Nerd News Daily - Actual Star Wars Tonight With Geminid Meteor Shower

Wednesday, December 13th


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Yeah another it's. Nerd news. Hey guys as Nike golf nerd news daily once you line up the phone lines if you'd like to go do you Hillcrest taste and teens going on tomorrow night. On the corner of fifth and Robinson 21 up. Caller fourteen you win by 701949. Nerd news daily are going to outer space from. Stock worth the last Jenna will be premiering in theaters tomorrow so. So little space story for you the annual shipment it'd meteor shower and he's peaking after 9 PM tonight. It'll be a dark evening the moon will not keep rising until late in the evening I'm very early tomorrow morning so. If you have a chance from. Get out of this city just a little bit wary there's not a lot of city lights. And you're gonna see you very gorgeous very bright. Gemini to meteor shower tonight. With the Santa Anna's and all the wind is this guy reasonably clear MI writes from nerd news daily another story coming up at 7:40 am and I got your tickets. The Star Wars the last year and I. Your life is now forever changed option heard Newsday on FM 94 not.