Dana & Jayson - Injustice League

Thursday, November 16th

Jayson is really excited about the new Justice League movie, but it seems like he's the only one. The reviews are universally panning it, but he doesn't care. He's his own man. This morning, Dana & Jayson had their Producer Jack read a few sample reviews, and then hit the phones to find out what movie YOU love, and don't care what other people think about it. We put all of our callers in the running for a pair of tickets to see Indie Jam vets X Ambassadors. 


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Justice League is getting trashed by reviewers stopped talking and absolutely trash scathing reviews dose of ours called purchased. You're being hyperbolic or whatever that word as. It's not that word a close enough anyway words and Jason FM ninety for a night in San Diego's alternative Jason has decided that this movie Justice League is going to be really gut it. So you won't listen to reason. Or anyone else who's actually cnet's. Even though Nolan saying it in positive about it Justice League is going to be great and all those haters can just go hate somewhere else. And their hater club is there are movies that you love and you don't care what anyone else says about it people talk crap about it all the time that big you don't care because. You've decided you love this movie and it doesn't matter anybody else thinks at 6195701949. All our callers this morning in the running to win tickets to see X ambassadors are coming to San Diego Friday February 23 at soma San Diego by the way free cell is today starting at 10 AM musical FM 949 and they officially go on sale tomorrow at 10 AM well since you won't listen to me about Justice League I'm going to give you a sample of one of the reviews what people are saying about the movie that and actually seen. The film is plainly stated terrible and I'm sorry that everyone wasted their time and money making it up. And that people are being asked to waste their time and money CNET I hate to be so blunt but it's simply must be said that on. Yeah I. No I did it no producer Jack is reading it. Who ran a number of views from rotten tomatoes these are official reviews from magazines like Vanity Fair empire what Al Gore who read the magazines anymore. The Associated Press it's important that. The ball well if you like your superhero battles in deep dark tunnels are under skies purple with aliens so it. Director Zack Snyder is back with yet another installment that looks the way axe body spray smells so. I created iron. Job I'm not lying to listen here's this there I literally just went and read an article listing and ranking all of the DC movies are thirty of that. And this one guy number ten. Did the person CM yeah. It doesn't want other people up to. TC superheroes are assembled on screen at last. It's just a shame that the resulting film is a chaotic baffling mass. Oh my gosh it's get a BC it's gonna be worse than I even thought I didn't read now what so you're gonna see no matter what and you're gonna. I've got to pay fifteen dollars for a ticket to gussy I yes what her so I've been looking forward. To seeing this movie ever since that trailer came out OK and the trailer with epic everything was gray it there's wonder one men met trailer has been NNT this is the problem. Derek these review words quote unquote out of his narrowly lead this they don't like just plain action movies they have to look for like deep meaning and crap like that I wanna be entertained. I want to see you thanks people little from this nasty world and essential life. OK perfect little Jason to get that experience he's looking for its consistently embarrassing to watch and features plot holes so you wanna leave vast they have a kind of Grand Canyon lake splendor. Part of you wants to hang around to see what they look like at sunset. Jack a lot of your eighth at the plot all. Hope personal attack at 619 by 701 I'm torn I'm. You're gonna stamp diet and even after it's dead you won't admit it it's not gonna be back right so it's a movie that you love. Even though everybody else talks bad about it what is that movie for Jason his justice Leo Cardenas and well it's not awful that's a victory of some sort. They'll interview they give for reading it so well producer Jacqui. About the movie justice link that comes out at midnight don't rise I care about the reviews I'm gonna go see it it's gonna be a damn good movie. It's the movie that you standby. Even though he gets completely trash like other people talk crap about it but you. Stand by and you love that Jason has even seen this one and he's standing by where David Gates and about 94 died San Diego's alternative it's 619570194. And I Casey or good morning from Chula Vista. It is their movie that you. Stand by and love even though people talk crap about it. Yep absolutely yet. Do rendered to. Did you ever think that maybe there's more to life and being really really really ridiculously good looking. The little girl looked. A. I can I tell you something horrible all. I love did Zoolander one net but I didn't know there was Zoolander to let the door is that common knowledge maybe it is okay. 00. OK so weak people. Shall were heating on that. Yeah I don't know how then the Earth's climate like me now and the second one come about and everyone just but they're calling it like David did. Thank you bid but that the point that Libya about the need go to but. Zoolander won every one loves so was it more of the same. I like it that different approach. And out. For a regular citizen saying yeah. I like bulk up a bit. You know you go out and see where I actually personally have Jeffords seems you are tired yesterday can except I don't. But I stand with you know you're gonna hate on your. Movies and they can just take a seat can coach his team little people hated suicide squad and I love dead and I watched it like three times. Reagan. Still maybe you're nice to. Are you excited to seek Justice League and I'm I'm not bought it Burton and no expectations. I know I have an expectation that maybe it but check yet at the trailer it's good pretty good. They kill him. Apple over the the guy out Blake this. I don't trust any critics out there because there are not the voice to the people they're not this isn't the voice of the people if a dog ate a box of neon clans and puke on the casino hotel hallway carpet the you have the color palette of Justice League yeah. The cystic writes that. Hurt us that that man woke up on the wrong side of the bath. Secure all come connect you with Jason copiers you guys buddy up for Justice League and possibly a Zoolander tears second feature. Ordain and Jason as a 949 San Diego's alternative. If you're considering going to see Justice League which comes out at midnight just know what you're getting into this is one of the official reviews that came out. The film is plainly stated terrible and I'm sorry that everyone wasted their time and money making it. And that people are being asked to waste their time and money seeing it I hate to be so blunt but it's simply must be said this time of. Jason isn't being. Observed this Europe's third that review with ups are everything that's there you won't believe the negativity to. As you're standing in the fact that it's going to be getting your gonna go spend your money and see it anyway 100% despite of that man's sad. Now a rotten tomatoes was hiding the official score on this movie which is always a bad site until. Right now it just came out producer Jack that's right and it's not opinion anymore now we have some hard data into the 43% rotten. I feel about the I did hear anything he just that it has I blocked it out because now watching that ethnically trailer could buy is there are moving day you will defend and stand by even when everybody else heat's on edit 6195701949. Hey amber good morning from mission valley. Had it it was food fight by the and I don't understand why it got that bad reviews maybe it was. Over hyped or something but you know I that they did a great job I'm the plot and make up the costume designs. Special effects you sound like you're giving up an Oscar right now. I'm Greg Jackson's violently nodding his head like you're speaking his truth as well extra. Yeah and before I went to go to the in the theater ahead RD gotten some battery you learn what am I make up my own mind and I'll pretty good bye and it find that. I really enjoyed it and Abbott especially. Jerry let performance that the Joker and Margot Robbie to what's hot in the movie imagine that he had killed at. I don't understand why it got better you. And we were almost like it defiance Ohio where someone that's like you can't do that and we go we know. We can't find out and we will enjoy casino I don't even feel like you can be objective about it like you're gonna go in. No you won't be objective about it don't get all offended that I say not so interest is you won't it won't be good and then you're gonna have by and not being rejected either you're standing by the haters you bet it's still no I'm I'm just vote on opposite and now are now. But being sensible either of us get caddie says you're being attacked but I look the majority know your yeah with a majority of haters there wasn't one good review that matter I couldn't find one good reveal amber is she being objective. I say. I mean I don't into that I'm. Your definition of objective I think I get hot. I think you need. Ever what are you feeling because what what's happening I feel is that people who call in are losing their movie credibility. Because I'm not our last call from Stuart he wants to go see Justice League with the Hokies opened. Not now amber do you wanna associate justice think. I would love to all I can. Alan Danica Patrick is until you died in battle the great team but I'm just putting you know. There are so every one knows what they're getting into this weekend producer Jack if you give us one of those wonderful reviews about Justice League TC superheroes are assembled on screen at last it's just a shame that the resulting films a chaotic baffling masses. Listened to that. I. I don't know that listen this if you like your superhero battles in deep dark tunnels are under skies purple with aliens so it. Director Zack Snyder is back with yet another installment that looks the way axe body spray smells. And that's that doesn't may music and art don't listen that he told him just keep believing what you ought to believe. Yet now I've really funny that the market and on and got my own mind. Vienna where I sand with Leo I'm excited for you defiant children all go to C Justice League together and we are your little baby you are you're my three children. He used Steward an amber and I. Number hang almost like okay. I'm not a just Sicily is getting trashed. You need to know that going in this weekend when you're making big decisions about what movie ghost say. We're Damon Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative. You're standing by at though Jason 100% even though every year view is that negative from people who have actually seen it justice for Justice League. Hey Jaffna good morning from Claremont. I'd probably say a movie that I'd backed hybrid that bad. People I can't. Water world without a leader. Everybody in the room covered their mouth and a simultaneous. Play. Was it the most expensive movie to make for the time and it just does. Yeah as trash I. I love the creative. Bo OK how are currently on both equal. I want your first first time ever met in this world that is loved waterworld. And I look that. I might even make everybody at the hopman end you know come about so. Are you need that. I really did enjoy it waterworld as well when he came out I was too young to really understand again saying man I just know that little girl had guild and I was into it. So do you feel like you've made a connection here I would make connections with jet that from our who needs to do Jason's render class acts when we have data that I ever got I don't want to waterworld together. I don't doubt he's so let's apply it and we can tell a good. Steve why are back have a good conversation and then afterwards we gusty Justice League and leave all the pieces. Lately what you are. OK so we don't have to do Jason's front request a nice to use sunscreen you're going to be creeping call Craig plus what tigris that okay jazz and we're gonna let you go you and Jason connect off fare okay. Jeez and calling a stranger on Craigslist looking for French chef coming up in three minutes this one's going to be a winner.