Dana & Jayson - Whatcha Doin' at the Courthouse: Lucky Charms

Wednesday, October 18th

Real cases. Real people. Real San Diego. Every week, we send out Producer Jack downtown to the San Diego County Courthouse with only warm eyes, a smile, and a microphone to find out how much strangers will actually tell him. This week, somebody is missing their Lucky Charms, someone was caught smoking a doobie, and someone was fighting a murder case. Kind of. It's another hard-to-believe installment of Whatcha Doin' at the Courthouse with Dana & Jayson on FM 949. 


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We are literally get requests to do this more than once a week. We can't send word Jack to the courthouse. More than one so we tease them at least amen jays and about ninety point nine San Diego's alternate. But he might yesterday and he met some people with a story to share. Real cases recently thanks in the real people real painful real San Diego and this series. Our house we send producer Jack came to awkward situation today he's downtown to west San Diego and what you do and at the courthouse. Okay sermon he asked you what you do and at the courthouse so I'm just here and present charges against my ex girlfriend and basically she still has very key to it happened I didn't know and then I got home one day and the what's my stuff taken NG dividends ago this all happened while you were still together or not only do already broken up like six weeks ago so was she at least sorry about it or did she apologize or not what's the weirdest things she's she's crazy I really think she's crazy. I picked the police went to a place that's visitors sister that found only stuff and she still says she didn't take Sergio has been dating for awhile horror. That's the best part you know we don't even dated for two months. She's pretty she's been at it she took my laptop so I wasn't able to work. She so a lot she took some jewelry that belong to my family's been elect badly for years and it's valuable valuable to me and yet she just because the so it was all it was all valuable stuff yeah we're we're talking like thousands of dollars. It had sentimental value added monetary value yet but stuff like that so would you say she was after your lucky charms. You have got us here this. It this. Way the accent you wanna Jack sees reacts on this. With what you do and courthouse and a. I'm here to this blows up accordion last Friday I missed this argument today this force Logan a doobie in the south mission they've part and the Cobb wanted to search me but I said no net new Maher right so that's why proceeded to give me the tickets I came down here and said it was we already rejected by the judge so how did they even engage with you in the first place viewers hang out park all this pain on the part in my body and those lit up broke leg and they pulled out is that no one cop two cops and that's it for cars the sergeant on my not my tattoos and you know that got us here attachment thing nobody you know not a time and money is spent so let me pick and it's obvious real criminals. Part sermon askew which is gonna courthouse today I'm going to court ball all the exciting what four today a quarter well ahead. Was it anything he's doing that deal going on what's the out of state case if you don't mind bombing it's murder but I'm Murray later at the Hyatt duck pitch at depth chart she. Well what are they claiming that you stole some ladies garment for you you're you're friends for me of course allegedly is still isn't who has his own let me ask you this is the place they would send you back to nicer than San Diego initiatives that would be and it wears the other place in my last hole I actually. The murder jokes the room reseller in any event I had a hard time making it through the rest of that. I was nervous laughter might be a once you do and it's a courthouse. Justice be served.