Drunk Girl Street Smarts

Monday, March 20th

Since St. Patrick’s Day was on Friday, Producer Jack had no problem finding contestants in the Gaslamp. Drunk Girl Street Smarts: the game where drunk girls answer questions, and you win prizes. This morning Kelsey scored tickets to 311 + New Politics, thanks in no small part to Irish Whiskey.


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Commercial free Monday on FM 949 at Dana and chase and that and the game called drunk girl street smarts wearing drunk girls who are out in San Diego on same pastor say have the opportunity to win you prizes by answering a common knowledge questions. Producer Jack was how it's on Saint Patrick's Day hunting down drunk girls they. It's okay. Not a reminding these days it's Friday. Okay. I'm up at 3:15 this morning and for some reason I'm now on the gas plant trying to find drunk girls. Your struggles every. Hey cal state pays promotion v.'s good morning in the case so you know how this works occasionally when you're drinking you kind of lose the ability to answer. Common sense questions I like you and I well I like you as soon as she knows how that works when you get to grow I didn't have. A pregnant right now but I do you remember very well yeah. Or is leaking from my own personal like that period I didn't mean to put out on you pregnant how do you don't look at Jack was out on Friday night and he met a bunch of drunk girls. One of them in particular we're gonna meet her right now we found our drunk girls. The night what's your name. Feel it's OK so Fiona are you Irish at all. Have you seen any lover consulate. Perfect couple I don't know what do you had a drink and it. Is you know everything. I good answer. And wouldn't jacket stones. I did around I don't know about it OK so all you have to do is guess whether or not Fiona is going to get the question cracked you don't actually have to know the answer okay Kelsey. Let's hear the first question Jack. I RE here's the first question how many bones are in the adult human body. OK Jack that's just rude I don't even know that cut. Yeah I know they. He didn't know I wouldn't know it and here. Pretty I. I was tired I would say she's not gonna know it either go ahead okay hundred. And that is incorrect so I'm 2060. I did a good round numbers should just turn out that she did or not. Does it so one point for Kelsey you just need one iron I then you're an OK so let's should the next question. Who was the first person to set foot on the moon that's Goodman. Our man. I did say no because I was like yeah Miller plans are spot is so I'm gonna say no and I completely over. I mean I don't. Visit W Armstrong's. Last week it was buzz rate plan LA yeah I don't. Is the only all of this article. But not a new but no I am not. No we're not American Edward all over so definitely the culpable of Armstrong and Neil Armstrong is correct some very good life that is the most depressed they vague. You're bad about your fellow job. Of. Okay all right until an opportunity for third drunk girl let's do the last question. What is the lowest crime number that's that's also rude to ask yeah math questions. And. If that's got to be a no he doesn't prepare and she knows I obeyed an annualized allies. It's zero. That is incorrect. On this. You choose open area. Is a May Day congratulations. Kelsey. A Elsie you're going to see 311 in new politics a guy. Does this Sunday along funny when he Dubai the way it was your pregnancy ala. I am fuming and twelve are we ready to go Arafat. And straight girl it's pumped. And all that though. I don't pump and Donald who has done that gusted so I need I mean like profit stadium before act yes I exactly yeah as we need to come SPF still I am not present proof they'll take Ed you are honest I love that I don't grain bread completely lineup for YouTube coming up very very soon so make sure only the morning show okay I'm beating you so much you're clueless mom ever I love that hey no what he ample time. Shaping the nine XP's still. Hoping to create. And Jason two unlikely friends mornings and FM ninety point nine. San Diego's alternative.