Dana & Jayson - The Real Housewife of Encinitas: Diet Coke

Friday, January 12th

She's a mom, she's a small business owner, and she happens to be one of Dana & Jayson's biggest fans, and most vocal critics. Anytime we 'miss' something on the show that SHE thinks we should have talked about, we can expect a phone call from the Real Housewife of Encinitas. This morning, she weighed in on Diet Coke's new marketing strategy. 


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Well we even do anything yet I don't know how we can begin a complete call listen lord egg. What a what are our listeners and this is it early for her I don't know what she's doing these days one of our listeners she loves to call Lynn. And tell us everything that we do wrong on our show she's mom a business owner she spends a lot of time on FaceBook as she listens torn tire shall I ain't justifying the problems within it and her name is the real housewife events need S rail housewife. At hello hold up c.s out. I didn't know I got. What have possibly done it's like not even six yet. Paul O'Neill the Gunner on another American classic but I guess since he got the most loyal to probably like Matt by not covering the story. I say already. Did there was so much packed and that punch so what's the story. While and one day they announced but certainly afford Newt flavored Diet Coke. What are mom thing to bring up. Thanks mom Lubbock going to be repackaged the need like any red camp look millennial friendly sleeper like with the mango and bite each carrying the public clearly target or the federation great but the great unpalatable. The week. What kind of wait just spicy Jerry he had to do you think feisty cherry. Regular the regular cherry Diet Coke it's not a sex tape they're Diet Coke being exactly. Could you know like why edit them understand their content no lines like it's been highlighted something in my Robert Butler but it ain't even if the candidates tear them that we can think so. As you're saying it endorphins are going off in my head so whatever they've done over there it's sounds like it could work on some island bear say. Its little ads that tell marry an effort like under telecommute splashed. Unique him don't make any consumer you know. The flip shook my plan. I believe it doesn't it kind of makes you feel lake maybe a commander in. The. For the first set of my life I'm standing with a row house like Bob this wide. We have some what are all the flavors don't go. They chip airline. Put the mega fight he cherry and blood red Oregon. Unlike our English of all those flavors are actually on trend right now try and especially blood orange and the ginger one just in time the least trendy person I now. I'd just put it up it. That scene blood red arts yeah I would buy it. But you think inconvenient does that tell the story we're gonna make all the new shouting to hold all these weird. There and as the third place. Earth if you care about this dark you're the boy that ralphs and food. A bank. I don't need to pretend like my bag oh in the right corner and how about the drug round out in my minivan with a unique insight at. About oh I'd. Well I I'm I am being a little site is very important that the bubble that got me tablet that mango and now. Look.