Dana & Jayson - Whatcha Doin at the Courthouse

Wednesday, December 6th

Going to court is never fun, especially if you're the one on the hot seat. As a public service, each week Dana & Jayson send their Producer Jack downtown to lurk outside the County Courthouse and ask total strangers Whatcha Doin' at the Courthouse?


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Where did and Jason FM 949 San Diego's alternative have had a question for the hosts of this wonderful segment belly Dell what you do about the courthouse the mr. Jack would you describe the predominant feeling you have when doing these interviews at the courthouse that people to be anxiety. Fear. Bold man slow can it be all of those things yeah I have to pick one all of your column B about let's yet. Real cases we're getting some real people you know England's real San Diego this series. Our house and producer champion too awkward situation today he's downtown to west San Diego and was Jim Joseph and the courthouse. And I'm asking you sir are you gonna courthouse today I didn't good turn and some paperwork and the Arizona missed some deadlines about a war now offer a prayer for months now. You have award for your arrest yes from I RS. I have had no idea how did you find out and how did you find out that due to deaths was like oh you civil warrants and I was like why do that warrants and music are you missile launchers thousands like months ago when I was in and out of the country last month and I didn't. In trouble so it's not that you found out therefore you came to court it's that you found out when you came to court yeah exactly fit the. About all. The more insulin and that. Our command which don't courthouse and a well I'm here to take care they misdemeanor petty theft. To charge. Okay what were the circumstances of the petty thefts I was using its time and hanging just for manic so. That's how I chose to do it as irresponsible is that we have been. I was at Wal-Mart nine Texas a Russian taken in the company makes it sounds like you're doing a better now you're making some better choices and yeah I got a job now learning in place and tell them it's over how rough is it now having to deal with all the stuff now that you are doing great things are kind of. Super after I had ten years haven't gotten done on this before it's nothing new to besides I'm are thanking them around left and I do anything else. That was literally a one minute journey and I kind of listened to an hour. Bottom floor of that woman's story and ask user what you do to the courthouse today. I'm here because I got caught smoking. A cigarette away from people that in ten GS probably stub out smoking in this. Trolley car came out as a means are asking all these questions are where you from all this other stuff lesson I've been in San Diego for 78 years and I'm from Florida originally showed reminding. They see an that's three other Charlie cubs they are handguns but comes on him deranged criminals and. And all of this is because you were smoking a cigarette yup. Just between you and I do think some of it has to do with the fact that they saw you and you have tattoos and things and just assumed you were up to no good. Yeah I look I look. We know I guess I love criminal. I'm certain outlets tobacco and that's I think that. When you're doing at the courthouse at justice be served.