Dana & Jayson - Sir Sly

Friday, January 12th

Check out the full interview with Sir Sly from Dana & Jayson this morning!


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Land and we weren't man I may have to give you props because this is the third time you're speaking with us are having a polite conversation dead and the first few time Ames it was kind. A harassment from Dana. Kids date gotta be with you it wanted to keep blood don't the covers they. I mean yes that is true I mean landed well I really did feel like we had a good connection and we hung out at Indy jammed this past September. Oh yes yes yes yes I remember and knows you're overlooking them looking. Over the beach and totally alert. Theme he remembers that moment that you guys are my favorite PGA of America I thought well I they always say that affected I thought this is going to be a reunion of a friend is just very connecting in San Diego but you're not coming to San Diego and all right because the show got postponed. No we are coming where you're coming down there we're gonna be remain out a slower I mean I think. Since let wanted to make sure that she's so there's something in you know we felt the same thing will be we'll also be coming back for the show. We OK so you're performing all cell then at vinyl junkies yes we will be sleep in because literally but we talked to her she's like. This just happen and I haven't talked to the guys yet itself but I can't speak for that blur blur woman yeah. She wasn't gonna go there yeah. So okay this is the announcement and that sir sly and keep player gonna be performing a free shell at vinyl junkies in Norris park in the parking lot like pop up style. And everybody's invited. I think we're going to be do in my. You know 34 or songs actually get done. I wouldn't want like skip out on San Diego like you might as well come since you had been planning to the show him any way into. The hotels are already booked. We're about to embark on in the crazy winter tour and you know worn out stopped through the southern most part of California to get a little bit warm blue tank before and now. Yeah totally I mean it's so late last night was the opening night right for the for the Tor yeah. How was it I mean do you get like a different kind of energy when you're starting out on night one of the new tour. Yeah I mean there's a lot more nerves especially if you do and so you haven't done before applying to songs you know played before. On this tour. Yet at the bit nerve wracking and we also had some technical difficulties they utilized that you. Our games for a bit longer and longer. You Linda did know wouldn't. 'cause through those things without getting have been having this same type of anxiety over there like a little bit of technical difficulties you tea but it was a good first night I mean Kate where is great and and it's so. Some familiar faces in the crowd of error in the flow which is great and I don't know there's been navy's history were there have been ten. I think I guess I think this tour is going to be pretty magical. Now do you ever fan girl outweigh and another artist tweets out fuel or at least evening concert because bush to Briggs who I have a huge fan just treated at both you and Kate play about how magically guys were on stage last night. And yes it's certainly thing girl. I went and Carol they have now let's cut the crap let's get into the nitty gritty and now it's a little early for you to be talked game. But you know you just started your tore earned you know you're working at the key inks. And the previous lead two times we've spoken we talked about getting rid of the old days than that and it you guys hiring the new Jason meaning myself though have you looked. Thought about sending that our means there and thirteenth. Here okay and nobody. Eggs at all lately you'd there's no kinks at all that doesn't sound like you're chasing. You that you have at least a few kinks I think I think yeah like you know I think he did you go to Carlton that we talked about them yet more of his career. Now yeah I mean there there in the works the other thing and we're going. Seattle warden you know. You getting replaced and the band is also. Quote in the works. Well like. Well I'm sure bet they'll bully you further about that at that vital junkies this weekend Sony. I think it'll be our ongoing. It probably like a better. Venture to say yes we are so let's say and we're really thankful that you guys are so appreciative of your fans that you would do something like a free pop up shelves because a lot of people disappointed because that show sold out and sell it just sold out really fast here in San Diego for you guys in cape place sell. The first sounded like I don't know I was unaware that until I saw something on Twitter yeah sold out quicker but her apology I think maybe about boot boot. It. He had been here I mean it's funny because like up until recently saying like San Diego always been a bit slow for a split I think because he. And then what can you guys did it. Actually you know think that Steve Bennett the main media music scene is. I don't know it's just my perception of is that it's exploding better than me or yeah or faults just actually the kids with people a little bit more interest it. Then there were fears. Month I'm glad you're seeing that I mean we feel that there were killed OK Ted pulled we will see and I'm sure there's going to be a great turnout at 330 add music junkies you guys will be there with K flag and were so pumped to see you again artillery firing take care land and our fears.