Dana & Jayson - Kiosk Kindness

Tuesday, December 5th

​Does anybody stop to talk to those mall kiosk guys? Of course you don't, because you're shopping and in a hurry, and you probably don't want to buy a timeshare. This morning, Dana & Jayson revealed who is actually stopping, and it's either Dana or Jayson. Do they have company? Listen to find out.


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It's Weezer on FM 949 San Diego's alternative. People that sell things that mall kiosks. What's your personal policy. When it comes to that moment where they year. Speak to you as you're walking past the teens who who when you're trying to shop Tina and I'm Tony about that moment where they wanna hand you a sample or they say try talks she defer manifests. What do you ditto. At 6195701949. I think is gonna be hopeful conversation out just for the. It's only gonna be helpful for Yale because you're the only demented human being whoever thinks about those cubic kiosk people off. I apologize if your kiosk Bertha. I signed up for the green peas out RD out there that didn't peg putt high but let I don't even know what it is exactly but I I'm not foreigners. So what do you do ignore them. I don't even know why we're having discovered this yet ignore that I'm pretty sure that every wine now dead and even see them. Hulk. Sense of that mound there you go and think. Or don't we all over it overly sensitive they get ignored all the time that's tar ball. And why that's our ball basically you're getting there yeah beings that I said hi can I talked to at first sight and you. OK to let anyone ahead on this thing they had high can cost you for is that you'll stop probably. Have to act you're so kind to do you know don't know Jack don't even do that. I'm incredibly kind and I care about everyone's time and I would never ever ever popular because people at times Shea. All might gosh it's also bad for about my so called. Yeah yesterday I was at the mall and a couple of them. Talked to me and so then I doubled my time at the mall they basically has tried to stop and talk to one woman who gave me a sample for face cream. Had to talk to Jordan when I signed up for the green peas party does he said. Heidi you're going the wrong way he told me that was a good line to get those like oh what. So got my attention and then he said he reached out his hands. And he said what's your name my name's Jordan so I am holding this man. And here I am did your mother ever teach you like stranger danger or any big like ballot the mall at that he's part of the Greenpeace party not the green violent or out. I don't it was safe fun they don't say I'd like comedy I'd like no one and you're the only person who needs that education and I did re route myself so I wouldn't. Be able to spend time with the people lord trying to sell chair straight nurse actually seeded Nathalie she had a game plan I was. But I went out of my wake up though like I don't have time to engage. You're the only human being know everybody feels it's a very awkward moment because they tried different tactics and I hope I can you please settle data Dow and because she's the only person who actually cares about young people at least to give a good line I'll give you a little bit credited you're the key. Yost guy most the times just hang note and I hear what hagel woman that sucked media and we'll see. Ask the person who is. I had to meet art you whole why each I was like I'm interested in what's gonna happen here. And then he's like no and he kept wall gang yeah because he's the normal human being you're the only one who cares about. Now other people do you can't just ignore everyone networks that they kiosks at the candidacy again. No I'm 61. 5701949. You earth the human beings aim to get across the line that's six and a half this. He he talked to the mall kiosks. How do you handle those people because he clearly does under a fair and. Shoot 695701949. More people talked to them than just ignore them you can't just do what you do which is a walk fast and give the nothing nobody talks to them. We're Damon Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative hey Stephanie good morning from national city. She and I said I want out there. Stephanie you walk past the people and you act like they weren't talking. Or don't you don't even know what they're trying to tell you about. That yeah he said he doubted you. We are confident. I think you know if I was Becky asked person IE. I already know how they feel that I had they feel like a piece of their soul. Is being light taken away every time Powell because they're working at a kiosk in the mall. It's very apparent how our look green you're and I thought yeah. That's the thing that Dina is getting wrong in this whole situation and that is. She is forgetting that the whole job of the kiosk person is to manipulate you. They enter your garbage. Exactly what they tell you Garnett they're trying to manipulate you and you're acting like they're human beings are really data now looking at you as a human being there and without you know that. At the prodding the number but what about that man from the green peace arcade. She held my hand are really long period tie and there. You. Just. I felt like I made it connection. And I gave might even well now you don't strain or. Saturday. Aren't you like are you surprised how Dina actually lake survived growing up. I understand an island can capture. Exactly. How do you survive. Holding and is that that's great future. I'm truly. Yeah backing college days when you go to the car at and then we'll be that easy girl that the guy would steer. Hold on yeah. He's got in being one and don't like that and say nothing and say no thank you shouted down I could never shouted yeah and the good morning they get and I did they see nothing gets a now thinking about the identity as an animal now day seven days. How to get him back. Hey Mike good morning from Paul Brock. Audio might. Yeah nice guy you know god you're walking past the kiosks someone says something what do you get a good group that's got that. It's. See I I expect so much more errors from sandy begins because of my experience has been that. Everyone is so friendly so I expected more and that not friendly. But tomorrow oh the mind. Yeah. In the eye to ignore that Saigon style the root lied but yeah but that Clinton cannot speak gay yet exactly when numbers that you the Mike when you when you say that do you look them in the I. Don't. Now Oakmont by getting they'll look that guy you go out and that's just too much engagement and I. Contact the editor at C a thing. I. And the bad man you can't Obama. I know I shouldn't have given my email as I was writing my email with a clipboard I was like yeah. Did you say what you do you think that. You're Dirk dagger and today I'll go see everything email because I doubt he's committed today a stranger and you know what he was Smart because once we held hands that now I feel like connection you're the only hurt said. Who holds hands with tee off he DL you know I didn't I was ready I only thing lake OK and rather appropriate. That bad that I met probably didn't work for Greenpeace that eases some creep up old women and hand them. There are thirty Belmont clipboard and a. A. Not he. Sorry I'll I'm glad that you make eye contact. That's silent and those are the lighting. Mike thank you for college or.