Dana & Jayson - Whatcha Doin at the Courthouse

Wednesday, September 13th

Real cases. Real people. Real San Diego. Every week, Dana & Jayson torture their Producer Jack by sending him downtown to the San Diego County Courthouse to ask total strangers about their personal business. This week, somebody got tazed, somebody is looking for love, and somebody is going to be spending a lot of time at the Courthouse in 2017. Find out what the people of San Diego had to say when we ask them Whatcha Doin' at the Courthouse.


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It's in and Jason as a nanny sort I'd San Diego's alternative. Real cases real case the real people real people real San Diego and this series. So we send producer Jack keen to awkward situation today he's downtown to west San Diego and what did you do another courthouse. What you do and it's courthouse today. He's here on AB 109 hearing we do this is what once every one ended three months depending on what judges deem. Mean on 81 I'm means that we basically accept it taxes because the of the courts and we check in with them about once every month or two and so what what put you in that position in the first place criminal case. Happened three years ago of them I did nine months that's beyond and I got three years probation so therefore for the next three. As of the reporting to this courthouse to remind Thomas what the original there's tiles from possession of controlled substance and that was all all I guess I'll see you back here quite a quite often. Cook every other month at least that. Jack just made a fried a successful for. Us. Now I ask you sir what you do and at the courthouse and they indicted for nine I'm here for driving on suspended license and and the cop actually arrest me for the original reason I lost my license with. Was because of child support payments so it felt like I didn't drugs play in the slalom on the freeway you know I should birch oh you're just a little behind on some payments right there you go driving a suspension in the cup which mean they kind of assault to be in a way I mean I was raised in the shares community my whole life but I've never been assaulted by the PD before but these guys are crooked in national city and they arrest me for drive not spend elections but they were gonna come after me anyway. Now they just they were looking for a reason and luckily you have there you go that's what happened man I can't believe it and here I am I missed court at 930 so I got to stay here till 130 putts on the output of biting girlfriend. I don't have got myself. And your gainfully employed so yeah something tells me to work out for you today that be great. I don't know which part was my fever and the part where he was looking for girlfriend at the courthouse in the shadow and he gave it's like nine master user which student courthouse today. Today I court for an incident that then maybe a month and a half ago resulting in in a fight magma myself with like four other guys what happened Maria oh is such regain some Beers and my friends said. At a bar and in north Clark what started the fight it would just be me mono a mono which is one bad look election night in need the guy let's look at my friend and my friend got into with him they kind of scuffled. And I got in the middle and and that's I think happened stuff I was being touch by team on the the other guy and then. Crystal skull flattened like a typical fight night and actually got tapes as well. You got taste I was fighting to like six people and I'm the one that so happy in that case what is being taste feel like just imagine man like you John and you just wakes you want is just completely till it's like a whole electrical shock to your chest and I felt two days after I felt like electric magnolia Volek select wheel shops go into my chest in my stomach everywhere for like the whole week after it's almost a superhero at that moment of men it was it was horrible it was and it was really bad. What just happened I don't know. I thank you for asking what it feels like to beat. Well no one should do and at the courthouse. Justice is served.