Dana & Jayson - Does Dana Know: The Urban Dictionary Edition

Wednesday, December 6th

Dana has to work in an office full of dudes, and with all the locker room talk and slang being thrown around, half the time she doesn't know what the hell anybody is talking about. To help her out, Jayson and Producer Jack pick a word from Urban Dictionary each week, and find out Does Dana Know.


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Just stay no no. Urban dictionary additions. Well as super let addicted to NATO works with a bunch of guys that we have our own little conversations that most of the time she doesn't know what we're talking about now because we're doing guy talk deaths and helping out produce attacked she's the word or phrase from urban dictionary and only thing you have to do is predict whether or not Dina actually knows what that word means if you're correct we have sold out kicked tickets for you for the north park observatory that's Friday December 15 we're flying does data now urban dictionary this year how much should you practice in order to do that set up I agree now think a lot well law. She says no let's get the call will finally go until we're going to line one more and from Santee. I mean are you ready to play as Dana now. I. I felt like you're ready okay Prius attack at that time what is the word or phrase from urban dictionary today's word. Is gangster Bayesian. No will castor I can't say no I hopped out and I am now and in the gas to crush. As I probably don't even know comfortable sending an illness. Asked he should admit to that help you whispering I go yeah hi I'm trying to work through it I can't. They thought. Though when the Al. So we just fast forward to the part where she doesn't think you're gonna get him. I don't know what I can dude that is OK okay so I would say that you. That there are some sick people knows well the navy is there is someone who wouldn't want zero. Two. Good. A pat down a dozen a week all of our kids shoot for pleasure shooting for pleasure. Judy replies there are a instigated deli or gas or beige it has to. Old Iman did get. Juliet you war ally. And suiting replies our producer Jack could you incur platter. Correct Dana was our. That wrong my I'm not I'm not masturbation. It's when you beat the gas nozzle on the tank to get those last few drops of gas. At a faster pace and yeah. The it gets old case there's. Maybe you should have been here O. Gary definite effect on their TV provider. And it I don't know I rarely say. This has to win another edition does Dana alone. Urban dictionary addition growth didn't. In the product you ought to know what you do it at.