Dana & Jayson - Take This Job and Shove It: Bank Teller

Monday, October 23rd

You probably don't feel like waking up most Monday mornings, especially if your job sucks. FM 949 does a lot to make your Monday a little brighter with Commercial Free Mondays, but Dana & Jayson think we can do a little bit more. Just for you, every Monday, we invite Entitled Mike to quit a job he doesn't have, on your behalf. This morning, one of our poor listeners has a crappy job at a bank that she wishes she could quit. Just because she can't do it, doesn't mean Mike can't do it for her.


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Whereas I'm not before nine San Diego's alternative Dane and Jason on his commercial for a Monday and it is segment that we do every Monday p.s don't silly going to work but she can't quit your job. So we have someone on our show who concluded job on your behalf. Take this job when she. This morning in title might quits for Jane from San Marcos she works as a bank teller. And was just telling us how she despises her job. For a great number of reasons this morning entitled Mike pretends he works for a bank and quit that job it's take the 77 on FM 949 sandy has alternate. Well. And Michelle are going to might soon run in the bank rate now. Yeah. We do a branch manager and I okay. Yeah who would agree and are now. Hi it can help you actually nominee to be Metallica I think America have to quit. OK. Check amount and transfer. Okay thanks. I dial can help pay legal limits might. We don't do it like Oreo will be under I mean I got some bad news for. And no longer going to be able continued employment with these guys. OK my. What would proceed with my columns you know quite president the problem I mean I've been there for a few months. And I'm there every day in on the people person on the picture on mobile money ever would come and they're depositing their millions and patent dispute now. Meanwhile I'm on it I know we're supposed to like to ask for the job that we want an off the job. But honestly I. I can't afford clothes that little late to get like entered I don't feel like I'm a tanker at all sure. And I imam of the people who were who. Bill were Jack Jack and that it would expect a lot things. And I'm quite frankly I'd gotten it yet addressed the care. And it is called the mayor and I'm an accordion every single day tickets and incorporate that does mean a and so ladies. Yeah I don't see it in. With the crew here it's late Mike in the late into the lake. And rules and let me. You know. I mean we have things to do here who remembers. An important part fourteen and on that level no. My lead I'm she's always forcing us every morning to get ready to jump energy. My wife my energy to people who were disputed upon the money Obama Mina got dirty money appealed on one every single day in and it's. Again here know who wore it to do anything then that's not a new description while I'm hearing him reeling off he looks like mrs. Clinton a you know she could bring relief from checks. If you take you on your ex. You know mr. god and you actually coming in and expanding it here pot that she definitely with without you know. Sure sure I actually don't feel that it's appropriate for a step that much of a pin numbers we get an aberrant. Mentally I'm a really like a complicating the pin number to get into and there's my pin networking and other people mean. And that's not to produce it means and. You know obviously get you know much to witnesses coming from. A very pleasant work environment you know after a drop in order to do out there and have and the energy that they're you buses arriving on and I'm not aware that our commitment and the experience like an idealist the drive there. You know like who get an account numbers it's not oh our goal here to help our customers succeed financially so well. It behavior OK we know what it. Go to down public adult and it can do it any longer I'm looking at them out of Portland and I am just before. And a broke man and I think America the move and that the plane ticket to publish. Okay Mike I mean so why are remittances. I guess you're partial resignation and yet officially and also for all the lollipops or laments because it took all the good. Job. I do its job in show its new one entitled Mike had quit his job he doesn't come. On your behalf to send us a message on the FM ninety point nine FaceBook depression.