Dana & Jayson - I Want Candy

Thursday, October 12th

​Halloween is right around the corner, which means grocery store aisles and kitchen cabinets everywhere are filling up with fun size candy. Recently a list came out that lists each state, and their favorite candies. Rather than just eat our way through the list, Dana & Jayson put a pair of tickets to The National on the line, and gave you the chance to guess what made the Top 3 in California. Taste the rainbow.


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Another chance to wind and Amazon Actel coming up in two minutes and thirty seconds on us on 949 San Diego's alternative. California has a fever candy. And this morning you have the opportunity to gas sentinel when every state has a -- candy and when you're supplying your selfless Halloween candy to give -- why not just give what people want I would Saturday film highly pleasing people I'm already getting on by the us great item if you can guess one that made the top three at six when I'm 5701949. We have tickets for you to go see the national tonight it calculus credit union open air theater and SES CEO at 6195701949. The top three candies that Californians love. One of Amir never gonna cast though but it's in your saying and I can kind of see where they're coming from wanna know really well my kids of an obsessive though lately by. Over LA called on him reading math now. All you have an idea I'm here to help people see here's the deal. I ain't. Word to hand out treats for Halloween that's right you don't I dealt. She and that's why C with you represented us so poorly. I would be handing out little bottles of Chardonnay if I cut but beyond hello that's their your your guys that parents today to take this thing go away please you're well god and but for those little brat children. I would did bind that she missed candy may be as simple candy corn situation had a. I senate before and I'll say it again. You are the grandmother. In her eighties. That hands out teaspoons of candy corn into the bag maybe if I was feeling a bit at GO I'd throw it a better honey in there. You had a nasty little like bars of that and I know that it's a grandmother saying again or maybe butterscotch. Well look at your first there though I probably actually have amendment back solid checking your person. Of a lesson at a but are you you are you embarrassed us and everywhere gives oh are backed up a when I mean I'm sure those are all wrong you know things and I'm vitamin 01949. It's the candies that. Californians love the most the top three can you guess one that made it. Anything that Jason says I would just ignore from here on now give us the gulf you wanna guess it's excellent I've 701949. But right now Jason we have an Amazon act coast again Larry let me first ask have you signed up yet because this happens thirteen times a day on our station. And we've been getting so many winners which makes us so happy. Right now David -- from Santee David Ralph from Santee you have nine minutes and 49 seconds a cause back at 61957019. Point nine he signed up an FN 949 ST dot com or on our free FM 949 app and it was that easy David Robb from Santee he's our winner right now but you can be our next on coming up at 810 to sign up now take Kathy from Santee thanks for hanging on. Okay what's the can be that your submitting this morning. Skittles OK so that OK I have to admit that thinks he Cappy and it's gonna be really difficult for me and I say something that all of this is for my needs to admit that they get coming off my chest I go ID have that that like kids don't deserve. Good candy and it's too expense that. But I had in my day I got that family size it's huge back at scandal than just sat there. Eating Skittles and drinking cheap why why. To the point where it myself mouth sores. I love song titles sold. My. That's a dangerous thing you just described chase the rainbow the third who knew that you can get an injury for meeting candy got news hoga. All the I. Don't what you'll pop. Come cat he was sorry for them we're just excited mid glimpse of the day since Friday night so it'll is number three. I California parents. Take that every dollar I had the day after a national coming out dagger and congratulations. We have tickets for UC the national tonight okay. Look awesome her hating nation on day from Escondido. I'm gonna call bullet when my family favorite Detroit. So expense. Doesn't ever back when we were growing up the only thing we got we're like Carmel apples before everyone was afraid of I realize. I never got that I'll need there. Jason grip on the Indian reservation where they gave out. Are not adults and children especially terrifying it. Congrats on making it big you know he shunned today to wicks did not make the list in Colorado however tricks came in number two album the wrong. Where in California. You have hey Chris good morning for money growth what do you circling around as far as Californians favored candidate. Thought that the you know it peanut butter cup but repeat it about. Oh lord hears that Hillcrest fifth annual plaza what word POP3 and dean dad's favorite candies while pregnant bingeing on my pregnant got peanut butter cuts would be number one sometimes I would walk into your kitchen and there would it would feel like a war out. It would just be a tin foil wrappers mounds of them sitting there on the table with a mass care Chris that would you believe. That didn't even make the top three. Well no I can't believe I honestly didn't even mentioning it made me want it can never. And may he lied about it David pregnancy cravings down. I don't threat and press thank you for call leg. They've definitely a break okay if they want mark thank you shark thought. Think a lot of radio show the night I guess that they you guys are like the absolute best you got up. That's it's made my day that was the treat I gave my heart just leaked so. Yeah that's on my age don't let I want wages go trick or treat to your house though liking geek Chris compliment as the Iowa press problem but to be the ideal street. And probably looking about a cup or do you it well. There are any of abided Needham yeah. So much for saying that that means so much so that's really yeah you out of here take care. California has three favorite candies. Are you able to gas one Halloween candy specifically where Damon Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative take tracks yet. Pay from Claremont good morning about corporate it and what it. I just hate that the sour patch kids does the same thing that we've already we've already had. Sweet in sour situation and why are you gonna throw children into. What I'm that he ever had those atomic fireball at the bash. Oh my goodness talk about trying to put a couple of about the one time balloon. Well Aaron as her own heart. 130 yeah. It. Like you I have great candy Macquarie candy for the kids to trust supporting nicer than nice kids. That I have kind of. And can begin now pork for their kids that just kind of throw on some than. And that although tight school has been tabulated I have liked the step from you know Christmas this stuff three years ago that. Yeah and Sam I'll try to find awash guy Diego. Christmas Candy Land that they didn't get a birdie on come on. Hello I wanna put another nick get a life is. A. Apparently not all but there's no kids that your biggest show opened with a black and their ideas look at you'd like it'll out that north topic get out of here. Play. Like just the ninety's grunge phase your he lived through them they feel I don't yet again following positive. It was the baggage door to the neighbor that I don't like in any broad spectrum could give a lot couple okay. 'cause I don't know I haven't not to be on their best behavior at your door it's so much pressure he says okay they ship that they're performing right he's like the grinch that stole holly you know he's like Tyra Banks on America's next top Halloween cops yelled. So much pressure on this note shall open your underwear c'mon move there and it's logging some of us liked people that show up and say yeah that's sometimes Chris those didn't make the list but you are the real tree it would take care. Who hung it up. Up came Orion from Escondido. And well water happy now island that your grandma to go through that. You call an all the. Girl preach the good news view and I sit in on Halloween night our porch and rocking chairs. Dig a sensible cross stitch across as just a saltwater taffy is numbers sue unless yeah now. No it is it's so weird and with the yeah. I mean it may be because we're near the ocean and we have the board walks and such all of the coast I would guess is the only reason I don't my favorite attraction at Disneyland in hidden salt water tap the attraction and what you do is go I don't know but that's an attraction apply to get pulled into sang golden Sachs is now they're English and all I and then lately weirdly my family's been buying it at trader Joes are right now it is so hot right it's not right they. Thank you Ryan you got it on so we've tickets to see the national okay. Yeah and cook meg not a guy at. It's in a Daze and I found money for nine San Diego's alternatives still looking for the number one answer of the Halloween candy that Californians love most Arab from lakeside good morning. Regular Eminem European Eminem. My gear. Then waste of time please me and I mean those little small little things like jets give me a chunk of like chocolate often something in college today an Eminem and one of the most popular candies in America as a waste of time that you will use I mean right now I hear that the there can't be in America okay well it's dubbed most popular candy in your own state of California. Congratulations. Aaron you've got it and zero. But why hold on there have you tasted a Carmel Eminem's now if you really want to elevate your situation don't give into the little brat children you gonna be knocking your door. Tell us though it away by yourself watch some stupid shallow like river dal or row house lights that you way said I'll buy drugs and alcohol beverage and feast upon a family size Carmel Eminem's let me just tell you with this bank and a half. Not all banged up with and have. Bank it and let the Netherlands is the little yeah. Your dad she's gotten what I mean and I try to get good Friday night I hear that OK Jack congratulations. And we take it's actually would you like tickets to the haunted trail bubble park. Yeah it's it's open now through October 31 she got those free okay. Awesome hang on and it.