Dana & Jayson - The Real Housewife of Encinitas: Kid Friendly

Tuesday, December 5th

With great power, comes great responsibility, or at least that's what the Real Housewife of Encinitas keeps telling us. She's a mom, she's a small business owner, and she's one of Dana & Jayson's biggest fans. Whenever we miss something on the show, she's right there to call us out. What did we miss this time? Listen to find out.​


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Young folks I have a 949 in San Diego's alternative we are Dana and Jason we always encourage feedback even the critiques. And at one of our listeners she listens to our entire show from beginning to and she's a mom she's a business owner she spends a lot of time on FaceBook. She often tells us that we miss stories we should be talking about it this morning apparently we've missed another run real housewife as the CEO or a housewife events and need SS. Outcome in part but I don't like you how old are you about the price. I'll look all because really miss all those that are imported Mark Zuckerberg has no shame they're creating a staple kids that are like that. That Cheryl. I'll. We let us know literally at what they look at how an actual big book account for kids Riddick impact each other and interact with each other be a messenger and sucked and you they'll they're thinking than the but it can't. What is this six year old get an update their status about I thought gonna give me my apple juice today probably is gonna be a forum for complaints that could honestly I kind of don't care of my kids are on their messaging as long as I can look at it. Because at least they'd be raging. My daughter doesn't wanna do homework there are writing their leg tax day yet she can hit his long as it's a paragraph that's like reassignment. Now when I was in college that new thing they thought popped up in public what a good thing and you could even be part of a bit less sure and certain colleges like. I had a talent that I went new act didn't sign up for Camilla and on the allegedly let the certain colleges yeah and I remember being so annoyed and opened up like my mom of the south but talk about your base. Now right you had to work so hard to get on away bogeys the Euro like big issues that kids don't have to work for it like you had 20 they're getting FaceBook head did send out there. They might say I don't think about how Matt Light black economic out and protect the locks Eckart Obama the first story by amateur night they played old I think that it would meet Hillary and wind means that I share. Could be rent you put your my locker mate up but it public yet but what they're up like how old. The whole they're gonna get a peek IP. You should be banned from faced corruption lol I know Mark Zuckerberg is not listening. How much to complain about my kids when my kindergarten this year and point Mark Zuckerberg always was thing apple put the entire bank all I feel like baseball apple didn't hear all includes the creek but what you opium supply indoor or world like you before about what they're like. 33 your late. Jason I feel like you'd want to live and that I mean Ivins I want everyone to I don't know thank Allah these tents and I have a solution and real housewives is that the whole thing with being a parent that you can tell your child to know and just not allow them to have a FaceBook account. That the play becoming very clear that you don't have children who I mean like when you're you're not. Whitner Kong's hang outside her mouth and asking you to get a big book what do you think happened. I mean yep she's a fashion icon Phil and of I gave what this boils down to is that your bowl full worried that the children will get more like since followers that bold but yeah. Nothing sacred that are coming up there are kids right now it's crazy. Barely played and beat them pre ordering and knew that they abuse their. Okay I'm in need you. Take multiple people right now and a guy I know it's early early in the morning the guy have a cocktail and come down. What I have my morning pot don't come down against the might not go to my eight blatant now it's not. State anymore. Basement gets are safe place I either fed I don't I don't want a steady market a few theories is on the verge. I'm Anita. Was that about does real well let. Oh perfect. How do you compete with that sign off we can I guess that's how will a Michelle Ellis is a next she's got another code word for UK for the FF 949 holiday feast getting you in so all of the concerts going on in San Diego for the holiday season make sheer listening the next code word coming up at 910 will be back for Wednesday.