Dana & Jayson - Halloween Mom Fail

Friday, October 6th

​Mom fail? Dana has found herself in the middle of a debate that she had no intention of starting. Her oldest daughter Joelle told her she wanted to dress up as Harley Quinn for Halloween, but that meant nothing to Dana until she posted about it online, and saw the response. Would you judge her for letting her 8-year-old daughter dress up as the morally bankrupt super villain? We hit the phones to find out this morning on FM 949.


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And I just like do this segment please kids if I let she'd do a your gonna do it all wrong can I say who we are is you're gonna do that wrong. Who hurt his David Jason after a ninety for a night in San Diego's alternate and Dana is making a parenting mistake. For Halloween and her eight year old daughter wants to go has Harley Quinn. Yes the character from suicide squad. Okay if that's his she's never seen suicide squad. Good thing. Gave Bolton don't say suicide squad that's not the part of the conversations. He's gonna be wearing a date they did that crop top knows. Bill Hartley Quinn thing came out of nowhere I was blind sided by my daughter's throwing this out there is what she's decided she wants to be. I didn't even know who that was honestly. So I explained to you that she is superb they'll land love horror. Of big joke are who they emotionally abused her every single person then will judge you if you allow your eight year old address that harlequin. You came in hot on this whole thing. That version of Harley Quinn is not what she is thinking of because you pulled up photos on my aim at me and she is. Hot it's. But the version of Harley Quinn Mets for kids and she got this idea from somewhere else I was asking who she was yet and I posted this on FaceBook and actually one of the comments from your sister Margot Gagne said that she probably saw DC superheroes which I guess is a show of cartoon for kids or some bank. I don't care. I don't care there must be kid version I'm sorry but do you like your child to be running around at its superb LN just because she's got the sexy version does that mean anything's still at the core of this character. It's an evil person had a crazy person you're putting that bad juju on her I didn't do anything and by the way I know this little Harley Quinn and kids out fed. The girls wrong were hardly Quinn costume it's still flighty. It's it looks like every other Halloween cost him OK she's wearing these tight leggings then why the girl whose modeling that little coffee has her like mouth open wide seductively at. That's that's not the edits cease twirling a pig tell. She is swirling thank you know she is throwing a take I mean so you would think that every one would be judging. Do you like what parent would allow their child to walk out and wolf. She's gonna have issues later on to put the photo op but FM 949 ST dot com what are the other options. A shop and shop candidates for the lead candidates appear. That's a shock and all my guys black the. Little acquired the CU genuinely think that this is a bad parenting move like people will have judgment if they saw her out and Harley Quinn outset what 100% with every fiber in my body six and I'm 5701 important and. We do need to start this conversation and nobody would let their child go out on Halloween in a Harley Quinn and Costello. Six and 95701949. And would you really judge that joy in this conversation that he can also see the picture is we just went out to set up at nine for nine ST dot com right now. Harley Quinn is inappropriate for an eight year old to dress up like can I have descent who we are first before you come and hot that this is David Jason about 949 San Diego's alternative date is about to make a huge mistake because she might allow her eight year old to dress up at Harley Quinn and this year for all Harley Quinn. I can't be bought harlequin harlequin and whatever the. But it's important this say it right so that people know what you're talking about. You're on the radio had a all right now it's it's a mistake and she's a super villain hate Farrah information valley yet would you be secretly judging on Halloween if we came to your door trick or treating. Black earth but I I I agree with it and and it would be inappropriate. After thinking about I got it. And Craig I want to be current cost him and I thought it would be Smart play beat her options and let her cheap striking change and Rick Karr can't. We fact checked lighting has to be at an act extract and well. All like a cocky they lie I mean if it was really inappropriate. I may Halloween store and try to opt into it now diet. I see it wouldn't even allow an appropriate so I'm not on page with you I and I can always a shock and on her. But I. I didn't feel what I saw this little jester cost him I didn't think anything bad but Jason that conservative Nancy. I let her put down. No great character not an appropriate at all. What is this new age hippie granola and we're talking about it. Let the kids express themselves. Odds are Hillary. And I. Ever got to express myself growing thank you for sitting on conservative values faith and you heard a spokesperson in America great again take you I was unity though are often a. We like women are themselves now in my equipment mr. Butler they get older. With that here's that there on so little is that. You are going to make that little eight year old girl only receive the worse can't be at every door oh do you think it out on our got a governor bill Hartley went out. Mr. good bar for you know what whopper three years ago. We the people are like vampire on yeah there or not Larry being. B or character. I don't I don't I. I YOK I think Halloween if I travel if I can have a dreamed that all the kids kids dress. As like little nine eats and might cowboy days and their youth and print them aren't and. Yeah that's pretty much do you really right now you're the little old grandma who sits in her rocking chair on the. Jason is the grandma who gives teaspoons of candy corn up into the back. Of today. Yeah. Well Victor the art and I I don't think in a written letter. No you're right that's that is right Eric and honestly we may be at your house because we live in mission valley yeah I felt the. Often when we're malignant now I think I didn't need any of those things in common and we'll see you on a hollow and don't speak anything out on my daughter and world number I would not I love it out take you for calling you varnish off of course the pregnant navigate.