Dana & Jayson - Spooky

Friday, October 6th

Things are getting spooky at the Disneyland Resort, and Dana & Jayson are feeling it. This AM, we welcomed our friends from Disney on the show to give us the scoop on everything going on this October for Halloween time at the park, and the chance for one lucky listener to score a family 4-pack of tickets to have a scary good time at the happiest place on earth. 


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I can't even handle what's going on right now there's a conversation that's happening and it is our love language and that we wanted to bring you into this conversation. Disney is in the studio right now. It's Damon Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternatives Jason let's just step back from the microphones. Eddie can you please tell our listener family what you were just telling us about what's happening at Disney in this very moment. Let me paint a little picture carriers so are you going to Disneyland had the original park right you do don't into town square. You see this giant jackal Leonard shaped like Mickey Mouse you go down main street USA you see this festival of pumpkins just Jacquelyn heard everywhere. As you make a lefties are and over to New Orleans square that's where you're gonna find the haunted mansion but. During Halloween time it changes into. Haunted mansion holiday and that's when Jack's killing ten has actually command it. And he in the gang of guys don't edit transform the mansion into something really cool that you believe coming out of his hands with out. But then when you go over to tomorrow land you can another classic attraction space mountain. Which turns into your space mountain goes galaxy ten and again only for Halloween but over Disney California adventure park Halloween time has arrived as well which is really cool okay so what could we anticipate killing there. Well so you walk in you're gonna see people in some bats. And as you watch him go into history you're gonna see Mickey and Minnie in costumes but when you get over to cars land that's re going to be blown away because all your favorite characters. From cars Nader the greater may. And what you was in danger now is Gary is graveyard jamboree which is kind of Q and so you get to actually experience a whole different cars where like you never have before. Can't speak I had these sons son I have got the chills yes I went through an emotional roller. I gave you cited that RA gas I cry aid though just aren't out my Old. Bailey heard they only on this journey whatever ego I won't get. What they're still one more drop on the emotional roller coaster react while we've got guardians of the galaxy mission break out which was an attraction that we just open up toward the enemy really really cool ready to get a chance to go in there. Hoping guardians to skip the collectors fortress. OK well there's a one little tidbit when the sun goes down now for Halloween time it turns into guardians of the galaxy monsters after dark. Which is really cool because you walking and and everything that you saw in the cages as an escape now. And so you've got to go help rocket gig root out I mean totally different experience but only and nine times so it's gonna either you get to see the attraction to different ways and. We that we I had because O'Keefe personally you have to know even Mike non Halloween Disney last time you went and you cried openly weep openly we ask you couldn't even handle it was like I'm here and I'm crying and all the characters were there pro and a nice little you guys and your Sri snowing finally came up calories from my different experience so that I can. Fully enjoy so what do we need to know treat. Why it's so when you don't cars land there's an area they're called cozy columns one thing that's pretty high is the Mac and cheese. With the hot flame and chelios sauce over it or that this icing it. As the UR love likely. Yeah livelihoods that sounds like a pebble I don't even wanna get this is not exactly you get really you have to remember that is they yeah. A salty goodness I mean when you had ever to win of this history you go over a trolley treats let me tell you so I'm tell us there's going to be some caramel apples that are decorated specifically for you know Halloween time. You only thing I have that I as what are you taking me we're actually had back in tomorrow's gonna I think we think we might have an extra seat he's serving me everything that I've ever wanted in life in there you go. Odd ball and when you weren't in the room were giving something away right now nowhere yeah. A four pack of park koppers but so you can experience Disney's California Adventure park plus Disneyland had one die months out and see how. I think that we're gonna do right now it's 619570194. Nigeria and you are you can't call right. You can't call as a guy and he's somebody caller fourteen right now 695701949. Hooking you up to the for a pack of those park hopper passes you know Halloween time is suing their till October 31 so hopefully you in on your listeners have the opportunity to business that that happy is please owners don't.