Jayson's Friend Request

Monday, March 20th

He’s looking for friendship… They’re mostly looking to sell stuff. Jayson does his best to make a new friend in San Diego, but will Tom warm up to the idea? Find out!


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It's up and 949 San Diego's alternative on this commercial free Monday were Dana and Jason and the new morning shell calling strangers for friendship on cranks us. That's a thank. The holiday is on our show him look. That's what happens during this segment because Jason is new to town. So we do this segment called Jason's friend request this is where Jason calls up unsuspecting people. They've posted an ad on Craigslist and they think he's interested. In whatever they're trying to seller give away. And today the man is trying to sell his Harley and you're not interested in the Harley now I'm only strictly your interest and in French up. We're calling right now will this be Jason's first friend in San Diego. Is this time. Yeah. Hi Tom this is I am Jason we've been. Corresponding. Via email about your Craig's list posted yeah I don't I'm doing really well how are you doing today. That's got that's what I like to hear. Such a huge demand the right. Dad yet the bike and the purple line. Yeah Harley a road king. The 2000 he's got about 151000 miles on it in great shape runs awesome monochrome Lotta actors praised by. That one thing that stood out to me about the bike. Was that a color purple and now are you a big fan of the color purple. Well I know I like the I like the color yet I'm having a look good on the bike. It's you know people like it I like it. You know seen the penalty Goldberg clearly the color for fall. Yeah I remember that I remember a movie of it. I don't think has sought but. Anyway. So. It's gone for a CDW 999 and Tom are you still understood are always thinking. I'm normally in Jessica kind of guy who just dives then had first I you know your kind live. Not as warm as a site you're going to be at so I just wanted to ask a couple plagued. Questions may be possibly to get a full picture of what I would be jumping in with GO well. Together. Yeah all right coming and I've you know we're not really jump in and saying you're either gonna buy the bike and not. You all the information is there if you registered. Let's do this is not. We move on. No I am I won they do best I wanna do this. Tom but I just wanted dead it just and kids that you were description was like so. Small and I can really get a grasp of who you are and what the bike has journey through and so I was just maybe possibly because you have fifteen doubts almost six. 2000 miles on the bike so you've taken this fight on a long journey and so are you didn't see you played taking a long road road stuff. Right yeah yeah brides you. I love that I love being on the road and I and that might have been good dog gone down a few long trips on the bike is in great shape like this. And. The Tom I think thank you can show me. A lot of new place says that I never thought I would be able see before. I said. I. I said that I think that you might possibly be able to show me some places I've never been to the board. Yeah I think. Listen. I've been to now move on here. Totally avoiding don't call me back if you you know purity of your insurance and abide. All that before you go leg I don't I know that sounded like really aggressive and south but leg. I just it was I'm new to the West Coast and I was looking for friends and I was looking for someone who really likes to speak journeys and Mike may be. I'm not looking for a friend okay I'm looking to sell the bike I think you're you're talking to the wrong guy if you want to bring you don't I'm looking at delta Mike that's all I'm looking. Or OK you can usually do and shouldn't argue that you can I all right I got to go. Well what goes through your mind just. When it. You know is going to go so wrong in the hands. Like that there's no hole from the beginning for French chef do you don't know that there's always hope that's a good week for the good of people. He missed out on a good pressure up I'm literary demagogued.