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Friday, November 17th

Can you believe November is already here and the holidays are right around the corner? Thanksgiving is about family, and togetherness, and food, and gratitude, and food. Did we mention the food? Professional chefs say you should take one item off of your Thanksgiving menu, and Dana & Jayson shared the actual answer, and then asked you to hit the phones and tell us what you thought it should be. As you're preparing for turkey day, we served up some hot knowledge this morning on FM 949. 


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You're gonna be upset this morning Dana. My there's one dish that professional chefs say you should ban from Thanksgiving dinner. Why you sang it like that why am I gonna be upset by driving while while any upset. It's FM 94 and I know I'll do it FM 949 San Diego's alternative workday mandates and that it's your favorite bag. Not sweet potatoes pops out and brown marshmallows are officially on the Thanksgiving that's stupid and that is ignorant this. Article tooth came out that all of these professional staffs of morale in the world saying it's over it's done nothing not static it's actually not they don't like it at all they have an ad Mayan date now. I haven't had no one that I make and that's I'm green at Thanksgiving I come that's not making for the other Thanksgiving. You're not bringing it to our Thanksgiving Day I'm also doing it for them. The meal for our homeless friends stamp. Every Tuesday Dina serves a mail all CU these homeless people who really and you're going to torture them but. Why don't you don't love that everybody would love I double what I make the sweet potato casserole. So it's actually a trailer leans in potato casserole are you trying to give them a heart attack no seriously it's about staying is actually going to be everybody's favorite like I announce the winner would probably when a competition TV think I'm gonna believe. Professional shops or Dana what about my aunt Angela who made their recipe out. How about that you don't Thurber under the bus why it's the most proud recipe decides are upside down. Why apple cake it's so good and it's it's like a desert his aunt Angela over away just holiday you know. It's. See this getting old Cecelia Madonna's quest yes though I mean he used to be stopped. I used this isn't the worst thing it's the best thing is that they that I always sign up for how. Who know enough that I completely agree with that so sweet potatoes topped with oven browned marshals are discussing a gamble might have a little bit it's not that exactly but I grew up on NASA don't hate on that it's really discussing sweet potatoes are singing marine. And they don't need to be turned into a dessert more people in San Diego love sweet potatoes and didn't feel the way you feel at six a nine by 701949. That's that's what you what you what your squad to come about the third regalia obviously they sleep data squad. Let's get a trending on Twitter. Let's all share our sweet potato recipes and mine will win. I know you don't want to know right now so late night show but seriously doubt if you had to pick one thing to ban from Thanksgiving I would not be sweet potatoes I know that 100 than it would be six when I'm 57019 point nine what would be your answer and that's. And also deal of say potato. I would make them for anyone vote no without begala once but that she color color this morning getting hooked up with a poor packet think it's a Del Mar thoroughbred club Bing Crosby season having now through November 26. This conversation needs to take place right now what Thanksgiving food should be downs. Professional staffs don't like sweet potatoes with marshmallows on the. Let's do the point where they say it should be banned from Thanksgiving dinner ordain and Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative. That's like a crime. Against America to say that that's part of the fabric of Thanksgiving dinner. Take that way you don't even have Thanksgiving dinner oh what next they don't like Turkey they wanna replace it with a rotisserie chicken or some buying. Game that sounds a little bent out of shape because that's. Her favorites that's the thing I'd presents every one button to know that well I don't I don't now I don't care but I do believe that more Sandia against want the sweet tea well you're wrong. Hey Karl good morning from PB oh I'd rootkit and think yeah I thought I got you know. And then let's say we were all eating Thanksgiving dinner together raw enjoying ourselves drinking wind problem it is like you haven't had mine and I am down one and Kyra and in that state the problem let's sit in front of you and forces you to eat it yes. But chip dog for a under the table all of you wouldn't be I could turn a non C potato lover and just think it's in a lover you are going to. You do you probably could you out there saying that that's one of the issues. That it's just doesn't do anything for the meal. Think the only death that Q okay the meal cooked up. Offering these are professional quote shafts that aren't they met like guy for airy it does a hit Doug every morning rob because they counter acts because it's the suite that counter acts all of the easy way to apply. Now that's for later if that the but it's a feasts. Undisclosed probably get the original fees is why they have like primary thought that a good news. Because you're open. It took all the type of the one thing that you can't cook. Boom. How old I love cars. Because Karl less certain value and that's impacting option. This is actually the one that can mean there's a couple little things that I can cut but this is definitely want to show makes the mean chicken nuggets a. All pick the twelve pack now they're very very good. Ruling that I know. Are activated and you're at every big putt in you you're wrong. Or should you say you're right I'm Bob who then it won't look like. Outflow there it is. I wanna make QVC potato RO don't know that I'd still want because he doesn't know battered you don't know about her until you taste other little or if you know about her new you better. I avoid it at all costs deputies Thanksgiving meal I think he never could come up myself that I'd rather have Joseph blow. With security and it. She'll slowly at risk that the cops fault if you are gone albeit at a deeper on that this plane I'm gonna put my family recipe 90 you know what that once that then you went pretty intense. Please please I'm Aaron harper but that it did all right Carl whenever Biden don't want them but I'll find other people that do want them Barrett as. Double double B they're only feel that they can cook too. The some shade you bet they can Karl hold on okay and we continue to be banned from Thanksgiving Day out don't act like it's a statement that it is Dave that there was a question no. Then the question that there's no question and with that professional staff skit that's what they're saying I don't know. It's about them being trustworthy I have the car metal on the computer you know a lot of I don't lottery that we're David days and about 949 San Diego's alternative. You just brought this up to be mean to Maine that that's literally data favorite dish on Thanksgiving and you knew it so they knew stop this article I got happy because there's so grows so good. My restitution. So what food do you think should be banned from the table. And I mean can't we all get behind sweet potatoes. Hey Jeff good morning from San take I'm down of the week Credo al-Qaeda. Don't get mad just Indy doesn't agree with you he knows what's gonna eat that. It cut a little bit of the of the rest Peter your thought about the children begins. Look the prey leaves you could tell from my aunt Angela lock me up in my Gmail because that actually thought that. It was only like in her hand written cookbook and then I eight. Typed that out or so that I could make sure I had it anytime I needed stuck in the Gmail on your information Jeff now jab at Obama. Jeff it takes everything to the next level and it's not something that the family is said I can get about but I mean I wrote I am willing big world them. That's how we feel we're in there that we are all eight. Or would be but it apparently distributed free agency detailed family to go on an island by yourselves were you ruin Thanksgiving dinner do you guys do it. On straight up which he marshmallows possibly hit a few pineapple and there are few line brown sugar for the most part or how do you guys yet. Must vote for a sugar and you don't have much divot repair our network tribal. And that's when you wanted to do things and energy level but that doesn't in any dues the pre lean fat Jack now and and. We'll let I know the one thing that should not be embarrassed doing. This could collect elated cranberry. I can let our finality you know it's growth us. Yet the excellent credit cranberry and into gap over and there again scab. You can't say bush cranberry sauce. Yeah then he'll he's saying that it should be banned from Thanksgiving ball I didn't say that sweep details with marshmallows and Mike Brown sugar and stir up. Yeah okay that's fine got. You guys who get paid like if you serve back cranberry sauce any other day of the year ever government dealing what is Smith's wider totally doing kinda like this thing with the sweet potato little article called on and you can all girls are better Christmas than a century of Jeff pulled out I'll get your information it's like it send you an end his recipe Erica. Often very cute though we'll look Rihanna from Escondido out I an anti be paid don't you know she's always might have such strong. Don't anti be open I'll give ATI mean that I'm also against the green being captor. Well I'll hold my that's what I've dated favorite this and I feel like other like. They only made green being capped a do you know that they only made that because somebody was trying to figure out how do you regret my actions duke I am okay like there's no other reason to buy it but they made they made a wait for it. If you I don't know I can do Thanksgiving without her though than be kind. You know why my dream thinks skipping it as it's. Turkey. The white white quicker and already board backs BT go OK and her hair okay that's. And that's the public aren't going up but what about nothing he can't. In all the you know like stuff now that you just awesome ability oh how I got it. Okay well yeah that hit though Atlanta got to do great things and you're giving his so bland atletico did data that they give a dinner flavor country late edition Henry. Well I'd be willing to try it because it speaks so highly Tito every other one that I'd ever seen or tried isn't it cute to me yet. Boy you're gonna say that about mine Frontline way too sweet isn't really that have good candidates say now well yes that's what that might it and not sweet potato Andre Young man of dialogue when the and it cut this thing you always have to take a stand and I'm proud as Clinton. Thank you for calling trying to get to hear from you and bill bill O Dell now.