Dana & Jayson - Why Mommy Drinks Reason #5: Slime

Thursday, October 12th

Dana is the proud mother of three girls, and they fill her life with so much joy and happiness... most of the time. Every once-in-a-while, Dana shares a little piece of herself with the Dana & Jayson audience. It's a little segment we call Why Mommy Drinks. This week, Dana gives us Reason #5, and it's all about slime. Find out what has her cracking open a Guinness on FM 949.


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Now it's time for another edition of why mommy drinks. And while the battles on in my house the Mayweather may. I'm my current battle against a truly relentless enemy forces of darkness. And incarnation. Of pure evil known. As swine name. For the uninitiated Salina is an icky sticky yeah. It's made of gloom baking soda shaving cream and food coloring make kids mine included. Love to make. Lacked and gifts to one another in the form of little glob meals of evil. My personal fight against this vile villains flared up last night my eight year old daughter and I were peacefully reading on my dad I know she was sort of fidgety but I did not understand why. Until I glanced away whilst the page and noticed hot pink debris. All over my beach. Comforter and why eight. Pillow. Without thinking I tried to brush. The way but the message immediately feared creating sticky hot. Pink streaks and scenes across my neutral colored bed Dayton Joseph little what Stennis. I asked horrified at the quiet nervous voice and my eight year old answered my angle actually. Com I was just trying to slow her name on my hands mommy after which tears began to roll down her cheeks. I immediately jump but actions stripping the bad for an unexpected emergency brake lights off. But it was too late the damage was done. Upon pulling the warm she thought of the dryer I quietly. This flies it's spread. Set in. And a hot pinks scenes are now permanent for this round at least it's clear that's why ms. Mayweather and I'm McGregor. So I did when any sensible Irish last put dill. I laid on my newly hot pink spotted pillow. And cracked open against us. This has been another edition of why mom doing. I.