Dana & Jayson - Jayson's Friend Request: Female Companion

Thursday, October 12th

If you wouldn't think that Craigslist is a good place to find friendship, you would be right. Don't tell Jayson though, because he isn't buying it. Every week, he hits up a random stranger about a Craigslist post that he really has no interest in. He's not looking for goods or services, he just wants to snag a friend. This week, a lonely guy is looking for a female companion and friend with benefits, but Jayson has other ideas. Check out the latest edition of Jayson's Friend Request on FM 949.


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Are calling strangers Craig's list for trench. You do that Jason I DG that now every week Jason does this he calls strangers on Craig's list after they've posted an innocent that both as the ads aren't though at a table regardless they're putting me adds up for a specific reason but you know who started email relationship with these weird strangers. And menu called them looking for friendship. Whenever Sam and this time I really do you think that it's gonna happen now because this guy is looking for an eighteen year old girl. To be a lived in Friends With Benefits situation. I fixed date for red bell as well so you're really they didn't get that but he's more desperate that I have. Guerrero hi is this pink. Hi Hank distanced he said. Oh I'm sorry Jason do. Ul I. I am delighted he knew you've been corresponding via email about the live in girlfriend. No. Kind of uncharted I don't know any Jews. Yeah I know I've been responding at dean. The. Excuse me I'll I can't date there is a woman in the picture that was sent to. Yes yes the woman in the pictures that. Care issues dirty blond. Cute nose or anthrax. Yeah and lower right. I'm bill one bit standing beside her. Actually I'm honored you're. Yeah I know I know I know Ed I know that you were looking for like an eighteen something girl to livid with you and be Friends With Benefits and I just wanted. I mean I know I might have misled you and I did not necessarily speak up and saying we you. You lied to me and you're not dinner here. Seeing your name was again and that's the total lie cheat code. My name's Jason how donate anything anchor tied Billick I know you've now without. Because we've had some really good insightful emails and other hole. You're you're guys responded to a post on ridiculous looking for a girl. Now I know but I look he's someone who's hosting to look for a girl who would live with him needs a friend's home and sell and you were looking for Friends With Benefits and I feel like my benefit CU is inner team met and socializing and having deep conversations of virtue but the wind may be higher with the. Look I mean advocate for a woman abstracts which are not looking a little brand not looking for a guy. You obviously have equipment that I'm not interest to do it. Move I mean I am not interested in your equipment at all I feel like our equipment can stand our toolbox that that I know what a 100% okay we cuts are. But like I feel like you need someone in your life because who knows your. 100% okay with that inquiry calling. Because I feel like someone who's so desperate to death depose a criminalist to look for our own Pratt and that's very enough for a Friday really needs it comes down to companion chip. I'm not looking for attention I what is wrong with you shouldn't. I just want search. Are you wouldn't put the gun crazed with let me pour eight decrypt the year old girl edge to live wet few hours outside of San Diego that they all get three read a blog at they hook up with you I'm the one you stick with that here I am desperate now. Obviously I mean you are you coming. Up. I'd rather just hear me out I feel like you I mean I know you live in a resort kind of town two hours at night at San Diego I loved resort are being. You don't you start talking about where I'm living in beauty teacher creepy. Are backed up our I would really do you firmly believe that you would die could be frightened. No. Can not and if you Jeff you need to. Oh all. I really severe language there. Well. Denard.