Dana & Jayson - Trashedgiving

Wednesday, November 22nd

Thanksgiving is as much about good drink as it is about good food, and we know the booze will be flowing on Thursday, but someone always takes it overboard. Dana & Jayson got their hands on a list of the family members who are MOST likely to get trashed on Turkey Day, and rather than keep this information to ourselves, we made it a game, and put tickets to the Del Mar Craft Beer and Cider Festival on the line for whoever could nail the top answer.


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There's always on family member. That family member who drinks far too much. And all the holidays specifically Thanksgiving. Does somebody Poppins your mind and I say about that scene and Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative because I'd love that this list came out. It's actually the top ten relatives most likely to get drunk at Thanksgiving. Who do you think made it into the top five I mean you could use your own experience I feel like that's all we have to rely on a fast at 61 I'm 570194. Knighted you guessed one that made it into the top five we've got. Four packs of tickets feet of the Del Mar thoroughbred club Bing Crosby season having now to November 26 if you ingest the number one answer we have craft beer insider possible take its Oreo that's this Saturday November 20 feather de mar thoroughbred club. He's getting wasted this Thanksgiving Day. Mean. Oh yeah oh I would like to submit myself. Is every time every tribal ID any activity even if it's not a. Even if it's a sensible Friday night exactly AJ fitting that is trying on the couch talking about how much she loves you. I gab yeah that's usually how it turns out at summit in Latvia. You're really submitting yourself yet there is a mean or audition you lock in on there not. Did you see this plus now I just assumed you is number five how. Cute. I've RI just text my fiance and thing we have to go to get more views he actually said to me. You wanna go to Costello estimate that we can't even go to bed mowers Trader Joe's that might take it easy now we're getting a case that there my biggest fear. Well blind. Be my big theater. On this Thanksgiving dinner is that we're gonna run out. A blind. You don't care that you're going to be need most tipsy. How would you now. And because he and he does play off his tipsy Israeli well but he can't hide the tears. When you hinted that point yet but I always know I always now what he's been around so it's gonna be banners and an embarrassing for you and probably our house is I'm in your house you know. But we're going to someone else's home that's her. Yeah I'm gonna be the one he's crying in the corner saying how much I love never won Jack did you have the one that you'd like to some met while I was also in cement Jason yeah. I don't authority and that's the kind of learned panic at number five and you get Del Mar thoroughbred club ticket and asks us that I have been 609 bytes or 0194 and I've. Heights adjacent to the number five answer with submitting. You. The so what other relatives using made the top five lists what relative we'll get the most tipsy this Thanksgiving. We're talking about your family member. Who gets. The most tipsy on Thanksgiving or really any holiday or even maybe every family gathering. Cool is that relative adds 6195701949. That a top ten list just came out of that the relatives most likely get drunk at Thanksgiving and can you name one that that probably made it into the top five were Damon Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative hey Peter good morning from a mesa the morning hey Jay you won't relative would you like to submit a letter to draw local. All of the trunk come Cole who makes questionable comments once a little bit too many white wine experts there's NM. Do you have that are you speaking from your own life or do you just they're all good. It's scary and go see and Jason you are like that uncle even though none of us are technically your siblings. Guide and and then also like I'm basically an uncle to your daughter's. And so it's like on Thursday sitting again her own. And and you can't appears wise the cry got by sold learn abandon. Ship at the John uncle as the number one man. Right out of the gate speed or you've got it all that means that we have a pair of craft beer insider passable to Agassi could be the drug goggle at that festivity. This Saturday at the Del Mar thoroughbred club go. Congratulations happy Thanksgiving car pinnacle good morning from Mira mesa. High okay so who's a relatively your Thanksgiving that gets the slash. Graham pop a hole on slam behind. App what's beverages each case who quit. Without that they brow locker. How many are it's it's an old deeds drink brown liquor could determine if you go too much the cold as your grandpa get this let's do what it. You don't alcohol sweats when they drink to next week are okay and they called classics left. At the tongue. They apparently I you're out of their family at all I don't have a drug grandpa I've heard something about the brown liquor. Doesn't it make you a meaner. That's ahead nod yeah that's I was waiting to seed Nicole had any thoughts and opinions about that yet they view their bearing mean and nasty. Both grandpa that I've had my life during brown liquor or they start bringing her in traps and cook who ultimately posters fact I never liked your cat and anyway about that chasm. Brown liquor. Are you speaking from experience of just generalities that you've heard in life Nicole. I got that tells you only two. Yeah real. Good just a joke here. About Barrett sag card. Add the grandfather actually only came in at number nine. And I'll. Get it let's take had lunch on on golf yeah John Carl Edwards every time they are making me bring up all my dirty laundry. I know it's. The heat and sorry grandpa Jim.