Dana & Jayson - Happy Anniversary

Wednesday, September 13th

We can't believe it's already been six months since Dana & Jayson hit the airwaves in San Diego, and today is the day. Since it's their anniversary, Producer Jack hit the streets of San Diego to find out how people are reacting to the show after six whole months on the air. Forget a cake, adoration from the people of America's Finest City is all a couple of broadcasting professionals can hope for, and boy did they feel the love. Happy Anniversary Dana & Jayson!


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It's data Angie sent on at some money for nine San Diego's alternative of. Guys I don't know if you know but. Some dinner and Jason and six month. The anniversary. Of. Yeah today as the they guys at six months on the air but it did sit actually today I have reflected that we have been here for months but. They Q Jack. No problem and you know just wanted to make sure that you guys felt warm and Fuzzy so I kind of hit the streets to get some my reaction to the show for the first six months you don't hear it. And we need. Him. Know you're going to anyway and now or they of those PV real estate agents and yet never heard of them and it was all the time actually I heard them. And they're terrible six months is about seven months too long. In the diet that Jason has to go though will. Then the thorough. While well that was that was the first run I I I can't doubt it yeah I mean are these guys got as much reaction as you possibly could and it here's a little more. So you heard of the images mention. That's that's still on air. It's only been around for six months exactly. We hoot don't really care I don't really know you're talking about. Normally something. They do that for and requesting. I hate him although. I'm just is such a nice way to celebrate but more than that this is mostly the response that I got. And being who. Hanging fruit yeah crew woo hoo. Hoo. Hoo hoo hoo. Who who. Well. Is okay Damon and Jason Smith. Personally I. I love universe very thin.