Dana & Jayson - Jayson's Friend Request: Twilight Series

Thursday, October 5th

After Alexa took over the radio station yesterday to kick off FM 949's AI Invasion, Dana & Jayson were back at it this morning with a brand new edition of Jayson's Friend Request. He needs friends, but rather than hit the dog park, or a local watering hole, Jayson hits Craigslist, and contacts strangers for friendship. That's bound to work, right? This morning, Jayson reaches out to some who is looking to sell their collection of Twilight books. Forget Team Jacob or Team Edward, we're on Team Jayson.


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Are calling strangers Craig's list fresh. We got on our shelves. I don't beg you Jason GO. People post ads on Craigslist innocent. Morton and you reach out to them not a instantly because you don't want anything to do with what they've actually posted about. Now I want French out. And so today I found a real winner. I've already been emailing her mom this woman and it is looking to sell her twilight book series for ten dollars. That is when are you don't want a series Narnia books I'll bring you up front set exactly. Our ties to Florida. Tyler it has its teeth and. Yeah. No you. One and talk about picking up. Oh well what how'd you do start just go right into it tell achieves that star. All this death. Yeah I you know I mean that's that's. No idea what they know you actually that's though I think that's the whole point of this conversation today. Yet. You know like it's set in the acting it. That all four books of the twilight eerie at three your hardcover and paperback. Ten dollar. Are you interested. Well before I say yes to death. Relationship. I would like to ask you couple questions about you know the journey of the books basically this. Jerry yeah like have the books seen a good life. Look at life well OK I mean. I I mean I mean they read it means. Yeah that's nice now we knew we're reading them where you like paint the picture formulaic where UN bad do you like to read did bad or calling people or do you like it beats go are your reading at the speed shore BB that's a glass of wine. We. I I don't really remember for 1 thing I am an tell you where elected or re bit. Play not not per. I'll OK I don't know what that word means but I can sense that you're a little hasn't had for opening up yourself to me in conversation and that's totally fine because I will dig dig dig dig until I get to that core. Yeah. I'm not really share. Why do you mean Albert personal permission to just that doesn't really seem appropriate he went kid by the Christian I just move on an expert. I mean oh well let's just listen to me really quickly I don't need this quest and argued team at werder team Jake out. Well I'm leaped and Jake. Sadly I dislike this friendship is going down a weird path now continuing Diallo are because they thought yeah you would beat team at work for sure. Oh well I'm. I apologize and I have no idea why. I'd I'd I'd I'd like it's a little bit catcher in the way you have what are you can you. Hi I'm on a mission that is what I'm bond and less than I actually have all the books than hard covers every we don't need them and eyebrow multiple times. The thing is is that. I looked at this Craig's list post in nice that there is someone here who is worth getting to and now we have elected saint he's the books and actually we could maybe. Hang out and discuss the twilight series and I meet. I would give you ten dollars. What you're asking for the books. Just to hang out with you. Now I'm sorry I am you know me here at bet that that that that. That's not something that I would be great pit. I'm done with the cricket. Opal weakened by the middle ground I know that your team Jake up in nineteen AdWords but we can come together are. You know an ounce down look at Carroll did know coming together that's neat I got your number to block it. And don't let me anymore don't eat its weight. Since trend requests. Denied.