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Tuesday, January 9th


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Check check check check check check. That. Here we are playing eighteen. Let's do it again my friend it is casual gamers. On FM 949 power by Coleman university get in the game and learn and become a game developer. Do their game development degree program and combing university San Diego to Coleman go to komen dot edu. For more information it's Jeremy with me handicap between eighteen my winners circle that Cyrus Vance IIII fell sleep and I woke up and we are still allowed Todd revenue games this. OK we still love the title let me just a toy seventeen fluke no. Here we are again our first podcast of 2018. I was I've been look I wanted to do this last week I wasn't ready. It. Last week I can't really. The holidays really messes me up mentally because I don't really take time off like we were kids. It's like hey you guys get three weeks off for school in the you'll come back on these days a robber whenever I actually always struggled with that I really struggled with what do I do with my time. After Christmas in years lay hands down went onto another one doing that my hands with happy. A so that time after new years especially in our business entertainment where. I feel like we don't hear from any record companies for about we don't fibers six weeks they just start don't you never know when they're gonna come back. Like one year out of the came back to like the twentieth it was just like to January oh we are like are we gonna. Is the music industry ever gonna work and yeah and then sheer. It was like January 3 and they were like hey by the way we got a Coachella announcement by the way and by the way you get what's coming tomorrow. Coming and you get health care and. And I have the planet like yeah let's all sports all slowdown it's still New Year's football since it's. A yellow I actually. Enjoyed a even though I didn't like you wouldn't take a lot of time off during the holidays. My nights were full of in adventures and dad gaming and a bunch of different game and that's not. I I I gagged I I went back in the cup head that I get so frustrated with that I had I stopped playing after awhile. I I made more progress than that I got into legend of Zelda breath for the wild you know game of the year and I can totally understand why it was game of the year I. I found hours flying off the clock I started playing that one knighted eleven it was 4:30 in the morning. And I thought wait a minute. Denied just start playing this game. I feel like I spent a lot of time on destiny TO. In between whenever we had to go places and travel we tell a lot for Christmas so we are gone I'm even though leading take time off we still travel constantly sell. Like I missed a whole weekend and one of the destiny and as wells bombed out and it was extended and aisles like okay cool and that the dawning just wrapped up yet just wrap this morning and 9:9 o'clock in the morning as they moved the reset time bomb I think. I think destiny to U was bowl my salvation and my burn out there and how I got finally burned out on destiny of site. And I actually other males I I think our Marines I think Helen uninstall this just to not be tempted to play it because it's actually. Actually affecting my mood. Like I'm not having fun and light you know have more people are going back to the division I was just talking with sketch I just reinstall this morning ask get three installed it as well and you know he streaming. Playing the division I have yet to go there because they still have. When he of the games well and now is our last podcast what games you go back tee because this conversation started a couple weeks ago time. The division has come back and a lot of games that pudgy back you know I mean it dropped off a little bit but they entries that new map right now. Everyone's going public what's the new game out there I saw Lou both streaming and today. From LSU from TARP off yes noon at what it's like if not there for like a year to. That when it's seeming to bubble backup. And like an early release though they're still salary still it's still in beta I think so I can be completely wrong about a year to nearly eight times. I don't know you know it could really be out for like six or seven months I remembered as plain mad. Like summer of Tony seventeen early summer Tony seventeen if they were playing prodigy they were trying to escape from tar content. Sack reels and playing a lot I just it's not selling for me is I'm not actually been tuning into it I enjoyed just for the fact that it it's really. Anybody who's skilled at first person shooters gap is exciting to watch and you know who pose one of those guys yet ease. He's really good at first person shooters he ninja have done some dunks in fort night lately like they exist. Late it's abusive if you afford a battle Royale there's no. It's like you know it's a hundred people get thrown in there is no scale for like if this guy is really good in this guy's really bad. If they both end up at the as the last two players 'cause that's what about royals all about. It could be really embarrassing for the guy who's not very good I'm sorry gap you know what if it's me and doctor lose though one V wine and I get my ass handed to me not. As a what a microwave you don't rebuild the boxer army throws trap I was into any I had you know. I'm not feeling so bad about that because all along with Lou well. Well ninja ninja retreated. A highlight from last night he lippo word and doing 20049 and dad they did the rocket ragged. Lu Bo shot the rocket re underneath ninja and launched him at his base ninja sniper guy had a midair. Drop the buddy Bob and another guy and shot and had him in the head as he drop on you know what that's video games skilled it's just down and that's a little more talk about those two types of guys like those are not flight. How accurately. They're so good there board. Coach like to have that skill level might have even begin paying attention this this game's been quick thing it's going all the time and not as much today it is in an off day but yes all the time. So speed running as a thing that I know that Roman got his start streaming as. And games done quick he's doing a a charity stream right now and it's all due this whole week right it's a weeklong. It's this is actually the event itself is called awesome games done quaking used to be. Winter games stung quake and summer games done quick back in the day when professor roan was still a speed runner he was in a speed or any community that's how I got introduced to the cement. He did not get invited but on his channel he was talking about this years ago. And this event has blown up every single year every time comes back this is the winter games they're calling it awesome games than quake. There will be a summer one so there'll be another one and in the summer and deal with their Aaron right now. Check this out live stream. 330558. Dollars. That's today the current for that does that prevent cancer foundation yes. Hi I you know Jeremy you know I SM I'm preaching to guys or listen to our podcast maybe for the first time ever by. For the last two and a half three years my big thing here the radio station is I want to capture. This kind of energy. And I wanna capture this for stuff like what we do from a member or not I don't know how we can do video of himself with what we do but this stuff is great these communities are so great light. The bill cancer foundation I mean like games and quick to somewhat harder raise a million dollars I mean there are day to game yes you know in classic video games you know. On why and alas I was watching. Plywood was his name maybe. About a ride the honestly when it really goes and aims streamers and vehicles attention but they were streaming. Metal Gear Solid route that was a game I spent. Hours and how tolerant I am a and I watching him speed run this like I created this this in this new get through this real quick and of course he's now spent millions and hours and herb thousands of hours in a game to get to the point. Where he can play it in no time at all yet some of my favorite runs ever and this is a couple of years ago. One is a guy beating Mike Tyson's punch out on the Nintendo the regular Nintendo. Blindfold. Stop and he comes back they bring back like every year to be stunt stuff like hey if we raise. 101000 dollars towards this goal. You know selling cell will do them that Mike Tyson or punch Aaron blindfolded guy can be immediate game faster that we can play on our own blindfold you and I never beat Mike Tyson's punch. I'm sure I thought about housing is that quick and I'll play here's a great I. Never beat might split sounded scared because it like the. I'm an yesterday morning was a really unique experience I woke up. It was early I was having a stunning gig in Jessica just left to do her morning show stuff on kiss a land and so it's real early and games that quick and dirty started type Rotterdam and there was a French streamer named law Hulk. And he had three other guys on the couch behind him and he started streaming. On games and quake he was speed running. Aladdin on the super Nintendo and whom who you're not and so I fell asleep I turn it on an and fell back asleep. And I woke up to him singing. The guys on the couch singing a whole new world and it was like a little thing they did they're like hey if we get a certain donation will sing all the world and they got it. It's a they they sort of saying and the longer I stopped at one point. It is like OK I just feel really weird singing only world or three guys on the couch and industry where low Hulk who happens to be French. Decided to sing the entire song in French. Mall and entertainment. I'm actually were like I woke up late. What is happening. Like I don't like this actually really pretty give me Frenchman singing a whole new world over the card actually any we have fit the you mentioned like some of the words don't translate so we just Il sometimes French makes it fit for that. Core is about like those real fun moment here is. You know it's video games and and and speed burning Aladdin but they guys saying a whole new world in French out of never heard that he. Why would watch oh Langerhans nor shall one. I'll take it one of the things I'm watching self you mentioned this earlier in the show you and I are talking about destiny to and how is it that you kind of it's kind of your burnout game. And it makes me hopeful for some of the games that are coming out Tony eighteen now. Mean being lead of the bungee faithful but I am I'm I'm convinced they're gonna fix my game and are gonna make it worth playing again I think it well. I don't what kind of holes do you think this opens up for like EA because. And the miss coming out at some point this year. And here's how I feel about all these. These hyped games either this is the red dead this is the the add them this is you know as well gains that are coming out later this year that everybody's been talking about four years. Keep in mind I am tempers on the show that has a degree in advertising so I'm someone who loves marketing a lot of course you do idea and I. I love that like I actually do believe that good marketing can sell a bad product. But in this case and what we do what you and I talk about it I don't NI. I was as they do you think EA sold so yeah I need for speed. But here's my deal is that as as I wanted to reach a caveat here is that we talk about this on the show all the time so I'll take a pump the brakes. Mentality. We're excited for a bunch of these games I don't know which ones are gonna be good it was guns are going to be bad what global proves to be happening is once they're loose in the wild. Which ones run better you know I mean like 49 batter I Al's running into a problem right now if you have so many friends on your friends list it's slowing down your game. And so penal streamers are discovering that and having to go delete friends from their presence to get under a thousand. And then and there are streams are fine again tonight wow that's. Pay for an eye that's about right yeah I'm noticing is there's a lot or gains that are having bugs when it comes to technical things like this like. I just noticed this playing destiny and necessary to back to that the same dead horse and they keep beating we play a lot when aids where it begins with a lot. You know everybody that I know who played destiny to one PC. Was like do you body what are use the colony PVP doesn't make any sense found because there's a frame thing you're above. 78 frames per second on the call he doesn't track. When you're running at thirty frames per second on console. The colony tracks like it was its job interest thing. I mean boo when we were doing mayhem for the last three weeks during the donning. I would not run like every other than the coney computers and boom boom boom boom all four shots out and you're gonna kill somebody doesn't matter where they are those little bastard here what if you're borrowing until a slow nova bomb. And the colony you will tell everybody. Everybody you'll kill half the team and I times that it cannot slow that slow nova bomb went to finally break up and start scattering and I go. Go kill Armenians studio. This. Could still you know it's if it's amazing facilities and bugs that are being founding games. There is tied to these where things your friends analyst why should that make any difference right. I mean who what what framed your running why should that make any difference as to what the game is doing the right. So I think the metal hit the road win these games come out and I think which ones will rise up and fill the holes the ones that work. You know and I mean like I think ultimately the ones that how the fund contact you know buyer people going back to the division. They're making it find their you know they're working with. Feedback. Why are people going back to Ramos succeeds at Ubisoft is doing really well keeping you into these games like these games are now an investment. And when they go on sale for like fifteen dollars it's like why not dive in and see when it's about when it's. Fifteen actually we have to lose two lattes a week I played. Washout CU. And a bead it now so arm up no no I I hate I hate. The game is like a really big blockbuster movie that was like he fill all the holes but like other movies have done a better and I don't mean that in a bad way. It really is a GT eight clone. And it that is what it is. There and I realize I was like I this story is I guess cool enough night. I own GT five and I own and I would lack ever actually radically disaster Yemen play this. But did you know the being able to hack into stuff is cool. Alternately the story did catch me now. So I was really just trying to play it you like I'm having fun play to the game turning catch me and I highly recommend it for the story. It deals with hacking of our elections our elections deals where if. You know Silicon Valley in Big Brother in information and how much you wanna put on line. You really raises a lot of relative questions especially. With how much of our stuff get tax you know online so. I think if you guys are looking for a fine. GT AUS open world game and it takes places here Cisco is gorgeous Sampson to those gorgeous but. But again. Beyond beyond all that. It it's it's basically skyboxes and a loosely. How the other story Alec I'm not gonna play that game online you know to mean so once I beat the single player it's why haven't why Star Wars battlefront you. Because I know there's a single player and actually like to play in by eight. I know I'm not invest time in the multiplayer so I really don't want to waste my time running game and I'm only spending half my on. Or money on happening so what are you looking forward to this year. You wish I had an Xbox. You can see if these is coming out to pirate get all. Wait can can you might be I think we can play a PC. Can you be like the captain of a buyer chip I think so and I believe the lead is a female so if you have a young lady. You'd like to get into video games dad's not style see if these could be game. You want to look at I don't know how adult the content is letting its needs to be piracy there will be some adult content. Our look at Q Paul. Figure that one Alan. Really growth split. And you find out exactly what that is. And you analyst keel all have not won does that got all well. Thanks Tom I have never played a far cry again and park prize fund archive I was coming up this year. But there's controversy. I took photos of it at be a tax. On this is the one and that is very much in the American heartland in questioning. White terrorism type stuff so a lot of people are laying. You know a lot of people are feeling like they're your you know whenever. I'm going to weather overnight or don't go into at all I'll send off archive by Afghan army you already mentioned it red dead redemption two. That none of this is it being a prequel to the whole series right I that's a big sad eyes sometimes I go on blackout of light I'm excited and I'll play this and really don't want no I just remember because. It doesn't have the standard character that we do we're used to having their slick seven characters in this game. How is it for multiple perspectives. I think it it's multiple perspectives edit the single and it and it takes place both for everything that we've had. Experienced. So far I would be honest I like red editor that should as a game it's solid and I love the multiplayer although the multiplayer which is filled with trolls I was really unfortunate. But but local rock stars built up a Grand Theft Auto five and right of that. Is half transitioned into this game right well and also it was a weird point that I wanna bring out is. Rock stars known for telling adult. Type story lines he had a lot of that was in watchdogs who was well it's very similar. But sometimes with these stories that they tell he actually don't wanna be on this right late. And I mean uncomfortable. Cultural so much is light so this president. I really do love not black and white heroes and villains but I do like when a good guy blocks away like I don't like a lot of horror movies because. Obviously the horror movies about the Mac guy winning. Tom and idol I never see myself as the villain and like so. Aids in I don't mean everybody who enjoys horror movies are loving to be a bad guy like. How well Chile and but there are at a skate is today you know I I don't find that in so with some of these stories are just. Just kind of real heat it's like alone god I hate you spoke week next sharp -- Part of our problems was just do us like she don't want a dual side missions. Because I don't wanna go in these radical. Stuff that was one of the things I'd like cannot read Dan Walker was an Aggie women those rather hold nightly. I loved the and I still felt achy after it was the hero but he was also the anti hero to a certain degree so the stars to Mexico were just tragic this. All those we all ended in tragedy. We administer healing that's life I yeah. I got a really good Brett let you think it. Does and Blake is key opponent gorgeous and like there's now has that merely. Depressant and and I. As I write off a cliff with my horse being chased by a scooter and I can skim a Boehner I'm worried about my escape that's not who agreed to different storyline. Aware of. Nor are the contradiction. You mentioned answer them yep one talk to others on briefly what you know the dead. Everything we've seen so part of this game looks gorgeous okay what is also look like and also looks like destiny. We are mass effect for a well it's it's it's a good combination of destiny and that's exactly here's my thing I've billion is there mass effect that's an EO NE but that that the U you read my mind is Eddie Reese game. I'm a re skin and they re scan. Because it's EA and exactly what are we get out of this I feel like DEA is I feel like yea I have less than I am projecting I don't know I don't know anything you'd think EA has stinky butt or I'm at. Hi it's nice doll and I do not knowing I think this is me just being paranoid delusional I think he day. Took the money and ran with mass effect. Andromeda. And they're trying I think that they've been trying to get back into that world and deciding as a company. That a single player game wasn't what they wanted to do they wanted to halt play games so. Let's get away from mass effect in the story is guys like Jeremy in handy they love that story they want that story. Other riders brought game a lot actually want pulled Blair so hire writers would you maybe. Anyone knows an Avant and finally there's I would be all art elements from the mass effect universe that we love and the jump packs and stuff all the stuff that even introducing in mass effect three and mass meg Andromeda. A multiplayer game out of it on anthem Ellis connected deaths than you'd what did you use Drupal in my suit. It is like I want a look and his team I. Who ever. Everything I had expected has now been tainted because of you but if it's good. Oil and it's good everybody's gonna talk about it and if you don't wanna play. It because of what you just said I am now move reconsidering. The pre order when I look at it. I'll always make you question your pre orders when I look at it I always I always just see. And unfinished mask that game but they're deciding not to release which I really don't think they're in the business of mass against north that is notice sometimes that sent over bills. Bump umpiring in my heart. The last inning to our Merrill fast Spider-Man. On the PlayStation. This will be appears for exclusive so just like C thieves is an Xbox exclusive Alicia PC which I'm at a BC later this year second place here thieves. Spreader or will only be on PS four and they were actually just talking about it on kinda funny today. And Greg Miller is in the belief. That. Because all the guys who make the game like the big time developers keep tweeting now are gonna mow the lawn. Did I get to spend more time with Spider-Man. All gonna take the daughter big dance recital then I my hands on Peter Parker in Spider-Man. There's a lot of rumors. That we should be hearing announcements real soon this game could be out in spring of this year out pretty quick I thought it was council winter this year if this year at all I thought it was ambitious about Tony nineteen may be the window. But like they they're they're thinking the game is dine and that they're trying to finish it now so on let's be careful with the hype train music just nature works. The come let the games I'm deadly side Erica mountain and just see what the player looks like god of war is coming out later on this year and ST indicate to. Is coming out sometime this year crackdown three. That Xbox is starting to turn up a lot of noise around for days gone another zombie survival game the end that's all you do. It appears or one at that volume product and I wouldn't that the guy who wrote metal gear. Had day though. GA. Yeah isn't he supposed and they. I don't know that's coming out death shroud of it's it's it's something like I think it's called death Stroud. I mean it's coming up this year. This stuff always it's a long time to come out. That's a fact Jack and the well then against that wraps us up for today well. I will give a shout Arab quake the from. Coleman and have games and we took in my mind yeah they're they're nearly it and they're big event they're game jam. Quiz the burden it's it's it's sold out. Hot and it was sold out for I think the original run they can still take participants. I think they sold out of the the free sale tickets which route. Cheaper I still don't know you and I gonna do for that man I'm really excited that's bigger for me than the Super Bowl this I don't think anybody understands that is a bigger for me that considering the Super Bowl is gonna be new England and somebody else you know as good as I think it'd be hosting that house of us if you'd like coming out. Let DMI really never gave him I don't know we can do with them I I Al will figured out and don't forget casual gamers Carmichael. We university master of the software encoding to enter the game industry take your passion to video game to the next level. Learn how you can become a game developer combing university classes start every. Ten weeks on their bow bow avenue campus go to Coleman dot edu for more information. I got a TT's. You're always tease we're gonna have a monsoon. Fish. The guy from USA awfully of Carlsbad game developers today they made the game munchkin and number had pleaded. The guys that meet skin but they got he's gonna come be on our shelves so that came from a conversation over Christmas I played. This is weird. The adventure time version of the munchkin board game and I loved it I'm not even adventure kind fanned by just that was really fine. And I tweeted about it target for an Ross for my VW game and write an Ivorian problems like you're. So focused. Big hitter Ross I forget the guy's name any of Aaron but we're gonna have one of the guys up from USA oddly so we have more games up on the way a lot of maybe. Good year for casual gamers looking to next week.