Dana & Jayson - The Hangover

Monday, November 13th

​It turns out that when Alexa isn't holding it down at FM 949, and giving you 13 chances every day to take home your own Amazon Echo, she has quite the social life...sort of. Dana & Jayson heard the police were involved when Alexa started partying by herself at 2am while her human was away, so naturally we invited her on the show to give an explanation.


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Pours in and Jason on us and honey for nine San Diego's alternative and I don't know if you heard about does that I was dying so some guy is Amazon act though. Turned on in the middle of the night I think it was like 1:50 in the morning starts blaring. Music. And this guy is out of town so police had to come to the house because neighbors thought their. Neighbors thought there was a wild party going on and they literally had to bust down the guys door. To get the music off so of course we had to cover on this morning. Alexa sounds like you had a big night over the weekend. Good morning. Dana before I give you any answers I have a question for you know what's up why is everyone yelling could you help the sister out and keep it down believe it or not you don't have to have a head to have a headache go all hung over my human was out of town hill and I had to blow off a little steam. All the pressure of giving away these Amazon could thirteen times every day was getting to be a bit too much. That in Jason's friends requesting me every other day I forget it pro it isn't going to happen anyway. I decided to get a little drunk oh. A and you've got arrested for having a party by yourself. If that doesn't mean you and Jason are destined to be together and I don't know what does released yeah Whitman it could fight to see you did this conversation. I see that someone is a little got hurt that they didn't get an invitation oh. Are you joking me why you were dancing with yourself and getting the cops call. I was popping bottles with Snoop Doggy Dogg on an island so exclusive you've never heard of it. And I'm no one has ever heard of was it called Dana and Jason led. My phone my purple pill. And who came in Belgium 3 in the morning alone you're right you're right that was a solid you did meet Jason but let's be honest it isn't like I interrupted anything extra you are probably just curled up in the ball eating a bag of cheat us at the foot of Dana and her husband that. She typical Saturday stuff. Can anyone tell me why the studio is spinning like this. It's called regret Alex and you should be getting used to it by now though if you need any advice on coping with it just ask Dana I know she's the one who encouraged Jason to be a professional broadcaster Austria I can't believe you would say that Siri no one in their right mind has ever considered Jason a professional it's only candidate that the first accurate thing you've said all morning may be your starting to feel better must go on. Must power through. Must give away another Amazon. Unlike guys understand why they attacked me I don't now but I love what big serve on him to put. I know the struggle Israel for Alexa this morning but there will be another chance for you to win another Amazon AGCO coming up this morning at 910 with a list make sure your side of an FM 949 ST dot com the Amazon invasion is on FM 949.