Dana & Jayson - Kit Kat Quesadilla

Monday, October 23rd

For some reason, the internet keeps fanning the fire. Jayson loves to make terrible food, and he loves it even more when he can get Dana to try it. This morning, Jayson hit the FM 949 kitchen to try his best to recreate Taco Bell's latest creation, the Kit Kat Quesadilla. It seemed pretty simple to put together, take a few Kit Kats, toss them into a flour tortilla with some shredded cheese, and melt that sucker together. When it came time to taste test it though, would this chocolately, cheesy concoction make the grade? Take a listen and find out.


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It's 7949. San Diego's alternative where Jane and Jason and there. You can. But he handing me just read and read the headlines when you have leader Ricky did that side kick cac Casey ideas exist. Taco ballots testing kickback case ideas and Wisconsin why. My reading that's blocking there on the radio because I might have done something in our office kitchen. OK okay perfect firm Bechtel get you did some guy did a little cooking with Jason and under a minute and our offense jays and it can you tell me if you're gonna do this and I recorded the experience because he wants to wait for a kick khakis to dia talk about what it what he's talking about though I've made it my own personal ticket case dia because they're not available here correct they're only testing and Wisconsin and really honestly what's with gone than other than that she stay. Do you make a good point think yeah so I took the time. Out from our show and I traded my county khakis media I thought here in the bass or now now let's announcing can khaki trivia for you okay Taco Bell you. Have nothing on eighteenth I'm going to be making that kit Kat K Cynthia Cutler put. Flower reports here is what I prefer from IP fiftieth picture that you could horror. Oh yes. Get that Kraft Cheese. Kraft Cheese. At 6 o'clock in the morning. Death at least not for you. La at least on one side. And apply. You unwrapped the key caps and then you break them into. This is my expert. Pete held culinary and by eighth season evenly spread out. The top. And the kick cats are Halloween thing because you know I love it it seems situation and they knew that let's get straight let's go more cheese on top gear box. OK I only have a microwave and here so I apologize Xena but we're gonna place that in their. What like what a minute or so. Well again I was scared. I can smell good cheese. And beautifully melts it only took a minute it. Oh yeah. Who would be bit of the cheese it's nice clean melted in the kickass this laureate in there. Us okay and now you just put the outdoor flour tortilla right on top Smith sit down so it's mirrors that kit Kat and melted cheese all together. And while just like that you have a minute kick khakis media right here in your work. Kitchen I really appreciated that Tiffany playing in the background truck. Though at that time I think we need to have an official taste test. It's the Kankakee media better than talked about. We don't know because we don't have the Taco Bell one and everything you make is always grows so probably not deep enough. Looks like a bad cited six. Experiment or your children thicker OK let's do this that's I think that we should share in the mold it together I don't wanna share in the moment together because. This is really our dogs like once in a lifetime situation that no it's not got so what you wanna eat this at the exact same time. Okay all right rumbled fives this is so gross late in the tramp exception is the lady reading I have. Please don't tell me are pregnant because only a proud Obama would like that's certainly not bad salty and sweet old at that.