Monday, March 20th

A familiar voice to FM 949 listeners joined Dana & Jayson this Commercial Free Monday… MIKEY! He has some nice words for D&J after their first week, and a little insight to why he’s a fan of the show.


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And honey for nine San Diego's alternative where Dana and Jason on the commercial free Monday and it is only our second week here on FM 949 as the new morning shell and there are so many great talents in this. San Diego area on the radio. And it means so much to have one of them on the line right now. If you've been a long time listener of FM 949 email or other stations in town at. You know him from the Mikey shall. Mike he's online right now hey Mikey. My key yeah how are you real love it I. I'm going to get you guys now on nominal you are too nice radio legends. A. It's sure sure you guys really really do I'm good. You sound like you're local like he'd been here and year. Like you're being you're lying to Mikey. Don't you get down get it. Hey you know it. We need to get together I am so happy to be here and I may know the station because they solace do you wanna. No way yes I let Lucy do when you are on FM 949. Great base and it's an amazing opportunity were really excited to be here. That is the best possible situation I expect it to be here like mirror expect a year little. You've got some really good. Mikey no sound very warm and I wanna be best friends with the I hope you're ready for that I hope you're ready because Jason's coming three the rock the flat. That is an hour. That now because I and I didn't it talking about June US such a point of reference I mean. We met probably like ten years ago and have had are like radio friend shed. Yeah and what I the guys are counting I was like that's gonna work. Got exactly gonna work so long that the reason that I always thought that you were so successful. Is because you're very transparent. Year Berry. Genuine and like you you're not trying to be anybody else being ill and that always. Always. Always work. We should know what you're gonna degrade. Mike Kevin Love with you and Elena Mariel. I particularly but if you mean that I think I'm Rodney hide your kids fighter pavlik I yeah. We need to get together Levy to keep the conversation going and usher. Leo let you gotta be your bank but hey you know that I'm available Q for any questions or anything you ever would want help where that. All you salon available for love that thank you so much Mikey at some nice to hear from him. You guys midnight in the gazans does that supplies are best friends but it. Yep yep and I immediately thought he later Mikey.