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Wednesday, October 11th

If you've seen This Is Us, then you know it's a real tear-jerker. Dana hasn't seen the show, but just a few seconds of the trailer had her all sad and weepy. This morning on Dana & Jayson, Jayson wondered how many men are just being forced to watch the show, while Dana wants (and expects) that men will stand up loudly and proudly to say they love it. The proof is in the phone calls this morning on FM 949.


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He's acted in this segment now because data it's emotionally unavailable. Because this you didn't step up big off the air are. She watched the trailer. To this disaster. And now I'm having to ask the question and are you a man. That was forced to watch this with us last night. Or ever. Forward RO perfect at the thank you six lead died of 570 Y died or died. All of our colors are going to be in the running for some things. The national a bit and then national ticket that you would go feed the nationals this Thursday at calculus credit union open air theater at the FBO. Will. The reading for that if you admit to us that you were forced to watch that also. Would anybody be willing to admit that they actually like this is us now Dana are you okay. That's. You can't watch that. That ambulance reactionary epithet but I cannot do anymore go big loud like this close. Its regular bit just that trailer. Gets emotional my cat that's why I believe it uncheck show. Because only kicks one bad emotional response. I am gonna watch it now you're not yeah got watt says I am I able I will watch that move this. That is dead. Does that make your house that ought to be fifty that could get the emotional response that you want him to do he might tell you never know I bet this is so sad that. That I can finally pulled the emotion out of him that I want to stop. After three episodes because there was so I would be balling every app with that to have a watch any rest of. I'm starting to cry thinking about with season two trailer would be like if I like turn not on me so I think this is going to be my next shell and I am gonna get my husband to watch it with me because I'm not gonna watch this has us alone. That's 61957. There why ninth or die or are you in the same position that where your wife. Or girlfriend or significant other forces you to watch this is can we didn't (%expletive) Now I'm not gonna tell you that and I'm gonna luck I'll binge it all our callers are got to be in the running to win the national against. Starting tonight. Starting tonight because now I'm just craving I wanna go watch the trailer again because I want to cry again to this is us okay please don't because it's a hub shouted yeah but we're only halfway through the. I almost just plated piece of the trailer but I again don't you guys that he loved her with a it's data and Jason about 949 San Diego's alternate of are you forced to watch this is it's because your significant other. From tonight's the night the danger will begin on now I just saw this is us the trailer and date that is sold it gave me every thing that I didn't know I needed this morning and every dude who's being forced to watch this show. Fields for your husband right now dean had just watched the trailer and ball all manner and on there I think and on their client got it together John from LeMay said do you watch this is lasts. What my life yeah well do you hear the disappointment Atlantic upkeep that downtrodden. A little are you broken man yeah I don't know. A giant and it looks item revved up and ready for those tears that you feel bad for data has been. Yeah I feel or urged episode even one I could it. Although I did want a stat like that though I mean. Don't ask don't make me get a motorists and all I now John did you go into it thinking like OK if I do this I'll get something in return wink wink nudge nudge shall put out. I've been married for ten years so I have. Almost no expectation anyone else. I but says. Honestly it's really less about putting out and more about the bonding experience of watching that show together done doesn't want that I'd rather go watch. It. All watched that did send you know you what it if you would if you're playing a game of would you rather and the question was watched an episode of this is a house or wash the dishes you would genuinely like. What about a sink full on Thanksgiving. I thought. Because it's just so sad and then your wife at the end of that happens that is just bawling and laughed and a puddle on the Matt every are quite. Every every time don't you think there should be a warning label before every thing about it. I could be this will graduate emotional distress. What are you little what are UCLA. John what is he's sorry to relay news I can be over sensitive. Oh yeah it's about archer have you cried town right now I want announce. I cry yet. Yes you did admit that I spent we've talked a lot. Don't go Larry it's the problem this is a problem this is why why is the one year old to watch that now I need it I want me cry because that makes them filled guy that does make me feel that you. Are. He's done this year's okay. Cold and once I got guys off the show this is us is rooting viewed slides across America. In Zain in days and about 949 San Diego's alternative. We're hanging. Dudes are being forced by their significant others to wash this shelf that brings women to tears. And man. If I think there are men that have been brought to tears. Maybe your unwilling to watch it or you go in with the fight but you wind up on the couch next year significant other watching it maybe it was last night a consent was on a 619 by 701949. Will you admit to us today. That you're forced to watch this is guys pay Sam good morning from Santee. Are you a big this is not span. I am now I wanted to help the moment it comes out I'll wow wars. On average Howell many episodes bring useful tears. And every one of the app police you don't want cell and that Jason doesn't eat out and I'm enrollment. Am I agree with famous martyr and protecting my heart you protecting your heart Sam are you Singler and relations. I relationship and like I went and I think we've been I can't speak Burnett to a head I don't. More and watch and he's being. I'm watching it helix secretly watch a bit like Oprah patented on the computer. No I don't captain turned around during the greens a little night yeah luckily even admitted he loves the storyline of Jack is that he doesn't there the entire so I think you know you're being. Oh gosh moment your conspiracy that's really interesting because I do the same thing happened with my husband and Grey's Anatomy he acted like he'd want to be a part of Meredith grey and Derek story and then all of a sudden pretending he's on his computer on. I'm ignoring website act like men that how many layers to them yet they did. You get what you see basically put. And I got it there on the computer it's dear easily distracted at. Oh something's on the television they're going to be watching. Well I like any conspiracy theory on life. They have this emotional connection and that's what on television so I guess I'm gonna watch that while their tally feeling thanks I was gonna have a conversation about. A couple of typically turnaround like yeah that he'd be in it but no mention bikes. RB is stocking and he's been to Egypt that the current. That's right Sam viewers tell you how you know that he's interested in tapping into those unfamiliar emotions that he doesn't and usually happen to know exactly yeah. Okay how many times have you had to yell your husband when he's in this zone and watching something on television that's meant we have a really personal connection to the television and send out everything else down in awoke something and have note that. Yeah I think get data like you. Pat and I know he really light it. OK you know that I and then can go on your own club and go have tea together and disguised in a designer climate theories because it's not the reality that trio. And do the same appellate court I watched that need to be like mom I'm not interested. I'm gonna actually am and edit on that bit. And that's awakening something in the I don't know what. I don't know what really that he knew. The body oil and stand back and Missouri so called on again and it in camp during now we give away another elect. Side this time this happens thirteen times a day we already got a winner this morning. Right at 710. She heard her name and she called us of the nine minutes and 49 seconds and right now as morale that men and V days from San Marcos as Murr elder Bennett V days from San Marcos. We're looking for you know. Call us at 6195701949. She signed up at FM nine for nine ST dot com more on our free FM 949 -- if she's listening right now as morale though we've got your Amazon Actel if you haven't signed up please USC could be the next name coming a little aside at 9:10 this morning.