Dana & Jayson - Ho-Ho-Hold Up

Wednesday, September 20th

It’s only September, but with the holiday season on the horizon, it seems like every year we end up asking how soon is too soon? Decorations keep coming out earlier and earlier, and every business seems eager to cash in as soon as possible on potential customers who want to get a jump on holiday shopping. Is it too early for the holidays? Dana & Jayson hit the phones this morning to ask if there is someone in YOUR life is goes a little overboard with their holiday enthusiasm, and tortures everyone else by celebrating too early? Get yourself in the non-holiday spirit, and check it out!


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Premature celebrate yours do you have one in your life at 6195701949. This may be a therapeutic opportunity for you to talk about it those people that are part of your family or maybe your friends circle. Who lived to celebrate the holidays. Waste shortly and Ed stated Jason 949 San Diego's alternative I'll make costly are literally but skills to the thieves I'm so anger have made significant out of our. Chase his fiancee lives for our holiday. It's so funny what busy celebrating fall well I guess the celebration a fall. Yesterday it's nice that all they do leg we went to five different stores looking for if all wreath whatever that means. Did you ever Biden of Fareed now. No reason it was good enough no wreath that was good enough because apparently has expectations are so high and everyone else that there are so low walled no brief cut LaBeouf to such high expectations like I don't even know what a fall wreath is I would envision leaves an acorn said that he doesn't will be their acorns he once Barry's. All right now. My favorite person on the planet. It for a month now has been talking about what we're dressing up as for Holloway is he sir that in August and I'm going to be Winona Ryder for stranger things that he is Chris that flights you don't know that reference but everyone else well you don't even do anything for Halloween was into my drifting up more of him all your holidays are ruined because of this Thanksgiving gets passed over it's already Christmas on November 1 we put at the Christmas straight it's his favorite thing to deal on November 1. And and he we have to start listening to Christmas music on November 1 can I just celebrate the month of November are you against the holidays in general. Now. When do you think is an appropriate time to celebrate the month of. Hey you go third bringing out all things that lasted October or November you don't bring Christmas about intelligence disembarked it's so funny because you get so twisted geared such a bad mood about that when you're date in that Nacchio looking for fault refuel understands and at every one of these stores I had a smelly new fall Ken doll. A few hundred no he would make his stop at golf ball Kim golf scene but I would love to live there young you do that next time I'll go watch her three children. At 619 by 701949. Is there someone in your life that is a complete holiday buzz kill because they celebrate too early. Would it make you happy if I gave out Six Flags magic mountain tickets for their fright faxed -- fact we are allowed to talk about that right death that I like to play allegedly one of our callers this morning that needs a little premature celebration therapy we're gonna hook you up the four pack of those tickets but fright fest starts now through October 31 that the buck to be if you wait till October. Live people like Jared I wanna be scared to that oh great. Premature or sell daughters people who celebrate the holidays too soon and if you deal with someone like that in your life this therapy session is for you were Damon Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative. My fiance. Is obsessed with the holidays you started with one fall candle. Now we have pumpkins everywhere in our house and we went all day looking for a all wreath. An unsuccessful venture defied authorities its estimates David from the university hides the morning. I love regularly wired like Syria like eight. Well one too early it seems problem of people following and well. Expand on Friday trying to get I've been on other normal eyes and night out and buying spree in all and all the heat stuff. And got him. Now AZ are you know jumping on Mitch rain or you'd just getting bullied or is blind sided by the train. Well Larry that's how. Am I look at it through the lens that David as it's like to get late because of were both dudes that we both put out like women hold. Hold it. You're what they've been my friend normal I writing everything that you put up the second it's you're not and I watched it on. And indeed they have a Barry Greece because that's out there in the market for pat yeah. And. Already right now. And our heart and with one or getting a lot like Britain want big boat valued at up. Ali return there. Okay so getting laid isn't a problem for the gays or whatever but you up your game so much if you surprised him with a Rite Aid barrier reef but I. Nothing like I want athletic site LA you know but I'm. Tricky stuff and now. I'll little freaky stuff yet they treat heightened did you a lot of. Mayor we want to Rite Aid I pick up like a Halloween cost him like a cop that UA said and then take your eye level we don't know I'm just taking a through it. Oh. I'm just. I don't let that rest is there David's giving you a lot to think about I'll bet a lot and a lot of images thank you cheer from Oceanside who is the person that celebrated the holidays too soon in your house. That would be my mother loved it little fiber optic Christmas treat her bed. And here Ray Allen and kill you don't you love watching all the Christmas movie is a Hallmark Channel in the summer. And some area. Three now. Yeah. Knowing you know what's really upsetting to me is that what your saying is. Gold and hole areas to Jason won't laugh because I had to smile won't even reach as I know is he's his heart breaks when he hears a stroke it's too close to home. It's too because that I've literally just wine net trio way. Being your problem not yet again and like that I had little pumpkins now. Gourds and pumpkins all around my house yet and like it they can we eat damn are they about spawned other decoration there's a core tell hero like your fiance is doing today all afternoon these making an apple pie. I've got to Julianne and take apple to. Don't it is known even suggest that luckily it was into our show again zone and you gotta go now to the conflict that's the problem everyone's giving suggestions about how to make it more fall and I don't want to make it morph ball let's. If you wanna lighter green is the perfect little Canada very gardens in Escondido. That's when it is absolutely amazing scene. What are the arm he what about you what a victim here you're also like Greg she. Well that's why you hide him like a little flask with imports. I season and that preaching the good news this barren area yeah. The guess here is awesome to hear from you thanks so much for colleagues think he. People who prematurely celebrate the holidays maybe it bothers you'll maybe there's somebody like that in your life. Or David Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative is is this as a full blown therapy session and if for any therapy or in Missouri writes on the line right now I don't know. I have Jason's fiance. Who is in full blown false celebration mode before Jason is ready and we're gonna talk this out as a Fam like. Is this the most festive person and all of San Diego ger red. I don't know about that but I've been old country. The Euro liar again now you're crazy. You know do you currently have the candle burning he'd gotten. And it could I don't but I actually think about going out there now there and now I'll be the fall candle. Bit and it would be up. Apparently they're in a minister pumping right now there. Now Jared Jason's fiance Jason is and nasty this morning to you straight arraigned on the joy that the holidays bring Llosa at this time would you mind just explaining yourself and why the Hollis. It's been celebrating them and advances so important to your enemy is so much right now. While I loved football because I think it's just the name outraged congress here remind me out. Mark Anderson simpler tie. Does it feel to bring out all that's civil elementary school OK but it does or not I draw the line indicate blocks are there are prepared for a quick definition for anybody that's lost with cakewalk and a small west Texas town you boys would walk around collecting two weeks from neighbors to celebrate the fall there. Pretty much my mom worked popcorn and I'll look at them out here how can you be mad at that person who just want to celebrate fall. I mean it memory or memories are reads that they stay in your had you don't have to reenact them in our home. Oh man you know you love it fair and what you thought of the game that you know you love. All you out. You know this is a new technique of convince exact way you know you love it even though you are you paid if it's incomprehensible. To your fiance that you could actually. Dislikes something that brings them what he's still doing its you that even asking me anymore if those pumped into appeared out of nowhere. He went shopping or groceries for the week and brought back pump kit this. But I'm corrupting the path he's on board whether you like they're not. There and as I I'd like this new technique can you got forced the and I. That's good technique as you know I'm a prisoner in my own home it's you've pumpkins and fault exactly I Jared it's not even optional TU not to be in full celebration mode real or not like sure yeah but there's that time and a place it's intended out. I'll. Others it may not even that there's not even a potential three to win this discussion. I'm so broke and broken by pumpkin spice and festivity to the. But that's below or I can't wait to sample that apple pie I know you're working on our god oh. It's fair. Burned the compiler now I change my mind. You heard the winner of the I 500 being associated. Thank you so much for joining us this guy's hair and I have about the glove again of Barbara argue that Clinton would.