah how old's your underwear are and I don't believe anyone's are older than not seven years is that dialogue. Dane and jays sent out not before nine San Diego's alternative of every dudes. Now has their man panties. To wrap or no one's Kenneth call if he keeps calling them not good. This is a significant is that no wants is the year you say man pennies okay by every do you just how. How does their underwear forever at the do you think we don't get rid of our underwear 6195701949. No one has had this same underwear for seven years he summit that casually he didn't think you're gonna click but you know competitive. But I mean me and asked to be discussed all our callers this morning are gonna be in the running to end. Tig is CX ambassadors they're gonna be here Friday February 23 at soma San Diego tickets go on self Friday at ten but that's a 9493 cells actually this Thursday starting at ten with Dakota FM 949 I can't remember the last summit bot underwear they're not expensive. Error. They're not expensive like go to HNM and pick up a pack of underwear like you act like it's so hard well I mean why we. These are perfectly good pair. But there seven years old cracked yet but they're there's no holes in them. Would you keep an even if there was no those are durable underwear if there's no holes and Ngo. And seven years ago I believe you were working at the gap so it's not like you weren't around underwear and it was really you couldn't even get a discount on north daily toll 40% off. Jack you don't keeping your underwear for that long. Actually they do you grown to tell you all know I hate to say this but Jason's breaks why do you hate to say why did you have to prop. Our way I hate to say that I like court I go out right seven years of the same underwear. Seven years I have underwear that's gone with me through at least three or four different moves. Some of which have holes in them and let your. You're never duo polls announce some of them do but those are you know those are the good underwear windy semen nose in public or anything that's not date night under the nano gets back good to work. I guess that's only the five year old Angela. I got a they get faded an ill fitting and the elastic bands stretches out I think if the US the dude the San Diego to call and they would say that their underwear has less than many a year and probably differ relationships. 6195701. I'm torn and by the way yours was get rid of your underwear every single year what's up tonight set according to research these. I do little but a what what's your research name your source says business fake virulent typical good ethics and this. 60 and I'd buy them at 0194. And I've. No one in San Diego has underwear another seven year results the men do Knoll they don't you're the one you. I'm not the only one who still has this stuff but year old underwear how does it feel any Santa at Phil's get at at Billick accomplish some things. It's David Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative at 6195701949. I mean would you mind talking about how old's your underwear. This morning let us take Clark from San Carlos good morning. More Clark what do you about to Sam Murray yeah. Well I did not the debris and AdAware that I bought my a around free tank and up. My partner by a pair of that yet AdAware. And act out and eat it later we still read on this circuit lap. Additional about it but after that it Garrett picked up a bit. Oh. Let's apply it and I've kind of an odd. Though it portable I mean I know. That is something to be proud of I mean praise for that race you Superman I do enjoy a good coordinating with my partner situation like I'm totally. That I mean you guys good old upgrade your life slightly. Everyone couldn't get a new pair of underwear Clinton likes the Superman. Of 2017 they all enjoy inventing a stroke back at. They've got end. You know that and a part time now to buy out yeah yeah give it. Think of guys are new level there's role playing underwear they just got. I'm concerned about a week but Clark let's talk about your entire collection those are like your novelty underwear about the. A bit tired collect their yeah I'd advocate eagerly bit beat her with a legit big ego. I cheered him that I put more focus on my underwear. Because of how are. I would go at least five tenured. Excellent it's CEO you know you're maybe it got. Very cute you know about buying underwear little. Glenn Daryl righty maybe you shouldn't rated in your phone. That you're using a lot of hard slink away or not they are writing democratic on the producer Jack and I under routes and I do not appreciate that we're taking a stand but. The the only major airport you're married it's a partner did they just better but we're ready. Yeah who that man needs better and I'll let let let let that'll do it if I started buying deal at duke where you need to get. Yeah you go oh it's Clark. Who's how that man that I just want it to be better for you and he'll look heat and it's unbelievable. Yeah it. When he got to keep quiet wet for vertical load he. I'm in big trouble. And I don't want getting in trouble this morning Clark and I get a final word that's okay. Thank you referred being part of our. Show we appreciate it. In your underwear and shore do you have a pair that is seven years old or more yes multiple. It seem NJ is an MM ninety per nine San Diego's alternative pass play according to research that I found on the Internet you're supposed to get rid of your underwear every year. You know what else lace on the Internet to do that bigfoot sightings come down over there when your thinking is 6195701949. Do other men of San Diego keep their underwear for that long. Hi need to morning from Carlsbad. And she not calling to say that you're wearing old underwear. We don't single. And Ottawa is that he goes straight guys got their go to work it all England where. And where kind. The alcohol I am leaving this conversation going so you go commando make it this is too much information you don't go commando made. I haven't had that might well I'd like overall but let's that's biggest flop around good guy. It's funny how can I know you're trying to make it into his sexuality today. But producer Jack he is completely straight most of the time. And percent of the time 90% chance still wears underwear. Well maybe he's just you know old I don't know it is a I guess you think 34 is old guy I don't know I don't I don't Wear underwear I like it that they're. OK and so do you not own any underwear Nate you have no juror for underwear you just keep that char and Dick. Compression shorts where I go to the gym and that's about it. Well compression from hell are managing its. Authority you're 33 say they has produced or I can hide it well. My bottom under your heart again thank you know what had nothing to do a she we are all right. They had RD broad sexuality and yeah yeah juniors script that's our Lola do you think it's 'cause you're young thanks com. But yeah I'm just trying to I don't know I'm glad they think are illegal being completely that girl underwear. And also what kind of underwear I mean maybe boxer who. Re I wanna talk more about you know there. You don't do you Wear jeans because that can't be comfortable. I argued I bribe byword outside for a living and I got Jeanne Vonage that's what. You know flame retardant sure the river yeah. Our target week and he honestly don't you work outside for a living Jason I am not a man but that seems like it would be uncomfortable you were wearing proper protective coating yeah I mean don't you want support I'm not rightwing great we better. I. Again that. I'll do they just let Nate went well he's wanted by buck I don't the end of the bag I agree I agree you're the winner of course. I hate figure for all leg they Cuba he Alina. Good morn saying. OK my bad declaring I'm aware quit cold and that would not be taking him out an IP unquestionable. And to be wearing normal undo and Mary. Lena how old Dario. Yeah yeah I did tell you right now you and your little gaggle squad over there that it's all downhill from there block for a billion precedent that it got to get lazy and fat it's like the rest of us and I had to when his parents up paying for his underwear paired. Up there. His mom had a 20% discount coupons for Macy's. I happened that night I hear really that you keep those high standards sister. And me do you wanna set out your boyfriend because as he wears the good underwear. Check out there and pattern and a lie no last name yeah. Or. I don't Gordon promoting any segment should be promote. Add solid lead ultimately to go to your boyfriend and tell him that you shouted him out because now good under list is stressing me out. And decent screen the calls guys are gonna lead you have a good day. At school.