Dana & Jayson - Disney Drunk

Monday, October 23rd

Jayson is the best representative for the Dana & Jayson show. He proved it again this weekend, when he surprised his fiance with a birthday trip to Disneyland. Simply being at the happiest place on earth wasn't enough though, as he pre-gamed on his way to the park, and again in the parking lot before they went into the park. By the end of the day, there was yelling, and crying, and season pass purchasing. What started as a condemnation of his behavior became reassurance, as way more listeners could relate than we had hoped. Disney Drunk. It's a thing.


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The problem with this whole thing is I don't know by anyone's going to admit that's what you did over the weekend. Would you admit this morning they you have gone to a theme park and gotten completely waste at. And I'm wondering have you specifically. Didn't waste and at Disneyland is the it's data and Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative being wasted at Disney don't go together though bill but when Jason goes to do is name. And at weirdly fits perfectly and then I thought I'd. Ed you admit to this even if you wanna be anonymous is 6195701949. Reporting our callers in the running for San Diego beer and music festival Halloween edition and do wasted at that that's normal but. Disney. IRAs so irate that somebody missed Saturday October 28 at and TC park at liberty station I'm going to that that's sounds really fun I would like to set the scene so. Oh perfect it is Jason's beyoncé is birthday. And Jason surprises him with it today at Disney. The Halloween edition so the two of them. Entered the park he is completely. Overwhelms. By the sights. The smells. And the beauty of all let his Disney but now I would like several wines and go back to the parking lot I believe it was a Toy Story parking lot and what did you do with the toys strip parking lot prior to getting on the shuttle head over to Disney I pregame with screwdrivers drink. About a half a bottle of vodka it was from caught spell out. Terkel program currently inside I have to have people are I miscalculated. A discount doesn't go away and when one gets wasted on screwdrivers prior to arriving at the park and then enters Disneyland in all it's festive Halloween glory this is the result. God and I loved his name unless he loved that thing. No way around so much an ounce of my god the counsel it's some. Yeah. I'm too much and convert it did characters. How he can't be bothered because he loves the council some I'd tell my guy. You were about spectacle. Yeah I mean to be solid to queens crying in the middle of main street and yes that was made could not even control. Troll it just cannot was doing everything we had a great time. Clearly and a light just so beyond and I mean I cannot be only one who accidentally gets drunk dad did today. I I happen and would you say that in the hands of the experience. And hands that simpler is on what I've got a how. All the best part about being wasted at Disney who we are now theme that path open all. Oh my gosh that's right when you wasted dizzy you make jump purchases the bats well there so now Jason. We'll be at Disney every weekend. Guess he got hammered and then started getting great ideas great idea and called me slurring. And crying. About that his June reams of being a season ticket holder disease finally came true welcomed 6195701949. I can just imagine the horrified children looking at the two queens screaming and jumping imploding at that apple. Let's tears streaming down their crazy enough I wish that there was none of those professional cameramen there for that moment about what they've made the poster showed another avoiding you guys I thought he. Have you ever been wasted at a theme park specifically Disney. If neither are you gonna feel a shave my guys I would feel ashamed. What about that event I've ever heard of like oh no we've never done that you know until we wasted Disney sold a and that the target Archie said. All our closes morning and arrived for San Diego veered music festival Halloween edition tickets you won't get lace at that. Now known probably just a sensible wondered two Beers exactly but Disney. It did the other other head being being David. I loved his name unless you love that thing but no way around so much now. That was Jason and his fiance in the middle of Disney this weekend on main street I believe having that moment and wasted after drinking for about an hour before we entered the and data and Jason about ninety bar nine San Diego's alternative can you stand up and say I've got waste and it does make it. Already theme park for that matter Jason took his Disney experience to the next level over the weekend he I was always wanted to see. It decked out for Halloween it was his fiancee is birthday was really the perfect storm for taking things too far yet and that's what he did and wondering is he alone in this experience at 6195701949. Hi amber from north park. Did she know. Yeah. And he's so happy amber wait and it was a Disney specifically. Yep did it was and California venture. Mold us and Jason was very confused roaming around California adventure wasted because he didn't understand that it was shaped in a plot signed a until later so he just kept getting lost an anger. Without. I accidentally left my fiance at the ice cream go home play at that Ida tonight I don't really Smart to get lying to. OK time for tonight he has the worst at directions that I am he was like walking around and 45 minutes later I'm the front of the allied you're going to take youth day oh my gosh it's him me. So waste said. Now amber what's your drink flow that you get going on once you get to design. The most of the star and went. Our structure. I'm taking in the part of the structure okay what happens though when you guys once you come down loan from it it's because it can only lasts for so long. Yeah acting it. To bring it is because they check your article. I was about to start up again. Oh look I'm horrified at night all of that they don't check your water bottle is following my a big did ask my fiance well lifted his. The they'll be like oh what's in that water bottle and you go water they were trusting the honor system because it's dignity but there are people that are breaking the system so would you say you enjoy Disney more after a few cocktails. I'm like it that they bring the child but like that child that. Yeah now producer Doug do you look well like more horrified than I do you turned red I just wanna know what's so Terrell was so terrible about your childhood the you know. Record up where you want to go to that list we hello. We did do that sold 9 AM if you like. Look he's so amber what's the best part about shrinking and being at Disney deal. I mean it's hard joyful and a lot of fun. And it looked at where I'd like. It is like a long lying it took us ninety minutes at the park but it didn't matter they edit is your busy buying season ticket. Under the leg of wasted purchases. Oh. It's. Act like they're trained and Dow people are ways that none all the Thad and they have like this float chart coming out in front of bonds does break you know on down about home Tuesday. We save forty dollars and park I. Oh that's there. Amber are able we have you in the running for us San Diego beard music festival Halloween edition okay. And I also amber I would love to go to Disneyland with you if you still have your annual pass that bill I get it. I'll we. Get a party but has yet just all the season ticket holders and send you guys. We gonna have been found yet that could be good representation perhaps a 949 perfect.