Dana & Jayson - Too Many Dogs

Tuesday, November 14th

San Diego is a super dog friendly place, with dog beaches, dog parks, and a whole infrastructure of doggy related activities, but at some point, enough is enough. Dana & Jayson's Producer Jack has four dogs in his household, and his girlfriend is a little overwhelmed. This morning, D&J wanted to know how many dogs is too many dogs? We hit the phones to find out what the dog loving people of San Diego had to say.


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There's probably a number in your head when I asked this question of how many dogs is too many dogs. For one person to have. Is David Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative Jack has Ford dogs and our producer Jack has four dogs that's so many dogs for one person to have. It's a lot of I think the answer that question is there's no such thing as too many dollars let us drugs. I think the only limitation as your imagination and your space co imaginations faith I can't even imagine what having four dogs as like imagine being a zoo keeper but having it all happened in your own home so in Europe girlfriend. Jokingly. Said that would you be open to getting rid of one of the dogs a fight PG 20000 dollars. She not only brought that up but since word now looking to move from where we currently live into another place yeah she brought up the idea of re homing some of my dogs three home I mean time and I'm like now I'm not gonna happen 0% chance. 0% chance now none of all I love my dog my dogs. I don't wanna synagogues and my children are my children I know his answers Souza I mean they're really cute dogs but there's so many of them. Jack you're gonna have to break up with the girlfriend OnStar. She's gotta go you gotta go without buddies that those nasty hateful things to your babies your little fur babies need to get out she had a heart is huge chasing can't be trusted him because you grow up and Holm where it was a limitless dog situation. There was a small space here smokeless. There with five kids literally 52 ads there plus five dogs and two cats that is too many of every tech I draw the line cats not a yeah. It's OK you're girlfriend who does want you to every home a dog she feels that there are too many dogs and that's just too much of a distraction for her and. I living our lives together because you can imagine with four dogs and to be fair one of them is horrors. And the biggest dog of the four is horrors I have cute little blogs. But. It's kind of impossible to do anything eat a meal have a conversation watch a movie do anything without several of the dogs inserting themselves even less for even the bet. Well see that's another thing that came out I used to have all of my dogs all three of the dogs sleep in bed with me at sea initially under the covers him but she put to good bosh on that pretty quickly now. There are no dogs allowed in the bedroom. At night when we sleep. How does get to this point oh yeah. Get so many don't let him and how did I allow us not to be in the bedroom and I don't muscle lost my nerve and our isn't doesn't get so many of them. I always the same line I use about my dogs is they are all dogs of opportunity which means I never went out and intention of all you're going through the humane society and we are getting a dog it's always. I'm in a parking lot and some sad older woman has a box full of puppies she doesn't know what to do with or. You know a friend is moving and doesn't know what to do with the dogs so all of my dogs have kind of been acquired. That now you're moving. How do you have to do the same thing with the dog which. Having dogs and and finding a place to live. Is impossible to do together because there's so many I mean half of the places you have to take off the list because they don't allow animals of any kind and most of them if they allowed to argue they allow 11 dog so because that's three dogs. As soon may how many Doug Fister mini dogs. Etc. how many girlfriends is too many girl try out one over there are. 6195701949. Book just be honest response to that question I want all the dogs. You may have this number in your head it's the cutoff how many dogs this too many dogs where Dana and Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative producer Jackson a situation and where he and his girlfriend are having this. Discussion in their relationship Jack is the proud owner of four dogs. His girlfriend at this time is asking him to get rid of one of them at least one of them she'd prefer you narrative may be to have some. The end and she wound and two dogs is about her cut off the 6195701949. OK Katie good morning from Carlsbad. Okay how many does this too many dogs. I. The back. They're not and I thought this article a while back I had this couple about it. At three here on and a green lights yeah I know. Yes. Don't that was. Like goals for a year or sob I say yeah like scary may. That is I honestly thought I and I ain't bad. I I without it out at me. I love while we have a producer and his name is Jack got every dog is an opportunity according to Jackson getting into yeah. Yeah I think if if he does have a to break up with his girlfriend now I teach no she he should not let wait how many dogs do you have TD. That's sensible but you sound like you're a woman on the verge of. I I I the financial a belly. Like it did I would definitely get through. Thank you for being responsible cheese and it is very twitch she as well no you are twenty about a more adoption well I wanna adopt everything well I just wanna be at candle oh. Yeah you know what cell. So. I don't know the word but it's not puckered C. Okay and hypocrisy out word and then Tina. She's saying OP sensible piece since he says he saw for being so Smart but yet she gets drunk off percent delegates right now. You have almost as many kids is I have doc now. We are the same yeah. Akamai weirdness any of that but Jason it is responsible. So make sure you are set up for success in now way then why weren't you responsible all okay yeah. We're not turning that we're it's legitimate that discussion glory and really quickly Katie let's just do it compares that. Jack do you word dogs get in the way of your love life. Not that minds occasionally maybe data do your children get in the way of your love life all day every death. Jack did you just have to bad your dogs from sleeping in your bad with DO I did you have recently date did you bet your children so working on the. Yeah that that hasn't officially and evidently news. Dickey right so fine you ought to adopt guided. I don't know I don't know why your soul mate and you guys are going to adoption of I eighty you're gonna get drug golfers that that things are gonna happen all the she's gonna start adopting dogs on line. That's an avid. I love it and taking eighty days are calling herself. And you do you wanna talk about that is so then why did you agree to it and as I heard that April. But you in your judgment and I judgments. Oh we will be back tomorrow all of. The next she's got another name another chance for you to win men Amazon act oh heavens thirteen times every single day here on about 949. I'd say you're chances coming up next as a 949 ST dot com to sign up there were out for the do we back for once and the dog park.