Dana & Jayson - Friday the 13th

Friday, October 13th

​Don't look now, but today is Friday the 13th. Spooky. Scary. So much fun. A lot of people are probably planning a night on the couch watching some scary movies, well, everyone except Jayson. Despite his aversion to anything frightening, Dana & Jayson decided to count down a list of the Top 10 horror movies of ALL TIME, and to give you a chance to win Arcade Fire tickets if you could guess what made the Top 3. Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the radio. 


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Ear makes me mad this morning quote or fact you're feeding into the Friday the thirteenth not sent a rule it's Angie sent us some money for nine San Diego's alternatives don't watching the car movies tonight I have to go now you don't have to know this is like old. Once in every 600 years October the thirteenth lands on Friday you have to celebrate it right but you don't like scary movies now they stressed me out and I can't falsely because I have nightmares but what he doing tonight. I'm gonna be watching a war held. A marathon about apparently I'm actually like really terrified for you because. I know how you get an already this morning on our way to work. The lights went out accidentally in our garage. Yeah how Harlow covering your ears yeah. And I didn't even think anything of it as like others construction going on I didn't even acknowledge it and freak out session over here next to me is going to. It's hits it affects Heath kits did it like panic eggs for no reason as those scary but because of what you're doing to yourself I'm not doing it Timothy Friday the thirteenth did Syria today I found a list of the top ten that horror movies. You're covering your ears you're watching now. I know but OK you know how I don't have any friends isn't and you know how I'm desperate to have friends. You're doing this seat gain people's approve all some people we were quest that love Halloween movies. And Dane what did you death so I just going to grin and bear that million not gonna grand your enemy and they're having bad cop I'm gonna a be crying and have a fear that someone's going to actually take you from your apartment if that's his biggest fear in life to being stolen away. Nolan what's Helio we know what you don't want to hang out would you would you ask the death ago that they would return neo admitted they dent can you guess one of the top three horror movies. I want you to gas because these people are serious that your hang out with. They're probably gonna wanna watch one of the most popular ones one of the scariest ones they did say that they're gonna watch the scariest line and I don't really know what that means why do I adolescents okay well can I guess from my eighth. Horror. Threshold is hocus pocus club off. Put that plucked a Bette Midler is terrifying NN news she is terrified that the Veba OK I have a top ten lists can you guess London made the top 3 this morning of the scariest movies is what you're going to be doing and I I don't wanna hear it when you're upset parity have claiming hands. Six and I'm by 701949. If you can guess one that made the top three of the scariest movies of all time we get a pair Arcade Fire tickets for you see the Wednesday October 18 at the bee house for another SES of would you hold my hand actor I'm not going. No but during this time this segment right now not. Pop pop coming down right Laurent it's scary and it's going to be very intense and I don't think you're equipped for its holiday that the birds. Gave. The year weird this is is dated days in and that 94 and I in San Diego's alternative another to his feet when an Amazon echo coming up in four minutes Jason. You're terrified of scary movies hate them you're threshold for scary in this is hocus pocus starring Bette Midler gosh that's all you've covered your ears if and it but yet you're going to an all night marathon of scary movies the scariest movies yes because any friends and all my co workers in a scary movies I'm just gonna do it 61 I'm 570194. And I found a top ten most of scary movies can you name one that made the top story. Hey Corey good morning from point Loma what is your position on Har movies. I'm down with them. I can tell you see it seemed very even killed like nothing's gonna scare EL. It scared and build around. What isn't. I know this and in an interview segment. I mean I don't understand. That you wanna be scared YR I would just cover my eyes even if when nice to go to blockbuster. One I would walk past the harsh section in there would be like that won the hell raiser one or whatever what someone with that I did you watch them I would just like kite avert my eyes. An extremely fair shot you are located. Al parks but then like what lords you win and I have to in Serbia. Butler named Gary Indiana on adrenaline rush and mountain listening. And it's sad is it kind of scary that data dating yourself by about block or does lights truth let might get a day out. So what do you think made the top story. I I'm gonna do it polian. All I don't even though which what is that what west genie they heard us all it that way it Kate and I hope we what I can't hear and when you scream what Hillary does. Michael Myers it they got a might put people at. It on its state that the chain on the upstream mentioned Lampard. Well look I whenever he wants I'm Adele. Texas chain from out there. Gee you're gonna be mad and I. Glory rates. You're going back and force that is painstaking but you're going back and forth between number four and number five on the well is our own Halloween the why. Why are no well yeah tonight. Tell chainsaw massacres number five on the list Halloween is number four. Our own life I get you up prize well. No because I mean like how did he do it all listened to fund conversation hope our bags did you do you like scary thing you and in Omaha on a child bubble park yeah. Now a local my guys get excited color lava. Corey I'm glad we just had this whole discussion meter. Robot that. I hate carried from El Cajon okay this scariest. Friday the thirteenth Halloween movie idea is what Cary. Well and honored your name actually getting hairy album until I hear. This is. It's already scary team Kool Indy theory was also it's scary to be one you are home hey you are really like rock bottom phone screener. If anyone wants to be a phone screener we have at night or not at all I have their own hook you out of the barn on the floor one. The here's the deal there. The only thing I know from that movie Cary. Is that her mother down hated her breast sell her on that sticks kept calling him your dirty tell us and I. I only remember it but. Spilling all over her at the problem. That have worked that problem. So yarn and Jack urine and dark twisty things you like that I do. I like how he says on seeing the thing for me is I can never find a scary movie and actually scares me he shut up Nona and try everything in like nothing scares me it and whenever why this is seen so whenever poltergeist all that stuff that everybody says of the scariest movies ever bowl I'm just looking at this list Kerry didn't even make the top ten at. The lower our cost so share. Checkered he put Gerald on me honest so did you. Prize anyway. It's Friday world about the prize giving and right now we have another Amazon act go to giveaway and literally we do it thirteen times today every single day so right now Patricio Martinez from Claremont pitchers show Martinez from Claremont Patrice just signed up at us on nine for nine ST dot com and that's how we got his name. And it literally takes seconds to sign up for best. And then idealists and FM 949 you may hear your name there's going to be another chance coming up at 910 little sock the right now Patricio Martinez stick when I'm 5701949. Yen nine minutes and 49 seconds to call us back where Dynegy and half and honey for nine San Diego's alternative Jessica from Claremont what do you think made it into the top thirty scary movies of all time. Off. That is that's one thing that we can all agree about that is literally the scare I even if you're gonna sit there and watch that I mean then you're going to be. Didn't you get what you get and you can't get upset are you saying right now that if I get to best buy deal made no eyeball it yeah you can't sleep if you can't get it mr. Obama calling into bed with you you have making that bad in your really not very children that's fine and you're the fourth just that got the axe to. I didn't like to see that the actors that as number one anomalous. I got it probably after the oh the suit that has relations Jessica thank you dig it's great to see Arcade Fire okay that's there and and using tinted. This just a warning G said because you're going to this Friday the thirteenth movie party tonight. So accept the one that we just had was number one okay number choose scariest of all time this shining. And number three site now so now you now. So I'm clinching. And I am I have a heart attacks what do you clinch a you don't wanna now. That's what I'm clinching.