Dana & Jayson - The Hardest Button to Button

Monday, November 13th

​Dana & Jayson wake up really early to be on the air at 5:30 every day, so its understandable that Dana grabbed the wrong pair of jeans when she was getting ready for work. They were wayyyyy too tight. She could barely get them buttoned, but she was too late to worry about it, so she soldiered on... for a while. Eventually it became such a distraction that she couldn't concentrate on the show. Lucky for her, Jayson is a true friend, and offered to trade jeans. Everything that came afterwards was kind of a blur. ​


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Might genes don't fed may month. By genes that do not fit me at all right now and I need an honest moment now per fact that. Down to the saints stayed injuries and FM ninety point nine San Diego the alternative have you had any thoughts about my jeans tonight. Now general you and did I know you don't know what's going on underneath and I like it that way I expect that. I seriously mean did tell you because I can't go on a bad. Only half of my brain is working on the show on the other half is thinking about my. Jeans these genes that are probably a size too small perfect but I grabbed the wrong ones in the darkness this morning. These are genes they have not worn for a while because I couldn't button down. So this morning I was able to Shimmy into that and I was able to get the buttons. So I got so excited that I just decided I was going to Wear them out. I commend so much pain right now. Like I think the circulation in my legs is cut off the genes are digging so deeply into mice again I gave my MA be bleeding out our fact when you look at somebody is wearing a pair of jeans that are too tight on number are you thinking like okay sauce and shallow thought. Pledge I'm glad that you're putting in this isn't that what do you let me save you your genes make you look battered no I mean if you cat and say that but I mean I can even tell I really do think I'm bleeding well with. And like literally. A gaelic you know I can't my whole self isn't stuffed into them because it wouldn't that have yourself Bazell. So part of me is spilling over the top of and my butt cheeks all right are kind of like if you wore a push up propped. So I thought you saw mud but also this morning though I was there wasn't checking out your ass. They're squeezed so hard okay that they're pushed up so high I have a solution if you want one I really can't move I'm currently wearing my mom jeans. I'm OK with switching teams can I leave the room first where you guys knew us that that's the way Jack the pats are. Your fats. There are wearing man handy it's shag I'm not looking at it. I had work to do. I have thought that. I can't take mine off Jack yeah. And well Larry you have gotten a little under its. Its eight day at the the batter well liked guy and anything so you would be open to such ignore what size. If your size is 32 will these search when he said that her fact I like pain. I want you to feel what a film. Yet you do it did feel and feel like to Wear my GM I'll talk OK so I have your mom jeans is now. And I'm gonna run into the restroom and I'm gonna change and you're gonna try these on her back at my hips can breathe our shell may improve our. Well Jack is with that the end of that thug and a now so while the songs over and Dina is currently trying on my pants because her pants the fat and like any good -- and I said we could switch pads. It's that 94 and die in San Diego is now moron alternative word Dana NJ says and a on this commercial free Monday I'm stalling a little bit. My god thank you cheer his friends said her I might unfilled skull might seem that there that looks like a boyfriend Jean but a not a racist deal like my mom jeans all might just very light and this is the only way to live do you feel sexier. With a long cry Noah it's sexiness is getting to skip bumped down on my total general and apartments because I have I literally. But have been in pain since 3 AM. When I've school we ease myself yeah and got so excited that these jeans fit they're kind of I think I did think considered the gold jeans I figured I'm not gonna Wear these I probably won't they're just. They are cut so tight. And but I got them on this morning. And they were just cutting my circulation off I in my hips were in pain. I wasn't bleeding but I do have marks perfect yeah itself marks anyway just sharing that would you give the only thing it's true friend would do is you took off your own mom tunes. And gave them to me. And now I'm sitting here freezing cold in under is an under the hook up but so no I am on your mom jeans and I'm not taking them off. There's mines. Affects my skinny jeans oh my gosh they are really tiny miss me jeans whatever that means that the brand. Com yes. Well you Evan losing weight even working out hard and get ready for the wet today. It. I don't know why and I don't want him double oh my god don't rip them and satin underwear. That's that's but don't be jealous of my ability. Gap a. See this is what I was going through if you can get those on you you've really achieved something it shaken and around the little ball like gosh yeah stead. And you all. And your butt looks amazing I get your by your ballots way better than mine what all law. I. Fairly beauty is pain but do you feel how painful those jeans are hugging your heads you feel the pain that's not what they're hugging guy that affect. It only turned into a look it shouldn't look. Equity partner and now I can not handle it well up on the event this book I'm. You don't get good thanks. That's back really quick yeah would you sleep west at the front. Ice from behind. No comment. Pretty subject you love your uploading a video now I say already did it Doug Doug now I don't know here's a video that's going up a yellow light flash.