Dana & Jayson - Eighteen Days

Wednesday, December 13th

Netflix is apparently not just in the streaming business, they're also in the throwing shade business. When Dana & Jayson saw the online giant was shaming a few dozen people who had watched The Christmas Prince for 18 days in a row, we wanted to find out what movies YOU could watch that many days in a row. To help inspire you, we put tickets to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi at The Lot in La Jolla on the line for everyone who called in!


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There's probably a movie you'd watch for eighteen days and are out. I you don't need to feel shame about it it's one that you could actually stand up and be proud and say I would watch this movie for eighty days that are out then. What does that movie 6195701949. Were Damon Jason have some money for nine San Diego's alternative. I bring this up because Netflix is shaming people now I didn't know they are in the business of shaming their subscribers. But it hope they don't sarge shaving meet thinking all I do was watch cartoons it's not me it's my children are the floor okay so. 53 people in this when worlds. Have watched the movie. A Christmas prints. Out every single day for eighteen days in around. There are overall the movie and that is an editor at I have no idea what movie it is the Netflix original. Yeah and whether it even that I like this surprise that I. That's flat think it's funny because. They actually treated Al from their Netflix Twitter account to the 53 people who have watched a Christmas. Friends every death. For the past eighteen days who hurt you know man. And I want perfect who sat him on the dome billions saved me net flicks he created this month are exactly I I just think that they should look the other way it is just present it wasn't happening even if they were concerned do you fed me the cool aid and now you're calling me out on that. What is the movie you would watch for eighteen d.s in a row now appropriately enough were hugging our callers up this morning with a movie passes to a movie that might fall into this category 30 so we're looking all our colors of this morning with a the last Jana I tickets you can when a pair of passes to see Star Wars alas Jett died at its premiere this weekend at the lot in La Hoya that's Saturday December 16 six when I'm president 01949. Now this is good. Big question you're asking someone how I'm sorry so late their parameters that have to be Christmas video like that Christmas brand. Why why noted what rules around something I like he did beat UN live your full life Kayla I would have to say. The fifth element. My third the islands. Yeah that's going to be faster. We'll leave it and multi fishing has moved from Cleveland Dallas my wife newlyweds just men you know it is the fundamentals of the sand box yeah I know. Alcohol starring Bruce Willis and million Euro convention I intentionally stayed away from now on non interest and which brings me back to your bag that your so disappointing. That torture serving me at the buffet and Alen man I want so much more from you that you don't provide much OPEC's alleged. Do the movie. You all the bros don't watch at element. I expect that to figure dirty fingers and crap like that that's why you're disappointing. Us producer Jack what's yours while I mean Michael Moore classic it's Shawshank redemption. It's it's Detroit now. You know could wind is Colette yeah give me an athlete and Armani and does not Q Karate Kid soon. That it sounds that Karate Kid feud added that the original live I love the original was a hard choice that I had to go it. Oh you can't you'd asked me for clipping you don't even have a clip Hannity democratic consume. Again. Oh credit consumer hands down gimmick Allen the romance that I sentenced and you know what you're saying great when he went to Okinawa mr. riady and visited the Stanley member's bill. And there was a typhoon okay we don't need more picks on 957019. 49 load deep into watching mad dash eighteen days and arrow went to feed your movie here but it's. The movie you would watch for eighteen days in a row don't worry if someone thirds shady you know you still stand up and own next. Netflix sent out a tweets. Mocking INS some of their subscribers 53 of their subscribers specifically 53 people watch the movie the Christmas prince or is it a Christmas presents that that massacre yeah. For eighteen days in a row they watched it. But I do believe there is a movie that everybody would watch in their own world for eighteen days in a row what is that movie it's 6195701949. All our callers this morning getting hooked up with tickets to the premiere of the last gen I for this Saturday December 16. At the lot lower Jolla hey Jessica good morning from Claremont morning so you could watch this movie for eighteen days and so excitement. Yeah yeah. Now are you see yes I love. It haven't watched lecture about why. Yeah you have to be high or intoxicated. I. Literally. Only person and living in the United States you'll enjoy that and. I. You watch it over and over an overt. And. And I was about to say it's like Bible late logon. The fly back. But if you wanna attack Jason on his selection of the fifth element and tell him how disappointing he is that's also an option. I mean that's a great they're getting ugly period of. I'll heart failure and and I look at the states that what he likes interstellar has got a lot developments the Unita and her own audience that I know where I belong nowhere not exactly buy yourself a woman without a country at stake here is generally don't think you just learn in the her go to get not gonna get those last and I edition does. Tickets yeah those last night ticket Andrea sellers such a horrible movies. I. Don't forget to yeah. He gets to take it is likely to have that apple. Hey Carly good morning and I from Santee there's a movie that immediately comes to mind. And everybody makes. I mean me at all or are apparent to me. Her opponents' adrenaline I mean honestly budget to hire me just so I I actually I don't know why anyone makes fun of you for I can get down with my lady parts if I am watching the Bridget Jones diary that Croatia. I'm like that's the only movie that has been said today that I can actually stand up on and say yes to go. Whatever that I've been so mean. You are you know. I'm that I regret and accept it be like every day. Breaking malaria as it is funny. And I do connect with them part grad the beginning where she's singing all by myself basically it's a bottle of wine and we thank you got a good. Also it hit the etiquette. I I can go on its bill but I wish that view I'm glad that you joined her show today because I have light on 1980s. Throwback. Dean I have a rape movie. From Jack alleyway his shots so actually gave a good answer to that question with myself and finally I'll fire away from their teeth. I joined the. Groups scarring from Santa comes was able to please Jason this morning that's what happens. At JFK we've got tickets receipt the last Jana I sister OK at the lot Malloy a for the premiere December 16 and thank you are great to hear from him. One movie for eighteen d.s in a riled. And that might sound crazy to some people but to others there is a movie that immediately pops in your Hadley said jacket sign up for that. There's the 53 people in the United States. That have watched a movie on Netflix calls. Did Christmas presents eighteen days in a row and Netflix started getting worried and they sent out a tweet kind of throwing sheet at them. But it made us think we would do that with a certain movie what's one would you deal with pay Canas the morning. In any case from national city are you shall. I am now at the end but and yeah. Hole of what studio. My bottom the media like me in the morning and you are Tiger Woods had high. Now I totally accept your Reeve her I'll take it so OK let's look movie could you watch more eighteen days and are out there are gonna that I. Actually what it around okay apparently not as. But oh god yes tears for days weeping for eighteen days sign me up. Why are they on one parent rapid. Old who are hurt you at the child. But somebody highlights that they did justice Burke and death out that I live because the league this. That clearly makes me want to lake it sounds awful clash of and now if you with like Chinese water boarding. A secret notebook for eighteen days gave me the water board and up. We'll be for Jason on the spot if you had to pick one a Christmas friends or the notebook eighteen days in Europe I would get a Christmas present. Yeah the great unknown is a better and safer that the note. But you hope to watch seeing that no book with Blake a gallon of ice cream and alcohol. We'll let my cousin and I after we had a heart broken. Yeah I'll man I would just go in hard on the notebook because I feel bad and I want to feel worse though not yet totally at first base straits maybe don't judge just because you don't know how to feel it's. Okay yeah. Yeah every girl want than Iowa. You know Dustin Lee Anthony's I can't make out OK perfect and Eddie clay pandas now I mean considering those are two of your fades. Would you be instant tickets to the last Jeddah or should I find you another prize. A lap I had yeah and we feel I want you were actually walking them right out of school. Oh great so then we're gonna get to hunt up with tickets to go to the premiere at the lot La Hoya this Saturday December 16 okay I'm great hang on it was so nice to hear from you think yet.