Dana & Jayson - Jayson's Friend Request Kickball

Thursday, June 15th

Calling strangers on Craigslist for friendship is something we do on the Dana & Jayson show. It's called Jayson's Friend Request. Today, Jayson calls an unsuspecting woman who is trying to organize a kickball game, but she gets more than she bargained for when he tries to win a spot on her friendship team. Will he make the squad, or end up on the bench? It's required listening. 


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Looking for friendship on Craigslist from strangers and went. That happens in the segment called Jason's for underclass is FM 949 San Diego's alternative Jason is new to town doesn't know anyone or LA so how does one define friends search on Craig's last while these people put up ads or there may be trying to sell something you're not interested in the ad. Hope you're dissenters in French up. Yes and today this woman is trying to organize this cake. Ball tournament saying can't be bothered with. Hello. By hand this is Jason. Don't let it be here and it'll. Our I was so excited interest it'd you know you by Pratt and you sound so I'll play. Not bait yeah I think you really you know like kick ball. And I have something to confess TO. IE I have social anxiety going into it in new group of people. So that's kind of why I wanted to contact you first thing connect with you on a personal levels so I know that I have run. Friend going in there like home base the county sent. And in the about kick ball like it really sort of get Q engaged with people and they'll be much people that are super supportive and I'll get to know you went. See the whole suit team's situation actually brings me. A lot of anxiety as well because that high school when you're having to this team has been up I was always took the last and that's kind of like my fear that like maybe I don't know if you could like. I'm not only be their plane and we gamecube and an honest not for organizing the event personally. Either. You know for the game for sure. My personal cheerleader that I've needed a highlight clips no laws and I knew there it's gonna be some sort of connection because you largest so kind and warm like four hours away. Well you know well act that you're going to be connecting with a lot of people that team forward not just gonna be mean it'd be. Aren't about. Area. I mean I don't do well with crowds and teens this stuff like that and so that's really lie audit to call and kind of like focus on you and I I'm scared you know I don't have a lot of angles I eighty when it comes into brandy situations and you sound so confident that may be like back rub off on me. Okay. Well I I'd definitely would like it. Ted be there to support along with all the other people. There any possible way that possibly. If we take out the whole kick ball situation that might put them focused on the mean Google Porsche and of this event do you think there's any possible way that we can may be meet up before had just to break the guy it's. I'm. The one. For me oh okay. It is what brought. Well. Hi. There I'm sorry not good at hi my name's Ethan and use you sound very strong. It and your girlfriend or are you strong brother her or ask. Q my girlfriend it's running your business. Just go well I have to point make it to knock it up with our. OK I know that point is that you guys seem like a young happy fit Koppel and I would like to be apart like a trio may be part of the we are right now that you don't know her at all I don't but I try to get to do you down with the whole thing for the phone call with that we you're just a great last night you know. Broke broke broke program yes we decide to go out and play kick ball all right to to have them on what kinda creepy in Europe. I'm not I've I don't what anything questionable or anything with nudity I just went and everything. Oh I know you come back game gonna kick your apps are eager regrettable below. Well that was a felt divvying out. Did that are might your high school. He the popular people see that's why can't do the team's thing and if that is broke down honestly just said let's all go to coffee maybe I would have gone to keep audobin guide he came in hot so I never got a chance to show how athletic I was in high school on I guess and so gonna have to weigh don't go to practice Millwood ever bring flowers.