Dana & Jayson - iDebt

Wednesday, September 13th

At their huge event yesterday, Apple unveiled the new iPhone, the iPhone X. It looks pretty awesome, and it's loaded with new technology, and all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a phone that comes with a $1,000 price tag. This morning, Dana & Jayson scanned all the new features, and hit the phones to find out if you're falling in to the Apple trap. Since we know you're going to be tapping into your savings to pay for it, we hooked you up with tickets to the San Diego Zoo.


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999. Dollars for the iPhone acts the question is are you gonna pay. Do you think that it's gonna be worth it TO it's dated Jason FM 94 and I San Diego's alternate said yesterday during their apple event they unveiled the new iPhone. I know I have not looked into any of the features I don't know anything about anything because I know once they hear I'm going to fall into that apple trapped. Meaning as soon as your educated on the new iPhone you're gonna wanna because it sounds better than anything you've ever had and I don't wanna be left out fear missing out yep phone up. So basically this screen and it now takes a entire front of the phone that so glass all the way around and got off. You know the home button. No more home but now. Not need no. I'm old I'm gonna say something in your not gonna noted means OK it shoots in four K I don't know but I'm into you love that whatever that and then it has face ID recognition so that you don't have to have a code anymore it'll just know your face the and what if I'm bloated from whine that it might be confused it might take an extra minute you might get that little apple we. Older and a great and no one. But it'll probably figured out because it's Smart like that stop that ball I can and if you feel like as slaves to the iPhone it's because you lot are you feeling you have to buy one now I do because I was kept in the dark for awhile and then you turn the light on don't act like you're above that I don't you gonna give it to do that stuff doesn't appeal to me I don't even know how 75% of the features on my iPhone send any network. By what they're gonna do is they're gonna Tommy at the store that it's not gonna work as well it's not told by did expense of one and then I'm gonna buy it because I believe everyone you're old one it's inferior I have still good about having my four Aston rarely had her own words about. Here is there could still works well. They're gonna convince me I don't care about these features now not at all like I won't even figure out how to use a face recognition and I know you can use your fingerprint now I don't I don't use. Today's our mission is no matter. Of make shots I fall into that apple trap every time I get so addicted and so caught up because they have created a colts and I hate spending money yeah but I will take out a quickie loan is that iPhone accept I found time. It's the act switches attend now at today. That makes you even more and Dan's going to all of that's what colors they come into don't tell me out of what they know about the color rose gold. I think they come and all the tellers on the street but are you still like. I can resist the apple trapped I'm not gonna fall into it at 6195701949. That's just doesn't appeal to me I don't need that. Not even interested in the I phone access. Okay and you better be an android user coming in here speaking Europe last I mean there won't. Our cause it's going to be an erratic they went on for a packet to get the San Diego Zoo plus qualify for a chance when a VIP experience and the San Diego Zoo food wine and Bruce celebration on September 23 will you succumb to the apple trap or do you feel immune to it completely resistance is futile. I feel like it's one of those things you probably already decided you either know already yes I'm going to spend a thousand dollars on the iPhone acts or now on not a not even -- said I'm totally not getting on that apple train is in and Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative is there anyone listening right now that's able to resist. The lore of the new I found six on I'm 5701949. Our callers by the way this morning in the running for a four pack of Zeus tickets plus qualify for a chance I VIP experience at the San Diego Zoo food wine and Bruce celebration on September 23 Randy. Haywood or armed Orman good to hear from you from Rancho tennis he is so talk to us can you resisted the lure of the iPhone. I have not resisted that and viable for a bit trapped ever I can't put prior away from it even though they get more bit of a got to take out but remember just my body doubles to this. Make up you don't make do it's unreal what this then that this Formica top I'll come up about coming out but is it hard to get away from when you rely on a somewhat every single app you know I'll let out is visiting almost an insult my ball I use all my apps for the most shorted in my kids' report travel McCain can't quite. On cars so what now Randy and I don't mean to put you on this but but if I remember correctly one of your guilty pleasures. That's right if you look at that and yeah I can't give up that gang kids may. That puts Obama up level and I'll let I'll go to and Ventura are expected particularly that dog they say only we Oakmont so what. Now do you feel like because you're so reliant on your phone that you could even consider because what I hate that they're doing is that they're giving you other options as though people are gonna consider buying that eight when the ax is available so. Would you even consider the Ater the eighth plus because they cost less. Yeah. We just asked me if I'm gonna pour into my own I'm going put it well. That's your version of that home yet well. He poor I'll hold out ball won't go immediately elect a political trick my trip and plug but I haven't been in and go easily grab that. Heck I can hold out I pulled up a little bit. Comes out the third of November when how long do you give your supper we talking like you're gonna buy it on Black Friday or. Can I kick off by it this year there's no way I mean it's sort of cycle occurs but yet to many kids that want to do anything for Christmas. The wind does daddy get his payout that's what I would love down. How that's a good question I mean but that gives and gives and gives marketing it you know a good question. Now does get a lead to the entitled I deserve the iPhone hacks yeah then you're gonna get crop up a little. I flew. Into. If we can't talk you into maybe theory can talk you into you know he wanted that's what credit cards are for honestly am OK with the good pitcher Randy. It's so good to hear from you lately longer pollen. You get that we'll let's talk radio I think they're they mapped. A calculator. You're gonna have to make a decision if you plan to resist because now you have the information. About the new iPhone acts. It's gonna cost 999. Dollars apple just announced yesterday. But do you think you couldn't resist it at 6 am I'm 5701949. Ordain and Jason on FM 949 San Diego's alternative Haley and a good morning from Escondido high you do in front. And good our rates are you going to succumb to the acts or now now little. Because I have that and I and SC. And I it literally haven't even had it tray here because I upgraded from it what last October. You are so cute I'm glad that your actually able to make this phone call right now I. Extreme you guys yet they're about equal. I'll blow the wild. Grade yes you got a new app and everything. I think that Ali. It turns honestly is on your side in this instance because it's so easy either resistant when you don't know what they're talking about. Yeah. But be careful and you Marty stepped into the apple pulled the last upgrade aid so you might just fall led. My plate and has one looks like apple and yeah yeah yeah. I. Or whatever it yeah is she up and degrading. Apple. One of the things that everybody's saying about the new iphones is that it was about time that they really modeled the iPhone because it's finally quote catching up to Wear and jury has been well. Low light so I'll now they're saying that's what they're saying I just like the image of you and your flip. I actually. Happening in Mike it oh they bill. I I don't know how it out there are only. Well this morning with a look but a. Almighty Allah I needed to the ice that light handed them my old they're like we get a machine at the back. I the it is not the best thing you are. Are able I hope you can resist Siri because you know she's coming for you rightly and a the thing. I really enjoy the conversation between L accent theory though they're great. And a resistance is futile. Did that scare you achieve that she's really terrified Haley and it it's nice to hear from you.