Dana & Jayson - Help Santa Rosa

Thursday, October 12th

​It's fire season in California, and a series of devastating wildfires are sweeping through Northern California. In San Diego, we are way too familiar with the damage and anguish these fires can cause, so when Dana & Jayson found out one of our co-workers Jim was from Santa Rosa, and trying to do something for his community, we knew we had to help too. We invited Jim on the show to talk about the efforts already underway, what his own mom is doing to help, and what you can do to contribute. 


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It's FM 949 San Diego's alternative ordain and Jason. 23 people have now lost their lives and over 3500. Homes and businesses and the northern California area have been completely destroyed. And what are being called the worst fires in northern California. Ever were all seeing articles that images on the news and you feel helpless because it's like what you do. What can you do well this morning there is an opportunity for you to do something if you'd like to help. This community that's being devastated right now specifically the community of Santa Rosa on the line right now as one of our coworkers here at FM 949 chin is actually from Santa Rosa born and raised he lives here in San Diego now and she's heading up there with a truck full of supplies today to help the community everything from food. Water Blaine gets. Face masks because the air is so hard to breathe out there. Don't sound like I'm going up there's still that being a senior right now it's tough because I feel these pictures look like friends and there was houses destroyed and but still helpless so anything in my hands on to help government gonna go up there and help. Your mom is there right now yes is in the middle of the issues in the corner future here at the root truck or school that power down much he has been out since Monday. So there's low power. And she's you know productive people in target Britain anybody that's able to get there to get there. And then this is what happens in situations like this where communities are devastated. Supplies are really thin right. Yeah I mean all the stores are given as much as they possibly can put it with the amount of damage there too. Complied there'd be accomplish so look right so right now I just feel like I need to get up there in runaway. And if you're hearing this and you've been seeing the news Andy you do is still helpless and so concern for the people in the northern California region dealing with the worst fires in history it go to SM 949 as a FM 949 ST dot com there's a page there where you can donate. Exactly every single dollar that I came. Raised in GA is in the bill 100% true find supplies firm center of the. Yeah what I think about you going up there gem I know that this must be so hard at the same time emotionally for you to this is your home talent. Obama knew that eventful day I'd I'd literally can not lead all of Monday. Because ours is up taxing my friends like. Caught selling out in how they are where they generally don't where they have woman but he did me the pop up there in the and his wife. They were literally stuck in their own they couldn't move and fire four rounds and stupid. That the lions figured out of communities it was it was gridlock. So they couldn't move and it is known to happen or home. Look here and final out but it was just that situation where they were so helpless and it did I just sitting here like it was a crazy feeling to talk to our friends knowing that now going on at. Couldn't stay here watches oval without doing something to help an uncommon thing in California. By. Absolutely nothing. Nothing like this work did tired neighborhood in Cheney's energy level that literally looked like awards. The winner you heading up there how much time do we have to donate. So I'm at today there's only 800 donated personally cut off weary here and eat anything will help bowed my truck up and trying to help the many people possible. And the information where you can get the link to DOD is at FM 949 ST dot com and we stand by G and that's for sure we know him and we know the kind of person he isn't this just makes cents a week totally wanna support UN backed him so thank you for going out there and helping your community in there are neighbors so of course we wanna help as well so thank you for doing. They've got have neon. Talked about it. Just so horrible situation.