Dana & Jayson - Holly Jolly

Wednesday, December 6th

Since we all have the luxury of living in Southern California, there aren't a ton of signs the holiday season has arrived outside of some festive lights on palm trees, and Christmas songs everywhere we turn. Dana & Jayson know that outside of some classics, there are a ton of TERRIBLE holiday songs, so this morning we busted out the Top 5 most annoying Christmas songs, and put Boomshaka Reggae Music Festival tickets on the line.


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Christmas songs and walked a fine line did a super front nine. Some animal that you in the festive mood and then there's other ones like deaths. There are like the annoying Christmas songs I think is really an appropriate time to bring this substance. Six he keeps you look like you do is eight its most sour food of your life and listening to you right now was putting me in that mood. I ain't. Haven't met at Christmas song. I haven't liked it because we just played you this new song that's allegedly. What they say it's the perfect Christmas song according to science yet. And it's called love's not just for Christmas and it's so annoying day and it's so great day here I thought it would be an appropriate time to draw the line and I fell on the list of the top ten most annoying Christmas songs. Can you name one in the top 5 this morning at 61957019. For an eye color cause it's on again it hooks up with boom shocker reggae festival tickets. The festival's gonna be amazing is happening February 19 at the value casino's summer San Diego's own tribal seeds stick figure the original whalers Don Carlos DJ Carlos culture and Morgan and be back. Volume to do his name one that made the list. I feel like that quote perfect Christmas song is going to be on next year's final here right now I wonder did actually play that are put that in high rotation or something it's so bad your attitude is so bad. You can't admit that there are some. I've not met one that Chris has thug I have a likely guy I can honestly okay maybe Blake silent my age can that. Slow silent night eats okay that's just so weird night in her husband and I think every guy that. Who says that day but also that's not annoying and grating new blood flow. But he keeps say not this load it up. So. Oh lead and now we know. Know how a real amount goes well. Ran all green. Now way is that deterred saw all of the song that it just sucks now what Christmas is about. Hang up. Diego and I can be denying your world though mad at that dog out ought to have added snowbound that it speeded up a little that I did it make the less snow. With its eyes 6195701949. You know the ones that are like the most great and what each one is that TO I don't like that last. I don't agree with this lest you don't even know what's gonna you might agree with. This close ones you know what's on it. There irritating when you hear the new immediately want them off for you wanna leave the store. We're Damon Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative. You know the ones on talking about so watch would you believe made the last 6195701949. Highly good morning from bay park. And Jason said your nil I am well I called the far. Repression and let the good press perspective blood from this little ridge sitting next to me at. He. Annoying Christmas dog. Then you're just saying all of Chris Smith is annoy you know actually there are some that make me like one a smash my head until wend our light just like bad because I not IA sorry. Like I really gets sole annoyed at what song comes to mind. I feel mommy you can panic. AA found. I'm not a need yeah. I. Yeah. I really don't like that one either right I Isa question things and I would hear that song is akin to me and I saw jays in two things than a closet about that emerge said I didn't on the continent and outline is super annoying but it didn't make the list in the top hat and I are definitely you're such a treasure no aren't. Flying Libyan Nathan Lane holiday. You know they are calling you some easier for me out. And they say hi Monica firm PD I'm good morning or just nice to hear from you this morning yeah I'd think that we ever. Not been doing I think. You bulls should be able to submit your own it doesn't have to be one family vote because we're all individuals here so tired so what about yours and then what about your son's. I like you're that good a time. Either way. Grandma got an Albert the great. But yet it still even don't do anymore. I'm. You're wait no he says I want you chide defending that song please it's probably affected probably with electric. Oh right you just throw. I love he can't let them why you don't like that song and I can't listen to your defense anymore and I got him OK I wanted to leave Monica and sometimes I do know some grandchildren wish that their grandparents got ran over today. That's the number one answer all yeah I'm number one answered you gotta correct. I've gotten not the only one that I didn't quite well. Now under the completely annoying it's unanimous. If you've ever heard a Christmas song and had that feeling of this is so annoying me. And this is a list that will make you feel so validated. Such negativity in the morning. This is the negative morning shows what I always said god I aimed it. Always negative and I wish we could be positive there were dated days and have a nine before or not San Diego the alternate. The list of the most annoying Christmas songs came out and I feel like it should be discussed. So that people stop playing man brokers put them and lower rotation get the good ones on make room for the good ones grandma got run over by a reindeer that was number one Monica from PB got ally and so far we haven't named all the ones in the top five yet so we've got some work to do 6195701949. Can you get one in the top five with -- boom Shaka reggae festival tickets hi Jamie from Claremont. Okay let's talk about annoying Christmas songs isn't this'll list that need to be discussed. They need Goodell. Now so what song. And Dave keenly. And ten baby. Just slippers the pool I have she need. Pardon me. The worst terrific kick a. Whoever of the Madonna version sucks a hell yeah I'm at a I don't. Yeah Boca I don't care who you are right there oh that is what Chris missed. Spirit is all about hope and I stand on this from the aggravates the song the first Noel with. I don't know gladly die silent night whatever they'll help you blow away the Manger away enemy all of that got away the majors or worse except I. Go to a Christmas service somewhere and and you. Hole if they're my iPad item again so it got him off Jane name me. I wanna tell you the Santa baby number two on the last. Yup that is this is faulty and wrong. Yeah yeah. And that means we have boom shocker reggae festival tickets for you okay Jamie. You're so welcome bacon that I see here for you this morning. I'd love that please cold or no or. I'm near the Al weary fans seem mean hijacked the morning from Santee. I make an annoying song you hated it comes on every Christmas. I don't know and a bit ago. I. Arguably the best hope not. But. Think it couldn't. Yeah oh yeah. Hello yeah. That sounded like a zoo lab animal Alex had trouble. That lets you get a bit of getting into and yet but did he get right here. That's a good one that's on the bus version of it. Oh I love Blake. What is that symphony that's so bad ass the trans Siberian. That you are so good at that far and yeah Jeff you're hitting on a classic. Beer at what your number out at night and playing. Silent and ninety cents below. What have you ever got her freaked out to the rhythmic beat but the island night. Just exactly I don't know I like where does that add that could relate to beyond that attitude I believe they'd released legged dance mix that silent night. Eggs until Madonna. Now you could jump from Santee just carrying on them. Christmas music joke is off the right well as usual. Yup that one didn't make the list that you. Of reliable. Yeah I think Monica PPP. Do it she did an unconfirmed media I now she did. Did hear from you this morning just brought out. Sublime on about 94 and I am San Diego's alternative where Damon and Jason and Dana middle names should be Bob humbug this morning but now via hyphenated bond. So you know that it's sure I believe deep down in your heart that there are super annoying Christmas songs there's one does that make your ears Philly they're bleeding in there and fifteen years ago but Griffith on you don't like so what is the most annoying ones you do to make the top five list of the official most annoying at 6195701949. Hey miss Courtney. Well nice to hear from you from Escondido title OK so when it comes to annoying Christmas songs. It game you Maha. What how do you do you hate that song way on the via Michael lamb. And you'll get her at. All decade. Yeah. Now if a plane that aren't aren't yet it all little. I'll let cord you just saying a beautiful rendition do you really have a nice voice on the yeah I. I want to go on a car pulled karaoke situation with a year ago. And that there is eagerly look back at them. Athletes that'll the way it should be and Retief had just throw that in there and see what kind of reaction to your dad and now honestly that's song. Well it until I kids regularly but sometimes that that they can take it early you but I now and we'll. And I ticket soap earth for the LA because that's that's a good sought to calm and sorry Iran Courtney that one didn't make the top ten. All of them iron. Like you do have a lovely singing voice. Well. Yeah they do a lot more time for me bullet. After all. Ready yet. I. Thought I. Thought he meant that they can't. You are saying. I'm. On. Now it's on my highlight less. Just how you all very. It. This actress Courtney thank you for calling. It ain't paid Leah good morning from north park high good morning okay let's wanna really bothers you know. I get it makes you wanna stop myself and I thank you. I'm wanting hippopotamus for Chris to. Oh god downloaded so died at the words I don't against doing that. It's old or older. Awful at 800 your alternate did little whiny you're all I born acorn go ahead and I don't know there are pregnant. And it's quite excruciating and days and if you've never heard it clean. Call it up. And Don and I know that YouTube can wanna tell yourself. Now you're completely incapable of pulling things up just to make it clear with anyone who's listening right now. Producer Jack were you able to pull it up and I got it. Yeah and grant. Yeah OK. Yeah. Yeah. I like that we've seen here at this dog she what this stab her eyes down no seriously would you believe me when I tell you. That that one didn't make analysts. And he can't be incomplete and Monica from EBRD dot the Gramm I'm gadget that would a war. It is so bad it's so that I feel like they have upon this one is right it's comparable it's it's literally got that in parallel. Port and being beamed live deals like wrote this less it's that they don't know this song that I related that's that's on I think in stand with Leo because she's so passionate she is Lee yet thank you for calling bell is such a good submission thank you Larry for letting guys good morning and I ain't here oh I don't care. This is the opportunity to get an off your chest and if you are so bothered by that annoying Christmas song every time it comes on and that you just wanna leave the store changed the radio stations certain late. We have a lesson of the top ten most annoying Christmas songs. Which ones you think made the listed 6195701949. Maybe in the top five. Were Damon Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative I'd love Christmas me is that. That thought and this I highly and a from masking deep down. Good morning okay so when it comes to annoying which one is at the top of your lest we are able. OK I would like a literal assault to Jason's heart you went straight for the jugular on not one sister Mary. I had complete tire Mariah Carey album and that kid that Christmas album has everything it or it's so bad and wait can I tell you how businesses. Is next level Jason loves it so much that he bought it on might not. I know how much we hate pregnant you make it knowing that we actually went there restaurant and paid the waiter actor money she changed the commitment music the Asia. No way did he empowered to do that. Oh the only Mariah Carey just in general was your zoo admission to the but that's why and that always I. That tickets on Vienna like I have never met that person that I don't like you are the ultimate Christmas mill Lan. Getting your literally decorating my picture out I'm Leo. Well why it isn't just Mariah Carey is her all Christmas Muzak. All current new edict like one of my favorite one that the gonna Chile guy is from India peanut movie where they're all really. I am I. I'll I loved the island to see I feel like we have the same TX warning. Ever on an hour. Didn't load balance now and it's I love that this is an attack on Christmas. I'm at I am I can then you say it sure I am look ornament on my treat it like a good choice you made lessons at some ninety's or nine while doing yeah. Need to. Or is it. That they're playing these little snippet that that's been gate and get control their radio and played hit me that I know he Dugard jacking you clean cut gate cannot. That is some ladies that have been sure. I would you believe Mariah Carey did it make the list game except that I got back you know how much money she makes during Christmas it's New Zealand that's weird Rain Man information that no one wants for all I want for Christmas that saw it makes terror have half a million dollars every year because it's so popular. He should pay they're making all of our ears. Oh they'll take you now. Odd enough sadly enough they differ Colin your. Feelings personally attacked and mall last bah humbug you won't smile than.