March MADness

Monday, March 20th

A lot of people go nuts for the NCAA tournament, but for one coach’s wife, things got a little TOO mad. Find out what happened with Dana & Jayson!


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Alternative as an undefined line and you won't hear any commercials today on FM 949 its commercial free Monday for 24 hours and we're Dane and Jason a new morning show. March Madness drama. The wife of one of the coaches. Was asked to leave the game for shouting incur sag and the wife of the Wichita State coach behold yeah she was it. I guess just so enthusiastic. That it just it it just took over that she was asked believe escorted out the whole thing. She's goals I wanna be that I wish I were her. You wish you were in this screaming woman gap because. As I was reading the story. Gets first I wanted to judge turn Billy how could you be screaming but then I realized it's because she's that passionate. And I want that. That you wish you like cursing every yelling and cursing and carrying on screaming at the players screaming at the other player was she drunk not that I know of. Oh okay that may that surprises me that you would buy and then I would want to do that I can't even imagine caring with the thought about how much could I. Why it's so foreign to me then can get that. A motion all the but there's something about getting that emotional that feels so good to. And I wish that I could do that. And she wasn't immediately escorted out she had three warnings and horrific it's. The predator out so security approached her three times with music probably trying to be gentle because it's a head coach's wife well. Kid gloves what she couldn't help but back hearts is. Then after three warnings I will continue because I care that passionately. I bet you her husband who's the coach death. Was so embarrassed. Both such covers they said late at Ballard and now he was better. Maybe he was without seeing a fool of herself inaugural Daschle's so I'm one found he knows that she's his biggest supporter okay. Left my mom always says that she's the number all of my biggest bad. She would have Burt didn't hear yelling curse words execute your mom is our number one offense looks at what. That they don't have met. I don't know I should it does sell embarrassing you should be able to judge our. You think about that and how how passionate she is how much she cares valve there's that different ways to express pass and I think. And slow the freeway with Clinton but now she was just she is giving it everything. When you can't even control it and must feel good and I also and indeed beyond fact that she doesn't care what anyone thinks. Yeah I mean clearly I want the confidence and the passion. Because she didn't care that everybody was probably judging her because it didn't matter to resist she just stood out front with herb awkward Jersey on and heard like nice to blow out yelling big. And cursing and she didn't care and good security guard added sick girl and I. Diesel probably doesn't care if that's what you think is gold I malaria and we'll again I apparent every living there and I don't have that much passion about sports or anything like that. But that seems funded but these five. She she went the hardness about. As she had to be removed just I love her way god do I over on letter perfect. Marshaled well by its new goals your spirit animal few well with that wall who she's not my spirit animal just goals okay Lou I want a bit but I.