Dana & Jayson - A Thousand Words

Friday, November 17th

​They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we had more than that to say about a milestone for Dana & Jayson: Our first D-Pick. Yep. It finally happened. We've been on the air for almost 9 months, and honestly we're a little shocked it took this long. Despite not knowing exactly how to feel about this, we decided talking about it would probably be therapeutic, so we fought our best judgement and hit the airwaves to air our... dirty laundry.


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We're Damon Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative welcome to Friday congratulations. Day now we just received our first deed peck. Send. To me and where. On our interest to Graham data and teeth and talk can be slid into our. I have. Football whacking guys I don't know if they were referring to you rule or me Bly. With a little pick it says I like that girl. The no way of knowing that so unwelcome. I've never met a woman that wants that except of it's from their husband or their boyfriend or something. So even then that's pushing yet yet I mean. I've really until one that would rather see like a force to go around acting like that I mean I send my husband pictures because he enjoys that but I don't want one. Now. I honestly. Believe that it's women don't want those but the one week wait now so was it a just a photo of oh gross. There was a video. That he was wearing this and sleep a video okay say was still had a sub ten farm yet it anywhere from quickly removed them. Yeah yeah I. Beloved game. So what have deserves so unattractive as many (%expletive) beat out of those slept. Oh yeah. You are slow. 1994. Or that's not how old people do it anymore what do they know I don't I don't get it to. Kind of apple I don't things were on the Iran ways and you know when you pulled down the cut pants things. Pop up like it Jack in the Box I know I believe so ground I I I India I think have with a lot to women where they get Blake. Pushed. Then like randomly with the deed peck said they don't want that like every gate viewed wants that because guys enjoy a that that it's like in general that's why men do it because they speak that one other highlights and I want. Why it's so that Everett audible like planet now it's so delusional but like so like it big. Guy does it to a guy a guy like yeah that's what I wanna see but you don't. Not with me yeah I feel like we want what do you mean we want to lie to now somewhat we are attractive. Collectively not that I think that video yeah that was president at console that it would make creepy mustache for modem are now with Dylan to he was he is like that woman with a mustache and I would like I like her. That's an odd but I got. Not check for a year because of I got startled by a deep thank you and I think it happens lots do what red does that ever happened to me no I never sends me so congratulations to you Jason is that first your first Deepak yeah. They actually wise men joking or whatever than any thing. That's not an invitation I don't know what I need to deal in life chasing kids Yukio Brando's all the time. And I'm like random me like why what is want to. Here's the down from anyone as close they are now you wanna send their grand did you said no upload donut you've heard that that data and Jason talk now can you just give your personal because I don't want a day sometimes I'm sad that. Here's the deal sister as the evidence than me is insulted. And men but but big queen and me it's like Yost Quaid I thought but.