Dana & Jayson - Does Dana Know: The Urban Dictionary Edition

Wednesday, September 20th

Dana gets to work in a building full of dudes, and as we all know, they can be gross. Luckily for her, half the time, she has no idea what the hell anyone is talking about, because guy speak is almost coded. To help her acclimate to her new environment, on Wednesdays, we give her a little helping hand on the Dana & Jayson show, with a game we call Does Dana Know: The Urban Dictionary Edition. It's pretty simple: We give her a word straight from Urban Dictionary, and she has to figure out what it means. If you can guess if she'll get the definition correct, you WIN! She's set up for failure. Thankfully.


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It's case I I have some money for nine San Diego's alternative. Just Dana you know. Dictionary leadership. Combat and Trout so basically dated as I understand guy talk but we're here to help her. We give data a word from urban dictionary and the only thing you have to do is tell us whether using data will know what that word means. And this morning we have tickets for you to see is sublime with Rome and the offspring they're gonna be a chill of the scent matches from and a Gator Tuesday September 26 six and I'm by 701949. Hey Mickey good morning from this. Are you ready for us we're gonna find out this urban dictionary word. I think though. OK Dana. The word randomly selected from urban dictionary. Is sex or schism SE XE RC I asked him. So exorcism site. So are set. Model or do you look at eyes so I left eight other word of origin on that one would be like the exorcist. Which would mean to. Bring out the demon why. Know about or. Jay bell ID OK so what I think it is. Would be to cause someone to all of a sudden become. Sexy. So may be if they got a make over some thing. You're over thinking everything and embarrassed and some of our okay per fact that Mickey do you think she's ranked over. I'm gonna go now. I don't we are bringing out the sexiness. And co don't like it could be right are helping out our. Movement into it's. What do you think get me blow it didn't feel that pressure on what you're fine. Oh it's actually incorrect so the definition of sex or schism having sex with someone new to get over someone all. A way to cut any last emotional ties to a person used to have sex a nonreligious therapeutic exercise. Elbow Sally it's good old person is the. I don't know if you have the light got it wrong nobody that's good on Micky nick. Wow a. Congratulations. You're going to be in line with Romanoff sparking. You butt load data is though Wagner and Heidi yeah. Like that. This has been another addition does stand alone. Urban dictionary edition.