Dana & Jayson - Why Mommy Drinks: Reason #9

Tuesday, November 14th

Being a parent adds so much to your life, including chemical dependency. Since Dana is the mom to three young girls, life is never dull, ever. As a social experiment, every week Dana pulls back the curtain on her home life and gives us another reason Why Mommy Drinks. This week, her two youngest daughters caused a ecological disaster in her apartment with an expensive beauty product, and she was left picking up the pieces, and picking up a glass of scotch. Parenthood seems like fun.


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We're Zain and Jason have some money for nine San Diego's alternate and now it's time for another edition of why mommy doing X. Hope. In my house you'll forever be known as the argon oil spill of 27 teen nick took place this past week. I am now wall no ducks or other wildlife were harmed in the soil spell does soccer ball sized oil stayed in my new beige carpet. Will serve as a constant reminder of this tragic incidents. This started peacefully enough I was in the kitchen pursuing what my family seems to bills my favorite hobby and. When all of a sudden I realized that five minutes had passed where the noise level of my apartment near data the local library. My mother's intuition screamed that my three and four year olds were up to bad day. So when that moment like catnip than a hundred games I darted through. President looking cautiously around every corner before entering the room when I got to their bedroom. I heard giggling coming plus a child's body was pushed along the carpet as I forced the Zorro a startled three year old greeted me. And she explained handing me a large greasy empty bottle. I stared at the bottle for a second until recognition dawn need and that's when my eyeballs almost burst out of my skull. It wasn't knife ace moisturizer. All I had my really good lead at our Don oil face moisturizer that I'd buy in bulk. And it was completely. Empty all in the toddler's face was glowing and her hair was matted down with oil. As was her big sister's. Old days Ferraro can have failed her older accomplice reported. Already defeated I quickly retreated. I knew trying to get the scene out of a cargo would be futile as would be giving out so heavily oils children so I stuck the minute timeout ended the only thing a mom in the midst of the family made oil crisis could. I sat down on myself a Scotch and started good feelings Scott's car. This has been another edition of why mom drinks. And.