Dana & Jayson - Whatcha Doin at the Courthouse

Wednesday, September 20th

Going to court is never that much fun, and it’s almost always a major inconvenience for everyone involved. Every week, Dana & Jayson’s Producer Jack give the people of San Diego a shoulder to lean on, and a ear to listen, when he asks total strangers Whatcha Doin’ at the Courthouse. They’re real cases, they’re real people, and they’re REAL San Diego. It’s amazing what people will tell you when you’re armed with nothing but a microphone and kind eyes.


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It's CNN Jason ask somebody for nine San Diego's alternative of. Real cases real things real people real people real San Diego and this is. So we send producer Jack keen to awkward situation today he's downtown to west San Diego and what you do and at the courthouse. Fortunately courthouse today taking care much do you live there also were the circumstances of the deal line picking out your man hit a actually yes notably who is the deal wide and not throughout all of this through painkiller real and yet that's right and something that's prescribed known non prescribed so I was actually driving under the influence through painkiller. Natalie and figure that out through drug test the but I mean when they pulled you over mean obviously can't breath a life you zone. Variety had taken me to the station because Ellis notably under the influence of a little bit out of control it through blood tests at their labs came in the mill that they've shown that drug in my book I want you to have to begin with Steve right now. It's gonna be about another 34 months to elect will be back on the road and stop that's requests it's. Got its parts or which you know courthouse today. Oh god came out cause and guys he was then yeah he got mad about podiums and I came down this and what situation worldwide. He got batted about holdings it's a friend or family member as a desperate when he got batted about Foley's he had did it eighty what's supposed to do he had presented as I'd be. The forty still turmoil on the ground in and pushed him back. And we kind of time not the reason why. Over the circumstances of him interaction with the police in the first place yeah they said that he was intoxicated should they want to block his automobile and he looked like he was a tough skin that money was bombed without bail and Daniel won and just don't just talk. And the next thing you know there are slamming into the ground yeah I guess that are exactly like yourself or all of voting is colleges are protected server did not protected there. This being pulled them. That cuddled and and jacket on the side that serve which unit courthouse today. I can today for allegedly intoxicated in public which I think it was kind of weird because I was actually in Vancouver when I doubled over the over got doubled over so when they ask questions Hoover they saw me in the back. So they're trying to say that I was intoxicated in public Europe passenger on paying passenger in Vancouver and yes I was getting picked from a party and I wasn't even that prosecuted fitting it into a breathalyzer test that is the weirdest thing I've ever heard so what they pull over the over driver in the first place can now not serve maybe he ran. I'm alive maybe even for you forget to blink an eye and that it spent a night in jail I paid a 150 dollars or give bill about it and very much always the Mark Sanford of the. He's got a case now and that it. One should do and at the courthouse. Justice is served.