Dana & Jayson - Costume Party

Monday, October 16th

Halloween is right around the corner, and Dana & Jayson spent the weekend trying to find costumes for Jayson and his fiance Jared. Not only was Dana NOT expecting this, but she finds the entire thing a little silly. As we often do when D&J have divided opinions, we hit the phones to find out if San Diego sides with Dana, or Jayson in this great pumpkin debate. Who would feel validated after we tallied the votes? You'll have to listen to find out.


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Adults adjusting up for Halloween. Is our word to. David. 94 and I'd San Diego's alternate actually now I don't wanna make that bold statement. I wanna know is do you think that's true. Adult stressing up for Halloween be acceptable or awkward at 6195701949. I mean my gosh I was. Shopping with Jason over the weekend and actually I didn't know that I was gonna be shopping with Jason and his fiance for their Halloween costumes. It was supposed to be a fun activity we were doing late fall fast when he seventeen with my kids. So part of the fun of the fall Saturday was to go to a Halloween expressed and take out their Halloween costumes but then all of a sudden off court nest decided to set in night. When the kids were done taking out their costumes a Jay finished just throws in there now if you want to come help us with our selection. Not that it really helped out. Oh now via your direct and edit the children to us so then I just weirdly followed you guys. And I was put in this position right felt like I had to take it serious leg and won't. And a what I was internally just wind to roll my eyes oh you're locked in in taking mysteriously. Yet correct because the worse for us I'm going to like an adult Halloween party this weekend where a bunch of like adults. Weird. Hard terrific guy up. You're taking it too seriously and I makes me uncomfortable here are my options for cost and kick can we talk about how awkward all those are now. Mario and Luigi. And or now I can be Winona Ryder from stranger things and my fiance is going to be the apple belt law. With lights. Name what was even more awkward it. Is that nothing was good enough yet but in the store we thought about Bert and Ernie furlough I I love that wrote in his tenure of a trend that. A few well I love the eyebrows to Bieber they Keogh congrats. Route I just complementing your eyebrows but like I really pitcher it is as it made me feel really uncomfortable. That I had to pretend to be serious. About your. Weird adult they give. The holiday back to the children. Back to the tilt tonight that standing on the platform for the children the children get everything good they can go to houses and he can't the only 120 and decent that you were that child to do so why can't I still like I like making I believe more people will call in and say that they think it's awkward when adults dress up or really really Q. At 61 I'm 57019 point 9 our callers this morning any in the running to an apparent VIP tickets to the extreme sailing series this weekend that Harbor Islands get the VIP experience and access to a private tent on the water regency all the action up close so it was 61957019. Point nine awkward are completely acceptable adult Halloween costumes it's gonna get Snooki and here. Adults just suffer following in our court. Just thinking about I feel awkward or maybe you think it's totally acceptable sex when I'm 5701949. Were Damon Jason on us and on the front nine San Diego's alternative its commercial free Monday no commercials all day long on FM 949 K Molly good morning from Le mesa. Critics more party and like parents jumping up what they did you go trick or treating. Do like adult trick or treating by themselves back up but that might be a little weird. Only guys just not thought of it she said you can't do that I'm gonna drive and go door to door by myself and do you Wear a big gap so no one knows who you are I'll. I'm actually I think the cards cook. Now number two job. Well today while it buddy honestly question that to your door at the sexy bird hello Andy what I get for I don't know. You probably wouldn't you can't yet. No you're afraid and final Harry didn't make it turned on the exact thing. All I'm good time knowing. Like its mock turtleneck words just like that actual sort of stuff is it's a mock turtleneck and -- mafia you can delegate Steve Jobs turtle and I got that one there and I think if you look at propped up eternal record well yeah crops are turning in highlight finally Molly you're coming to the table with DR hook up. I. All right thank you for calling I got a guy. Paid delaying the morning from north park high okay so. What it comes to adults dressing up for Halloween where do you stand on the. Think it's exactly like adults some of the key caps that did you think you can keep it to a whole new level you're still street. Because it kicks well. Well I need you agent is that adult pharmacy counter yet he doesn't care but what do you feel when you see adults dress up until I. If there not doing a good job and it's pretty. Like probably party worry is China's drink but they do a good job bent like I added that marriage is seeking can't relate to go quiet so and he's exceeded and that's play. Love that okay so Mario and Luigi are going to be an artistic endeavor that's what you're saying right now that it. You take cost him being very serious Lleyton then get to what are you dressing up for holly and Al and it's gonna be all homemade. My artistic endeavor are you going to a party. That think oh can we make our party if I viewed as you know and well I feel uncomfortable. It's got a new friend and you tell us yes I am ban arguing giant and a sexy bird takes the streets of San Diego back. Hey I'm Elaine OK Asia tress from Claremont. Yes semi brand new myths and a golden opportunity not a man you gotta go X chip and dale. There well really well right. You know lie about it because it took until got a little. Fluffy tail on the back and every one be playing with that. There and as I got all the debt at this might help Paul makes me off fill up court you know you're referring to this squirrels or actual strip I didn't either and I was like oh wait floppy tell I'll tag which I still fluffy tail could be a stripper or a squirrel not there you are what your group. And who doesn't want I want that all night they give you as it up.